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Author Topic: The Battle
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posted 02-12-2001 11:49 AM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Okay, this was my first time in a REAL fight. This was a meet by a Finnish pokémon-page, and there were about 25 people of which around 10 competed in the GB-tourney. Because of Finland (No G/S out officially), the matches were only R/B/Y. And most of them were kinda newbieish... The thing that pissed me off was that I hadn't had time to train my pokémon up to level 100, but that wasn't SO horrible as what it might sound like, because I knew that the others hadn't too.

My team:

Molly Nut Bomb (Starter), :l82
Arcanine (Flamethrower, Dig, Double-edge, Agility), :l82
Blastoise (Surf, Blizzard, Earthquake, Body Slam) :l92
Raichu (T-Wave, T-bolt, Reflect, Surf) :l82
Marowak named Hannele (After my now ex-GF, Bonemerang, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Focus Energy) :l83
Venusaur (Sweepy Powder, Swords Dance, Body Slam, Razor Leaf) :l83

The matches went as follows.

The first match was against a 11-year-old girl. Oh yeah.

I sent out Chansey, she sent Clefable (level 100).

She went first, because Clef was at level 100. Sing. Chansey fell asleep, and I fucked myself up by pressing Attack mistakingly.

I thought to change PKMN instead... Oh well.

She Doubleslapped, hitting me 5 times. Took about 1/5 of my HP Then I changed to Venusaur... She used Strength. I used Sweepy Powder, and Clefa fell asleep. I Swords Danced twice, then she took her Clefable out and sent in Nidoking. I Razor Leafed (Second-thought is a funny thing ), and her Nidoking was down to around 10 HP. Nido Thrashed, but that wasn't a horrible thing... I BSed, and Nido fainted.

It was 6-5 for me now.

She sent out her Sleeping Clefable, and I Body Slammed, taking away over a half of her HP. She tried to attack, but eh... Clefa was asleep. Body Slam again, Clefa down.

6-4 for me.

She sent out Charizard, and I thought it might be a good idea to take Venusaur in, which I did, sending out Raichu.

Enemy CHARIZARD used FIRE BLAST! RAICHU was burned! Argh. Oh well, not so horrible, because...

RAICHU used SURF! Enemy CHARIZARD fainted!

6-3 for me.

She sent out a Snorlax, which I T-Waved. Body Slam. I took Raichu out and sent Wak in, to be hit by a Body Slam from Snorlax. She took her Lax in, and sent out a Blastoise. I Bonemeranged (Duh, I didn't expect a change), and Blas was down to just a couple of HPs.

I took Wak back and sent Venusaur out.

She Fissured (In R/B/Y...). What a surprise, it missed! I Razored, and Blas was down.

6-2 for me.

She sent her (Paralyzed) Snorlax out again, while I was Swords Dancing. Hah, Lax was fully paralyzed. I Swords Danced again (I thought it might be better to take Lax out in a single hit, I wouldn't have liked a Rest very much). Again, Lax was fully paralyzed. I Body Slammed.

6-1 for me.

Then, she sent out... a... Mewtwo! Wtf, it was banned! Oh well, it wasn't such a horrible thing, and we talked it over. Anyway, I chose to battle it.

I took out my Venu, and sent out Wak. This was a stupid thing, considering Wak's "huge" Special. Psychic. Wak was down.

5-1 for me.

I sent out Blastoise. Psychic came again, leaving about 2/3 of my HPs. I Earthquaked, annd Mewtwo was down to half of it's HP.


M2 Psychiced. CRITICAL HIT! FUUUUUUUUU... What? My Blastoise survived with about 2 HPs! Blastoise Blizzarded, and M2 froze. YES! YES!

Enemy MEWTWO is frozen solid!
BLASTOISE used BODY SLAM! Critical hit!
Enemy MEWTWO fainted!

I won, with Wak fainted, Raichu burned, and Chansey asleep.

The next match was aginst a 12-year-old Girl, who had a level 100 Raichu and Dewgong? Sadly, I forgot to take my notebook with me to take notes of the match, because it was an interesting one, but what I DO remember, was that her Raichu was downed by an Earthquake from my Blastoise and Dewgong by a T-Bolt from my Raichu, and the match had a funny point where I sent my Wak out just when her Raichu used T-Wave? Heh heh heh

The third match was against an another 12-year-old girl and it was an easy one, because the other team was NOT at over level 50? In fact, the highest was Persian with level 42. Anyway, here?s the raport.

I sent out Chansey, she Machamp. Uh-oh, I thought. I took Chansey back and sent Wak out, only to be hit by a Low Kick. I Focused Energy and got hit by a non-effective Rock Slide. I B-meranged, Critical Hit, Machamp down.

6-5 for me.

She sent out a Wak, who was hit by a Super-effective Ice Beam (Muahahahah). Her Wak down.

6-4 for me.

She sent out Muk, which was hit by a Bonemeranged. With my Wak 30 levels higher than her Muk, and considering B-merangs Super-effectiveness? Muk down.

6-3 for me.

Then she sent out a ?Kazam, which was hit by a Body Slam?

6-2 for me.

She sent out Ninetales? B-merang.

6-1 for me.

Then she sent out a Persian, which was hit by a B-merang?

6-0 for me.

Then? THE FINAL MATCH. I knew this was going to be hard, because I knew that the other guy (This was a guy. A very nerdy looking guy, about 12 years old) had a level 100 team. This is what happened.

He sent out Hypno, and I sent out Blastoise (Duh, N64 and Stadium got me phucked, I?m not too familiar with that, and that?s why I didn?t send Chansey to start). Anyway.

He used Psychic, and I Blizzarded, taking Hypno down to 6/10 of it?s HP. A CH BLIZZARD! Hypno used Hypnosis, putting my Blas asleep. I thought it was a good idea to take Blastoise back, which I soon KNEW, because my Chansey, which I sent out, was missed by a Dream Eater Hypno Psychiced, I T-Waved. The Psychic had taken away just over a half over my HP? I used Softboiled?


I Minimized, he used Psychic. MISS! I used Minimize again. He used Psychic. MISS! I Minimized for the third time, he used Psychic. MISS! He took Hypno back, and sent out? a? a? DRAGONITE! I used Minimize again. This is what separates an Azurian from anothers? His Dragonite used Ice Beam against my Chansey! It hit, but because it was an Ice Beam, it didn?t hurt my Chansey too much. I T-Waved him, and followed with a Seismic Toss. The match continued.

Ice Beam missed.
Seismic toss.
He was fully paralyzed.
Seismic toss.
Ice Beam missed.
Seismic Toss (His Drago was now down to 5 HP).
Ice Beam missed.

6-5 for me now.

Then? THE HORROR. MACHAMP. Well, I had Mimized four times, so I thought I could survive. He used Seismic Toss, which hit (Is Seismic Toss affected by Evasion in R/B/Y? At least it SHOULD?) my Chansey. I T-Waved, and followed with a ST. He used Submission. It is an not-so-accurate attack, right? Guess what?

This is what I hoped: ??but it missed!?
This is what happened: ?It?s super-effective!? FUGGGGGGGG!!!!


I sent out Arcanine, and using Dig, dug a hole. He STed, missing of course. Then my Dig hit, and he used Mega Puch. I dug a hole again. He Mega Punched and missed. My Dig hit. He was fully paralyzed. He was down to around 30 or less HPs now? I knew he was going to change, so I used Flamethrower instead of Dig (He had a Pidgeot in his team too).

He sent out Pidgeot. My Flamethrower hit it, Ched, and took away about a 1/3 of his HP. He flew up. Heh heh, damn I thought I was smart, because I used Dig (Arca was slower than Pidgeot, and I was expecting a Fly). Then I thought about the type of Dig and the type of the enemy Pidgeot. DUH! Anyway, he flew down and missed. Arca dug itself up, and of course, missed. I took Arcanine back and sent Raichu out. He flew up, and flew down. ?It?s not very effective.? I used Reflect. He took Pidgeot back and sent a ?Kazam out. I T-Waved, took Raichu back and sent Arcanine out.

Enemy ALAKAZAM is fully paralyzed! YES!

I dug a hole, he Psychiced. Miss, of course. I dug up, he Psychiced? A Critical hit! FUGG! Arcanine down.

5-4 for him.

Now I did a stupid mistake (The same as earlier?). I sent my Wak against an Alakazam. I B-meranged, he was left with about 2/10 of his HP. He Psychiced. Wak down? Shit.

5-3 for him.

I sent out Blastoise? PHUCK THIS N64! I remembered that it was POISONED, but because I had NEVER before played Pokémon Stadium (Except two of the matches, which I mentioned above)? I SENT OUT A SLEEPING BLASTOISE! Luckily, God favored me: Blastoise woke up on the first turn I sent him out and Kazam was fully paralyzed. I Earthquaked. KAZAM DOWN!

4-3 for him.

He sent out Raichu. I took Blas back and sent out Venusaur. He T-Bolted, luckily it didn?t paralyze. He continued with a Mega Punch (On Raichu? Right?) A miss. I used Sweepy Powder, but it failed. He Mega Punched again, getting a Critical hit. Hah, my Venu laughed to a Mega Punching Raichu, even if the Raichu was a level 100 and my Venu only at level 83. I Sweepied again, and this time it hit. He sleeped, I used Razor Leaf. A Critical hit, of course, like 99% of the time in R/B/Y. Rai was left with about 2/3 of it?s HP. He took Raichu back, and sent out his paralyzed Hypno. I expected that, and used Sleep Powder. Shit, a miss (Duh, /me is stupid? How can you get a paralyzed pokémon to sleep, huh? Damn? ). Then I did a mistake (again). I thought that I could BS his Hypno to faint; I DID Swords Dance earlier, after all? Or at least that?s what I remembered. HIS HYPNO WAS LEFT WITH 2 HPS! 2 HPS! Hypno used Psychic, and there went my Venu.

4-2 for him.

I sent out Blastoise, Surfed and even CRITICALED. His Hypno was left with about 1/4 of his HP. He used Psychic? Blas down.

4-1 for him.

I couldn?t do much? I sent out my Raichu, and T-Bolted. Hypno didn?t have very much HP left? But it survived the T-Bolt. Psychic came in to meet my Rai, and it went down.

4-0 for him.

His Hypno had 2 HPs left, his Raichu 2/3 of it?s HPs, and Pidgeot 2/3 of it?s HP too?

What do we learn:

1) Submission hits Chansey on the worst possible moment
2) Do not send a Wak out against a ?Kazam

Oh well, I was kinda happy with my result: I had almost annihilated his team, with me 15 levels lower than him. Well, we?ll see next time what happens?

BTW, what do you usually get for prizes in a GB-tourney? He got an Exploding Magikarp (?Shark attacks ), or at least SHOULD have got, because I was one of the organizers, and I should have given him the Karp, but I couldn?t find it anywhere? Hm. But the thing I?m interested in here, is that what do you usually receive for prizes?

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posted 02-12-2001 02:11 PM      Profile for Nirvana     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yes.....very n00bie Pokémon....well tried tho...


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posted 02-12-2001 02:55 PM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
You mean who had newb pokémon? Me? Them?

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posted 02-12-2001 04:20 PM      Profile for TeeJay     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Der... both of you. Try that team on PBS sometime.

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posted 02-19-2001 03:55 PM      Profile for magmar5   Author's Homepage   Email magmar5   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by OrientalNoodle:
notebook with me to take notes of the match

heh, a notebook, *wonder's why i never thought of that*

kool battles, i liked the first one the most.

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