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Author Topic: Givera's first "Tourney"
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Alright... I went to the TCG tour at Valley View Mall in Dallas, Tx this afternoon and battled some of the people there... I would have played Stadium but they didn't have any Transfer Packs!!
Anyways I start walking around discouraged that no one had there game boys... they'd all been over whelmned by the stupidity of the TCG game (AHHH!!!) but eventually after 10 - 15 minutes I see this kid walking around asking for opponents... Not wanting to act over eager I just pull mine out "coincidentally" and waited for him to challenge me... we agree to 6 on 6 anything goes (I even let him use his lvl 125 Pidgeott but I made him take it to the pokecenter first to lower his HP from 800 to whatever it should be)...
So anyways we get started and I send out my Toby-Bro against his Mew... he immediately uses Thunder which hits and lowers Toby to around 60% and he's Paralyzed... I work out the math in my head and figure out I can use amnesia and survive... I use amnesia and he uses Thunder again... Toby's at (IIRC) 30-40% HP and I use it again but Mew's FP'ed.... Toby uses Amnesia one more time maxing out and Mew uses Fly (Thank goodness he wasn't FP'ed) and I use rest and KO him with Surf... After that the rest of his team goes down easily (His team consisted of Mew, Mewtwo, Hitmonchan, two Alakazams, and Pidgeott all at level 100 except Pidg) Easy...
Battle two went just as easy... except I had this guilty taste in my mouth for winning so easily... I setup Toby and went through her team consisting of a level 25 Pikachu, 56 Zapdos, 55 Venusaur, 40 Cloyster, 53 Dugtrio, and a level 2 Rattata which was already injured to 50% hp... there was ONE annoyance though... her Dugtrio must have had the same speed as my Toby becasue one round it used Dig right before Surf then the next turn it came up right after a Surf so Surf missed twice... how annoying...
After two easy sweeps I thought I'd change up my battle plan to make it more interesting... I switch Toby out as my starter and sub'ed in Sand Man (Parasyrex)... I sent out Sand Man against a Dragonite who immediately smacked him pretty hard with Dragonite's Blizzard but not enough so he fell asleep (The kid made some crack that Sand Man's gonna take a loooong sleep... which it did but not just yet) So anyways I Sub'ed then SD'ed but failed to notice him waking up so he Blizzed my Sub while I SD'ed again and then KO'ed me... oh well... next I sent out Hawaii (Exeggcutor w/ Toxic/Leech Seed/Rest/Explosion) and set up the Toxic Seed combo while he missed with Blizz and made a CCG trade... after he looked back he's like "Oh Toxic Seed... pff... I know how to handle that..." I was expecting him to switch out but I just used Rest and he died from the TS... Next Gyarados came out who KO'ed Hawaii w/ Fire Blast... Toby came out next and setup and then won the rest of the match which included a Double Edging Starmie, Mew, Golem, and Fearow... the odd thing was he refused to fight the first kid I played because he said "Mewtwo is a cheap pokemon" but I had to explain to him about Special being for both special attack and defense and how Amnesia works... so obviously he just joined the band wagon...
After that I walked around and watched this LITTLE girl playing the CCG game... I remembered seeing her start her first match when I entered thinking "Pff... she's too young to play a CCG..." how WRONG I was... she just started turn wasting and ran out of time... (She would play a Dratini, evolve it to (Dark) Dragonair so it could absorb more damage, then pick it up with some trainer card and play it immediately again...) Her opponent a boy about 2 or 3 years older started crying because of it...
She went into the third round and must have been SERIOUSLY beating the Rep there because he was SOOOO annoyed at her...
I walked around a little more and then bought a Strawberry Smoothie and went home... not bad for a first tourney if I do say so my self...

"Yea..." -Heero Yuy

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posted 06-18-2000 12:20 AM      Profile for LionHeart   Author's Homepage   Email LionHeart   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Heh, all your opponents were pretty *newbiesh* huh..?


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