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Author Topic: My day at Great Adventure
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posted 08-31-2001 08:31 AM      Profile for Bulbasaur3000     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
In typical lazy-ass fasion, I'm pasting my post from Pojo into here, with a few edits to put in some bad words and shit, all about my fun-filled day at 6 Flags Great Adventure. (I know there have been a bunch of these posts already; I'm too full of myself to just post as a reply)


On Saturday I went to the Pokemon GS tour at 6 Flags Great Adventure. =) *perky*

CoA and I had arranged to meet there, and, of course, I get stuck in shore traffic on the way down and got there over and hour late. I find the little tent, surprisingly small, next to the Batman and Robin "The Chiller" ride. Now this tent, while packed with fun and interesting stuff, all TVs with PS2 on them, was the size of the video game section of the ECSTS2000, which was a TCG event, or the size of an average bedroom. ~_~

CHaR isn't there, so I buy a $4.50 vanilla ice cream cone, and sit down to eat it slowly, looking for him. It melts all over my hands and little Petco bag of GB stuff, and I end up slurping it through the bottom. I start to feel sick soon afterwards. -_-
I don't like ice cream.

After over an hour, I decide to get up and look for him, at the big coasters, or with his little sister in the kids section. For some reason, no matter which way you go in that park, you end up back at the center. Very confusing.

After about 6 rounds around the park, I decide to stop, and get kicked out of the private catering area I stopped in. Then I see the "Up Yours" shirt moving ahead of me. I catch up to him at the tent, and it gets all awkward. Turns out he was an hour later than I, because of the damn shore traffic. Meeting an Internet person is wierd...

His dad and sister come soon after, and we meet eachother and all that fun stuff. Not sure what happened, but I got a Celebi on my Crystal version, (26/16/16/15/15/16) and we ended up leaving the Pokemon area because it was too phreaking boring, despite my mom's yelling at me to stay inside the Pokemon area, because the park "wasn't safe". We go on Batman, which was awesome. Not too high, which is good. I hate heights. I dunno how he can love to go on all these huge coasters... =\

We go back to the Pokemon area and inspect it. There are 6 TVs, each with 2 controllers and a PS2 in it. There is a long table with 2 TCG mats and a little empty space, and a table with a little computer for giving away Celeibi. There are also numerous trial Crystal version game boys stationed around the outside walls, much like at Wal-Mart. There's a TV advertising Pokemon 3 the Movie and the brand new Neo Genesis set, ~_~, as well as both the Pikachu New Beetle and the Lugia PT Cruiser. There's a trivia contest every hour, at 15 past the hour, but it sounds too n00bish, and I assume the prizes are like Pikachu plushes'n'such. Unless it's a Bulbasaur, Lapras, or Chansey, I don't give a damn. There is also a hot lady working at the tent. (^_^)

There are about 10 people there for the event, including me, CoA, and this fat guy dressed like James from Team Rocket, who seems to appear at all of the STSs and STS Qualifiers I go to, as well. We sit down for a while, and CHaR gets straight to battling others with his Silver version. Without me even knowing it, the first person CoA battled happened to be Sonichu, whom I downplayed as a normal n00b at first because of the Ho-oh, Lugia, and Mewtwo in his team. People with teams like those hang out at Azure? 0_o

I realize nobody has any level 50 Pokemon, (I'm still trying to raise Chansey and find a Tauros, to beat the Poke Cup) and that I'm screwed, especially since I haven't even bothered with GS, as I suck, and just had my Blue team on me. Nobody even has Pokemon around level 70, which I could still end up beating with some strategy and a lot of luck. -_-

I decide to continue training Chansey on the Tentacools. I went up 4 levels, from 38 to 42, in one day. Super-de-duper, eh? I watch CHaR beat kid after kid with his GS team. *feels left out*

Eventually it gets boring, and we begin to explore the park with his dad and sister. Eventually, we realize there's nothing to go on with a shortish line, and end up back at the tent.

We get back and I trick the Celeibi givaway-...ers that I haven't gotten one yet, and get a second one on my Gold version. (26/15/15/16/16/15/15) I finally find something to do, (TCG ~_~) and battle some dude with a pre-constructed crap deck he lent to me, against his custom deck that he's familiar with. I beat the shit out of him.

I play a Stadium2 game with rentals against various kids as they come in and out. I had been given an Ash Ketchum team by the people before me, against a fairly decent team of evolved Pokemon. Did you know Pidgey is faster than Machamp? I did not know that. ~_~ Squirtle kicks ass. I end up winning 3-1, when I drop the controller accidentially and some other kid picks it up. -_- I continue training my Chansey.

CHaR is still weeding through the opponents, some of whom were actually decent, expecially the kid who couldn't have been more than 8 who kept saying "frikin'" every other sentence, while I go to the next TV. I put in the transfer pak, which I had been told to bring, and ask a guy to restart the Nintendo so that I can get it to work. It does. Getting bored, I bring in my Blue Pokemon, the level 50 Lappy, Golem, and Kazam, and the level 55 Venusaur, as well as my level 40 at the time Chansey, and my level 55 Dodrio, which I had trained soley on Pokemon along the Cinnabar coast while looking for decent Chanseys and Tauros, and begin plowing through Gym Leader Castle. I get to the final battle of Bugsy's gym, when I get hit by actual intelligence on the computer's side. He switched out Pupitar to Butterfree from my Golem's Earthquake, and then switched back to Pupitar for the Rock Slide. Threw me off entirely. ~_~ After he does this to me a second time, I get the whole thing planned out, because I know now that I will get the incoming Butterfree or Scyther with Rock Slide. Naturally, he doesn't switch, and uses Earthquake for the KO. >.< ~_~

So, another oppurtunity down the drain, I sit down and watch CHaR a while longer, and then hear about the kids who just won Silver, Gold, or Crystal versions from the Trivia game. I go over and answer a "hard one", involving TCG, that only I even raised my hand for, and I got a prize. The prize lady hands me...
A little plastic Pokemon lightsaber.
I ask if there's anything else, and she says no. -_-

After playing around with the lightsaber, which lights up, extends twice, and has a combination Pikachu, Electrode, Mewtwo sticker on it, (^_^) I give it to some little kid and notice her giving away Booster packs now. ~_~

The tent closes up soon after that, and the 4 of us meet up, as it is 6, and my mom is picking me up then. CoA walks me to the front, and leaves, while I go out to the parking lot. Mom isn't there, even though I'm 15 minutes late. I go to the pay phone to make a $1 a minute call to her cell phone, and find out she's still at my aunt-in-law's house, who is in mourning, in Bedminster, which is somewhere else, not exactly sure right now. =\ She won't get to me until 8:30 or so, or at least 2 hours. I go back into the park, (luckily, I had been smart and gotten a hand stamp) and try to find him. After another 20 minutes or so of walking around, ending up in the same center, I find him and his family, and hang with them a while longer.

We go on Skull Mountain, a tame indoor roller coaster which kind of sucked, but was almost decent had it not been for the line, and, erm, get off.

Now, CHaR had been saying how he was going to get me onto a huge coaster and make me love it, and now was his time. He took me to the Great American Scream Machine, and I sort of wait nervously in line. I hate heights. I hate them. *Scary* =\

So, we get on the ride, and it scares me shitless, but I love it. ~_~ It's actually not so bad, because, instead of just being an up and down 200 foot+ coaster, it's got 7 inversions, and inversions seem to make the ride less scary, and a lot more fun. (and cooler)

*Tries to cover his ass for acting like a hypocritical idiot*

We get out at 8:05, 15 minutes before the meeting time at the entrance, and I decide I want a picture. The line moved so phrucking slow... By 8:25 or so we were at the desk, and I paid $8 for a photo. >_< Of course, they screw it up somehow, and, after an additional 20 minutes, I ask if I can have a refund and just go, because I'm in a hurry.
"No, no, yours is coming in just a minute."
I think CHaR said it best. "Retards"

So I get my picture, which isn't even a great pic, I'm just sort of clenching my lower lip with my teeth and trying to look ahead with my eyes open, with it just sort of exaggerating how CoA is 9 inches taller than me, and we get to the entrance at almost 9. =\

In the parking lot, I see my mom and brothers waiting in the Windstar, and say good-bye to CHaR and his family, and get reunited with my mom, who was a nervous wreck all day because I was "alone" at this theme park.

Awww... A happy ending. 0_o;;;;

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We get back and I trick the Celeibi givaway-...ers that I haven't gotten one yet, and get a second one on my Gold version. (26/15/15/16/16/15/15)

Whoah! This ultra-cool Celebi is so special that it even has an extra stat!

Good work on the story, BTW.

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posted 08-31-2001 10:23 AM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
i never had a link battle before, or any pokemon above level 60, so im escared to go
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posted 08-31-2001 04:00 PM      Profile for Thargor     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I went to Great Adventure the wednesday before with one of my friends. I also got a poke stick I found a bunch of guys to battle, and I got a lot of wins, no losses! I managed to bag 6 celebi
You should have asked the hot lady to a match. She had gotten a gold version a week before because she was getting that job She actually challenged me to a battle. I had my level 100 guys out, and she had her lv. 20s... Too bad I didn't know anyone else was going to Great Adventure...

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posted 09-01-2001 06:54 AM      Profile for Manuel Calavera     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Thargor:
You should have asked the hot lady to a match. She had gotten a gold version a week before because she was getting that job She actually challenged me to a battle. I had my level 100 guys out, and she had her lv. 20s...

You should have let her win! XD Nice story.

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posted 09-01-2001 01:28 PM      Profile for Thargor     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
heh, heh. I didn't know she had such low levels when she challenged me...
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