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Author Topic: Six Flags NJ war story (sorta)
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posted 08-31-2001 04:16 PM      Profile for SDShamshel   Email SDShamshel   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Note: All the Pokemon I use are homegrown, without a bit of gamesharkery in them. Why? Because I don't own a gameshark.

My brother had agreed to waste his entire Saturday driving me and my friend (whom you might have seen on here as Joltrio W) to Six Flags Great Adventure. It was a long car ride, where I sat there, desperately trying to level up my Blissey, as my brother yelled at the traffic. I listened to a few of the anime songs on my mp3 player, and by the time I got there, my Blissey had leveled up 26 levels. Not only that, but because I had Amulet Coin attached at the time, my cash flow was currently maxed out on my Silver version. Fun.

So me and my friend stood in a very small line, and then met the metal detectors. Having so much stuff on me (mp3 player, gameboy, cell phone, game links, etc. etc.), it took a good while before I could move on.

We went looking for the Fun Fest location, but didn't know where it was because there were no signs showing its location. We went in the wrong direction, and then eventually there was a Six Flags employee who knew where it was. So off we went into the wild blue yonder.

When we got there, the tent was...quite empty. I got my Celebi, whose stats were 15/16/16/16/16. Not bad, I thought to myself. (It turns out that none of the stats will be max. At level 30 right now without any stat exp, it is 69/72/72/72. bah)

I played my friend in Challenge Cup, after my Nidoqueen had fun Countering Miltank's attacks, and then we sat down to talk to people. We met two people there. One was Sanochu, and the other was some large guy whose name I forgot. I asked the large guy to a battle and he agreed.

I lead with Forretress, he lead with Houou.

I asked him, "Do you have Mewtwo, Houou, AND Lugia on your team?"
He replied, "Only Mewtwo and Houou."
The words "uh oh" sprang to my mind.

Anyway, anticipating Houou leads in general, I packed a Kingdra on my team, and decided that switching to Kingdra would be the best idea. Knowing that Kingdra's base speed is lower than Houou's, I decide to Agility, but...Kingdra went first?! I was rather surprised, seeing as my Kingdra had a low speed DV and all. Kingdra took some kind of attack, Rest Berry'd another attack off, and then proceeded to pound Houou with Surf, until he switched to Suicune.

Not knowing if he packed Mirror Coat, I decided to test the waters a bit by using Dragonbreath. He had picked the wrong move, and used Rain Dance instead. I switched to Blissey as he Mirror Coated, and then tried to TWave Suicune. He switched to Snorlax and let Lax eat up the TWave.

Not having had a fun time with most Snorlax on gsbot, I switched to Forretress to take it out in one Pink Bow Explosion, and praying that the thing didn't have Curse.

It Belly Drummed.

So Forretress was pretty happy as it became a shrapnel-launching entity, and slew the half-HP lax.

In came my Umbreon, vs his Houou yet again. To keep a long battle short, Umbreon Toxic Looked, held its own, and Houou eventually fell to the Poison. It took a VERY long while too because he kept Recovering.

Steelix came in to screw with Umbreon, who was switched out to Kingdra to take an Earthquake. Suicune switched in to take a Surf, whose Mirror Coat was yet again thwarted by Blissey. Blissey Seismic Tossed the incoming Steelix and then-

there was another contest. Damn, that sucked. He gave me the win, saying I was a good battler, and that he wasn't too familiar with advanced strategies, not being terribly familiar with GS yet. So all he did was all-out attack.

At the contest, I won some Onix dog tags by answering who could learn False Swipe. I managed to trade them with that large guy for some Koffing dog tags.

A good business deal if I say so myself.

While chatting with Sanochu about some of the funnier nicknames on gsbot, such as Mr.E's absurdly long nicknames, and Fish's rather...creative...Pokemon names, I overheard something from the contest booth.

"What is Tyranitar's max HP?"

I flipped, thinking what the hell a question like that was doing in this n00b infested environment. Only the most insane players would know that stat!

Then some kid said "120" or something like that, and it was right.

I realized they were talking about the TCG. Eheheh. Zaniness.

I got into a battle with some other kid. He led with Mew, I lead with Forry yet again. Forry laid down some Spikes as Mew used Strength or something. Forry was ready to take out the Mew in one nasty burst of Forry chunks, but...

MEW used FLY!

Damn. The kid laughed. In came Umbreon, whose Toxic Look sent Mew packing, while Mew desperately tried to hurt Umbreon with Fly and Cuts.

A level 80 Typhlosion was also victim to Toxic Look (not that I needed the 'Look' part. Kids don't seem to comprehend switching out). FLame Wheels, Slashes, Umbreon would have none of that. It stood there, taking those shots as if they were crippled flies landing on him, and when Toxic was just about to finish him off...

He fled.

Damn it, this was my last battle of the day, and neither of them actually ended.

We stood around a little more, talked, had pictures taken, and talked some more about Pokemon strategy and such.

Me and Joltrio went to some restaurant, ate some expensive-ass food, and then bought some nice frozen cola drinks. I got coke, he got strawberry. I called my brother, who then came 'round to pick us up.

That was about it. Not very exciting at all, seeing as I didn't finish any battles.

Oh well, next time, I guess. Still, it was quite fun.

And Sanochu cloned me one of ET's 15/13/15/15 Dittos.

Silly ET, with his ID# of 12345.

Where was the ID 31337, huh? HUH?!

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posted 08-31-2001 04:38 PM      Profile for The Great VIVI   Email The Great VIVI   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I went there... I saw ET and that large guy... I didn't stay long though
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posted 08-31-2001 09:18 PM      Profile for moogleman     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Would you be willing to sell those tags?
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posted 08-31-2001 11:49 PM      Profile for Jman   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
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posted 09-01-2001 06:24 AM      Profile for Manuel Calavera     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Interesting. Hopefully a PROPER Celebi tour will come near me, and not as far away as Leeds, which was the closest.

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posted 09-01-2001 07:11 PM      Profile for Bulbasaur3000     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
You were there on the same day as me and CoA and we missed you? <_>


If you did see us, CHaR was the guy in the green "Make 7 Up Yours" shirt, and I was the guy about 10 inches shorter than him, it the orange "Psych Ward" shirt.

Glad you had fun, though.

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posted 09-04-2001 08:16 PM      Profile for Rei the Giant Koffing   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I was going to drop in and check out the one in Ohio, but it was not to be.

damn, I want a Celebi.
Time to get a GS.

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posted 09-04-2001 08:26 PM      Profile for PikaBlade   Author's Homepage   Email PikaBlade   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I was going to go, but I couldn't get there. School and all.

Would you mind giving me a pic?

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posted 09-14-2001 05:39 AM      Profile for Silver_Persian   Email Silver_Persian   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
XD @ exploding the flying mew. I had a similar experience with lugia and mai golem >_<. I hate i when that happens...

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posted 09-18-2001 06:14 AM      Profile for ~Steel Arcanine~   Author's Homepage   Email ~Steel Arcanine~   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I went to the NJ tour!!!

It sucked -_-

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posted 09-19-2001 02:03 AM      Profile for EspeonNidoking   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
i went...

i wish i went the same day ET went....

there was NO competition at NJ all....

i don't think my Arcanine was KO'd at all....

i saw ONE good pokemon there...a curselax...

but the curselax had BODY SLAM XD

which is why it ended up losing i am guessing...DE would have been a better choice...

guess most of those kids don't know about heal bell'm probably gonna shark a 15/15/15/15 Ditto...just cause it would be cool to have for future stuff... >=)

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$$Bling Bling$$" ~Jman

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