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Author Topic: [WAR STORY] One missing, changed rules, and Mewtwo saves the day?
Triple C
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posted 06-19-2000 02:41 PM      Profile for Triple C     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
It happened today! Three of my friends came early today(the other one must have been sick or chickened out), when I was eating my breakfast...Anyways, before we played Stadium, we played a bit of Goldeneye. I didn't do that well, but I'd get some revenge in Stadium.

Since one of the four was MIA, the rules were changed a bit. They decided to trade their represenative Pokemon to one cart and choose one person to fight me in a three-on-two Pokemon battle. This made things easier for me since I didn't have to fight three Pokemon from all of my friends. So, the fight began. (Remember, I must have Mewtwo on my team along with another Pokemon)

My Pokemon:

Homicide 3.0 (Mewtwo)
-Double Edge

Panophobia (Slowbro)
Tobybro moveset

Part 1: Slowbro goes to Vegas?

I send out Slowbro
Friend sends out Mew

I'm already thinking...could this be the Mew I cloned for him?

1. Mew uses Swift (little damage)
1. Slowbro uses Thunder Wave (paralyzed)

Now, from this point on, my opponent is using that menu thing to choose his moves. I see that the Mew's moves are Earthquake, Blizzard, Swift, and Fire Blast. HEY! That was originally a Swift-Dancer!

2. Slowbro used Amnesia
2. Mew is fully paralyzed (I think he was going for Blizzard)

3. Slowbro Amnesia's again
3. Mew uses Blizzard (very little damage)

My opponent makes a comment about how worthless Amnesia is. He also states that Water is weak to Ice attacks, and that I was lucky before. (hehehe)

4. Slowbro Amnesia's up one more time
4. Mew uses Blizzard (crit. hit, still not much damage)

Now, I'm thinking this Mew is Candied due to the low HP of Mew (347) and the weakness of the CH Blizzard. Time to see if I'm right...

5. Slowbro does Surf (crit. hit)
5. Mew is sent to a watery grave where he meets up with that Blastoise my Clefable killed a few weeks ago.

My friend is in awe. One hit, Mew goes down. He was about to slam the controller to the ground, but I stopped him just in time. I shot him an evil look, and we continued the battle.

Part 2: Homicide's Unexpected Appearance

Out comes.....Homicide?! Yes, my friend must be lurking around here, otherwise, he wouldn't have known about my Homicide moveset. Luckily, I had changed my Homicide moveset, so he didn't know about the latest version.

6. Mewtwo uses Double-Edge
6. Slowbro T-Waves (paralyzed)

I've taken some good damage, so it's time to heal up. Homicide also attempts to heal up, but can't seem to...(muwahahaha)

7. Slowbro used Rest (asleep)
7. Mewtwo uses Recover (nothing happens)

My friend turns bright red. The other friends are still shocked from Mew's destruction.

8. Slowbro is asleep
8. Mewtwo attempts to Recover (nothing happens again)

I suddenly realize that he doesn't know that Recover doesn't cure status ailments! I laugh to myself and continue on.

9. Slowbro wakes up
9. Mewtwo Double-Edges (fair damage)

10. Slowbro Surfs (lots of damage)
10. Mewtwo uses Barrier

I state that Barrier won't help in this situation. He doesn't listen...*sigh*

10. Slowbro Surfs like a gnarly Slowbro should
10. Mewtwo is picked up by the high tide and arrives somewhere near a New York sewage plant, around the place where Clefable flushed the Ditto.

Part 3: "The Big Guns"
"All right, that's IT! Time to bring out the big guns!", my friend yells. He sends out a Blastoise, which I soon discover has a somewhat standard moveset! It has Ice Beam instead of Blizzard.

11. Blastoise uses Ice Beam
11. Slowbro is turned into a dopey blue ice cube.

My friends holler out in victory as my Slowbro is frozen. They begin exchanging high-fives and showering each other in soda. Well, I hate to admit it, but here he comes...Homicide. I send The Cheap out and hope he can save the world...o_o

11. Mewtwo uses Toxic (badly poisoned)
11. Blastoise uses Surf. (fair damage, damage from Toxic)

12. Mewtwo uses Barrier
12. Blastoise uses Body Slam (damage from Toxic)

13. Mewtwo uses Recover (back to almost-full health)
13. Blastoise uses Body Slam (miss, damage from Toxic)

Now, time to finish it off...

14. Mewtwo uses Double Edge (crit. hit)
14. Blastoise decides that maybe he should join up with Bowser and his Koopa'd be a less dangerous occupation

Yawn...I was on the edge of my seat for a second, but otherwise, I made a killing. I got my $40, as promised. These guys may not be good Pokemon trainers, but they can keep a promise. Afterwards, we played some Mario Kart 64, SSB, ate lunch, and they went home. I'm also going to be helping them with their training. are some fun facts about the battle.

-Mewtwo was only a life-saver in this situation. If Slowbro wasn't frozen, he would have finished the job.

-I didn't get a chance to use Substitute.

-Mewtwo needs to go back into retirement, so it's back to Box 12 for him.

-I was planning on using Flareon, but I guess it was a divine mistake that I didn't use him.

-My friends must be rich.

-My friends are awfully strange.

-I refuse to give out my friends' names, mostly due to embarrassment and other factors. =P

-The friends' Pokemon were Candied, some stats were 60 from the max in some areas!

-The rep. friend didn't give my other two buddies their Pokemon back.

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posted 06-19-2000 03:22 PM      Profile for Philbo   Email Philbo   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Good story!
Don't worry about your friends pokémon tho, if they were candied then it'll take them no time at all to get some new ones...


I'm trying to forget myself, but if I do where will I be when I need me?

Out of Desperation, courage is born

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is evil and also MewtwoSama
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posted 06-19-2000 03:31 PM      Profile for starCaliber   Email starCaliber   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Nice story, man. Reminds me of fighting Scyther7164 in Pokemon (the blatant ignorance factor).

Just one question. How come you're still playing GoldenEye? Get Perfect Dark man, it's worth the dough (oops maybe I shoulda stuck this in Karp Park. Oh well).

"Yeah Ramon. That'll happen."

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posted 06-19-2000 03:36 PM      Profile for branners   Author's Homepage   Email branners   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Gaw, i wish I could fight for money..


-branners, AKA Tominater

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posted 06-19-2000 04:00 PM      Profile for Givera   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
... so does your mewtwo have 5 moves or something?? In battle he used Barrier, Recover, Toxic, and Double Edge but you commented you didn't get a chance to use Substitute...

"Yea..." -Heero Yuy

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Triple C
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posted 06-19-2000 04:59 PM      Profile for Triple C     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
You see, Mewtwo didn't get a chance to use Sub because it didn't have it! AHA! Anyways, that was a foolish mistake on my part, I was thinking of my first prototype Homicide. I'm too lazy to edit it, though...
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posted 06-20-2000 02:42 AM      Profile for Power Soul Rebirth   Email Power Soul Rebirth   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I wish my rich friends played Pokémon, then I'd be the rich one...

Good story too.

All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.

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posted 06-20-2000 02:24 PM      Profile for Cpt_Carnage   Author's Homepage   Email Cpt_Carnage   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I thought that was very boring...

You just prove one thing... that the modern Pokemon battle can be reduced to simply:

X used Amnesia
Y used Amnesia

X used Amnesia
Y used Amnesia

X used Amnesia
Y used Amnesia

X used "Special based Attack"
Y used "Special based Attack"

X used recover
Y used recover

X used "Special based Attack"
(yup - not much damage)
Y used "Special based Attack"

X used recover
Y used recover

-------Until they run out of PP------

God that was boring - but its true!

If you want to win you just use the Amnesia/Special Attack/recover combo. But when two Mewtwo's collide - its basiclly the one with the most critical hits that wins

That is why all tournaments where I live are run with a Mew/Mewtwo ban - basicly if you were allowed a Mewtwo - it would be the one who caught the most pumped-up mewtwo that wins...

And yes I'm sorry - you will NEVER see me using a Mewtwo - I refuse to lower myself to that level...

Dragons all the way!

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