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Author Topic: Pikachu,the Super Pokémon! :)
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posted 06-01-2000 12:55 AM      Profile for Gloomboy     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
This is a weird thing that happened - I was
at the end of the Master Ball tournament of the R-2 Prime Cup on Stadium(at the end of a long quest to get a Surfing Pikachu),and
I was facing Round 8,the Cool Trainer(you know,the one who fights with Mew).

Anyway,here's how the battle went. My trio
of fighters consisted of:

L90 Pikachu(from Yellow)
* Thunderbolt
* Thunder Wave
* Body Slam
* Light Screen

L100 Starmie(from Yellow)
* Blizzard
* Surf
* Psychic
* Recover

L100 Mewtwo(from Blue)
* Amnesia
* Psychic
* Barrier
* Recover

Round #1
* Pikachu comes out(I used Pikachu because
he wasn't gonna last anyways)
* Jolteon comes out
* I decide to throw a futile Thunder Wave
at Jolteon(knowing Jolt would go first)
* By serendipity,the AI switches to Tauros!
Pikachu's Thunder Wave hits it. :P

Round #2
* Okay,so it was a lucky shot. I know that
if Tauros was brought in,that means that
he's got Earthquake and will crush Pika-
chan,so I fire a Thunderbolt,which hits
* Tauros is fully paralyzed!

Round #3
* Just luck,I think. Another Thunderbolt.

Next two rounds
* Same thing - Rostor(the Tauros) is
stuck in full paralysis while Pikachu
blasts him silly. Eventually,he drops.
Am I just lucky or what?!

Next battle
* Out comes Mew. I command Pikachu to use
Thunder Wave again,but Mew powers up a
Psychic and fires it. I think "oh great,
Pikachu is toast."
* He pulls through! (Of course,I've seen
the little guy pull out of many fatal
attacks in prior rounds. )
* Mew is paralyzed

Next round
* Pikachu fries Mew with Thunderbolt
* Mew is unable to move

Next round
* Pikachu does a Body Slam,but this time
Mew breaks free and brings Pikachu down.
Well,it was good while it lasted.

I brought out Starmie,but then it switched
back to Jolteon. However I was able to
take out Jolteon after weakening it with a
couple of Surfs with Mewtwo. Then Mew came
out and use Softboiled,so I had to Amnesia
up,but Jolteon had paralyzed me earlier. :P
After a few more rounds,where both of us
were paralyzed fully,luck kissed me and Mew
was unable to move as I finished him off.
Thus,Pikachu got to learn Surf. ^_^

Now,is that a weird story or what? :X

"C.J. used SUPER ROD!"
"Not even a nibble!"
- Fishing for Dratini in the Safari Zone

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posted 06-01-2000 06:16 AM      Profile for Iyse   Email Iyse   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yeah it's interesting, but it's no that farfetch'd.

Slowbro used Amnesia
Slowbro used Amnesia
Slowbro used Amnesia
Slowbro used Surf Critical Hit


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posted 06-01-2000 03:51 PM      Profile for Philbo   Email Philbo   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yeah, I'll second that

What I do find amazing however, is that you didn't know about pikachu learning surf:


Mewtwo used Blizzard
It's frozen rock solid!
Being unable to move hurts

From: Kent, England | Registered: May 2000  |  IP: Logged
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posted 06-02-2000 05:49 PM      Profile for articool   Email articool   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yeah, 'tis nothing special.
Though congratulations on Pika getting Surf ^_^

BOB sent out MEWTWO!
One hit KO!
BOB: What the, how did...
BOB is confused!
It hurt itself in its confusion!
BOB: Why the @$%! did I just hit myslef?

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