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Author Topic: Anime style war story!!

posted 07-29-2001 08:34 PM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
okay, i am named dragonite on another forum, so i am am drag, and sean is a friend of mine, enjoy

Battle 1
- Snorlax- R. Simmons- King’s Rock- Curse, Rest, Self-Destruct, Earthquake
- Umbreon- Blacky- Mint Berry- Mean Look, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Rest
- Gengar- Gan Green- Mean Look, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball
- Scizor- Swipe- Quick Claw- Swords Dance, Baton pass, Steel Wing, Return
- Kingdra- Drag Queen- Miracle Berry- Dragon Breath, Rest, Ice Beam, Surf
- Xatu- Aztexan- Bright Powder- Haze, Psychic, Whirl Wind, Drill Peck

- Forrestress- Coney- Scope Lens- Spikes, Sandstorm, Protect, Explosion
- Tauros- Mr. T- Mystery Berry- Fissure, Horn Drill, Sleep Talk, Rest
- Shuckle- Oyster- Kings Rock- Bind, Toxic, Mud-slap, Sandstorm
- Starmie- Star!- Bright Powder -Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Surf, Thunder Bolt
- Exeggutor- Coconutty- Quick Claw- Giga Drain, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Explosion
- Aerodactyl- Screech- Focus Band- Roar, Ancient Power, Earthquake, Wing Attack

I looked around me, all I could see was the multitude of fans, and the rocky field on which I was challenged. I had my very best with me, all level 100, all trained from level 5, all ready to fight. My opponent was of course, Sean, my greatest rival. The battle air was strangely calm, but the clouds were darkening over-head. I looked at Sean, he was my best friend, but also, my worst enemy. His team was shrouded in mystery except for two Pokemon; Richard Simmons, his Snorlax, which I had been the victim of for a long time, and Swipe, my own Scizor, other wise however I didn’t know what he would have. My team, however, was formidable. I had planed this battle for a long time, and I designed a team, that I felt would beat Sean into oblivion, however, my strategy was TSS, which Swipe was immune to, and I had found out to late that he was using it, and I could not make adjustments.
Coney, was meant specifically to piss Sean off. His Snorlax had self-destruct, curse and earthquake, which my Forrestress could counter using protect. Status conditions were useless against his Snorlax because of rest, so I ditched toxic on Coney. The next two of my Pokemon were Oyster and Mr. T, Oyster was to take down his Pokemon with the most endurance and the one that was the biggest threat, little did I know that Kingdra, whom Oyster is weak to, was Sean toughest. Mr. T was there so as to stall and piss him off, hopefully killing something before going out. Star! Was a standard, and an old fav of mine, and Coconutty was there to be a surprise to anything that might have weak physical strength, like an Alakazam. And Finally, Screech, I wasn’t to comfortable with this guy, and being so fragile was a risk, but none the less, I chose to stick with him, and anyways it was too late to turn back.
I looked at the field, and then at the sky, and a breeze blew by. I sighed, and nodded to Sean, and the referee shouted, “ The Battle shall begin, a six on six royal Pokemon battle, the challenger, Sean, and the defender Drag, shall begin!”

“Okay Sean, lets see what you got! GO Forretress!” I shouted, the field lit up as the pine cone like Pokemon took the field, he did a twirl, and waited for Sean’s Pokemon.

“Hmph, well Drag, seems you got something up your sleeve, oh well, GO! Simmons!” The huge Snorlax gave a great roar,”SNNNOOOOORRR…..LAXXXX”
and sat down.

“Coney, Spikes, then Sandstorm,” I cried, and soon Coney spun around and put Spikes around the Snorlax.

“Simmons, Curse,” Sean ordered. Ironically, Simmons was an incredibly fat Snorlax, and had trouble standing up, but when he did, he gave Coney the finger as a show for the crowd, and then did the attack. The crowd laughed at this gesture and Simmons waved and then sat back down. Coney did his Sandstorm , and Simmons did another curse, doing the same gesture as before, and once again the crowd laughed.

“Heheh..,” Sean laughed to, I was getting pissed, I didn’t like it when people made fun of my Pokemon, and Coney was starting to cry. And the crowd was laughing, after all, Coney was a very sensitive Pokemon.

“Its okay Coney,” I said trying to comfort him, meanwhile Simmons released a huge earthquake attack. And Coney flinched, “Damn!” I shouted and noticed the sandstorm died down, “Okay Coney, sandstorm fast!”

“Simmons, earthquake” Sean ordered. The Snorlax got up, and slammed the ground. After wards which Coney set the sandstorm.

“Okay, Simmons, Curse on last Time and then Selfdestruct!” roared Sean.
Simmons did his curse, and was on the verge of collapsing with on last hit, as was Coney

A malicious grin crossed my face, “Coney, Protect.”

Simmons did his Self-destruct and Sean’s eyes bugged out, “NOOOO!!!!”

“Fine Then, Xatu is gonna beat the Shit out of you,” Sean sneered.

“Bring it on,” I said, perfectly calm. “Coney, return, GGGOOO, STAR!” Coney returned, and Star! Was sent out, twirling and shimmering.

“Aztexan, Whirlwind, STAT” Sean whispered to Xatu’s poke-ball. Xatu came out and flew high into the air, spread its wings, glared at Star!, and circled like a vulture, with its tail fanned.Then he flapped his wings and a whirlwind was conjured and, Coney was brought out. Coney was heavily wounded and was on the edge of dying, and was breathing heavily.

“Coney,” I said “EXPLODE!!!” And BOOOM!!!! A blinding flash lighted the stadium and all anyone could see was white. When the light died down, Coney was turned over, and charred, and Aztexan was still in the air, flying high, but it was obviously injured badly.

“HAHA!” jeered Sean, “Whats next? I told you cant beat Aztexan!” I looked up at the vulture like creature and considered my options; “Oyster would be whirl-winded away, but he could use toxic, Screech could use ancient power, star could use Thunder bolt, and Mr.T was too risky, better go with Screech. I selected his pokeball and whispered to use ancient power immeadiatly. The crowd was getting restless and started boo-ing and shouting. “Cmon Drag, hurry up,”

“Sure,” I smiled. And threw Screech’s poke-ball.

“AEROOO!!!” yelled Screech, and the crowd was in awe. He used his ancient power, and Xatu was gone.

“Okay, well let’s have some fun, shall we?” retorted Sean and he threw a poke-ball into the field. It opened and Swipe came out.

“Swipe, Return!”

“Screech, Earthquake!” Screech used earthquake, but Scizor was Still going strong, then, Swipe lunged forward, and took Screech out in one hit!!!! I knew the only Pokemon to counter was Mr. T. I sent him out and told him to use Horn Drill, while Swipe used Return.

“Mr.T, Rest and Sleep Talk”

“Swipe, Steel Wing!” the exchnge of hits went on for a long time, and finally, Mr.T’s fissure hit sent Swipe down.

“Go Kingdra!”

“Oh Shit,” I thought, I decided Mr.T would try to use fissure, naturally, iit missed and he succumbed to Kingdras’ Surf. Once again, I was at a cross roads on who I should bring in. Finally, I settled on Star!, and I sent him out.

“Star, Thunder Wave” I knew the set his Kingdra had, and I knew twave would be compromised, but at least now he’d have to wait two turns to rest.

“KingDra, Dragon Breath” Critical hit! Star! Was hurt badly,

“Okay Star!, Confuse Ray” The Starmie spun around and released a blinding flash.

“Drag-Queen, Dragon Breath again.” But the dragon hurt itself in its confusion

“Okay Now Thunder Wave” Star! Twaved, “Now Thunder Bolt”

“Drag-Queen, Rest!” too bad, he flinched.

“Star! Same thing again.” and Star! Released a wonderful Thunderbolt, fainting Drag Queen. The battle was turning in my favor, but Sean wasn’t out yet.

“Gan-Green, go!” Sean threw the pokeball in extreme anxiety, and a green Gengar flashed out. “Now, Shadow Ball!” The ghost released his wonder ful shadow ball, and Star! Fainted. Now the battle was getting tense, I was sweating like crazy, and so was Sean, and the crowd was just enthralled, but the pressure was intense and getting to us. A breeze passed by. I lifted my head up, and sent out Coconutty.

“Coconutty, Psychic”

“Gan, Shadow Ball” Gengars’ attack hit and hurt Coco bad, then eggy used psychic, knocking Gan bad. He used Confuse ray, and Coco used psychic, and Gan was down.

“Blacky, your turn” And a black light emerged from the pokeball and an Umbreon popped out.

“Blacky, Mean look”

“Coco, return, go oyster!” and Shuckle took the stage

“Oyster, sandstorm” and the visibility on the field decreased

“Blacky, toxic” now the battle was getting pressured, and oyster was intoxified

“Oyster, Toxic” and Umbreon was toxiced

“CONFUSE RAY!!” Sean shouted, and the black Umbreon let out a blinding flash, different from my Starmie’s.

“Shuckle, mudslap,” I called, but sadly, he was confused and hit himself.

“Blacky, Rest,” And umbreon made a full recovery, I knew it was futile to toxic Umbreon, so I made due with mud-Slap and sandstorm. After a long battle, shuckle finally fell to the confuse rays and toxic, but Umbreon was pretty bad too, almost dead infact. And I released my last Pokemon, Exeggutor. The battle had gone long into the night, and I knew my only hope was to be able to go first and explode, but if I didn’t, I would lose. I breathed a heavy sigh and gave the order.

“Coco, EXPLOSION!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, and the night sky light up under Coco’s explosion, thank god, I had gone first, but the battle was a draw.

“The Battle is a Stale mate.” Announced the ref, “there shall be a rematch battle in one week!”

“WHAT!!?!!??! A rematch!!” I looked at the ref, and then at Sean, he didn’t seem to mind.

“Well, looks like I can try to pummel you one more time drag, hehe,” he grinned and we shook hands, and I thought of the preparations I had to make for the next battle, but for now I needed to relax…….

Whatta ya think? Wait till next time

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Nice battle, though..

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Beware the Dynasty! Listen To Uncle!

"Together for ever, no matter how long"
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Beware the Dynasty! Listen To Uncle!

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...must you reply after every post?

Otherwise, good match.

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Beware the Dynasty! Listen To Uncle!

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You forgot the part where Pikachu faints Rhydon with Thundershock...

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Beware the Dynasty! Listen To Uncle!

"Together for ever, no matter how long"
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posted 08-01-2001 04:47 PM      Profile for alienx   Author's Homepage   Email alienx   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
That's only NoA trying to make Ash unbeatable...

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Actually,the Japanese wrote the episodes that have Pikachu zapping ground-types,so its not NoA's fault that Ash is unbeatable - he's the star,so he gets to win MOST of the time(he doesn't win all his battles,even with Pikachu,and they show Pikachu failing to zap a Quagsire in the third movie anyway).

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ture dat,

most kids dont know the diff

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that was a pretty good story
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