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Author Topic: I... think... I... might be onto something here.
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posted 02-19-2002 08:53 PM      Profile for Jman   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I've thought a good many hours of my life about trying to figure out a new sweeper, like a NickWak or Curselax. Something with lasting meaning and I can see my creation being put on a lot of teams. After some thought, I came to a nutty idea: What about the least offensive Pokemon, Shuckle, as a sweeper?

I know what some of you might be saying. 'tha hell? I thought the same thing myself. With a bit of small thought and some ingenuity, I'd like to share my final thoughts with you. I'll probably test this out a bit on GSbot and if it really sucks I'll scrap the whole idea or rework it a bit.

I'd like your input based on the current GSbot metagame, though.

Shuckle can't be a sweeper on its own, that is obvious. We need a Baton Passer to help it out. My first Pokémon on the team:

Double Team
Baton Pass
Swords Dance
Body Slam/Physical Move

Scizor is here to power up Shuckle. Scizor will lead off with a few(3 to 4) Double Teams, hopefully you will not sustain that much damage due to evade. Swords Dance comes next, power up till max or until you don't think you can survive much longer. Pass to...

Knuckle Shuckle
@ Leftovers
Defense Curl

Knuckle is a name after my favorite Sonic character, Knuckles. Anyway, the set is simple. After being powered up with the Baton Pass, he will be able to do some pretty good damage. With double team he won't be hit as often, and even if he does hit, he boasts those lovely defensive stats. Use Wrap to keep your opponents in and use Sandstorm to deal some extra damage. Power up the rollout with Defence Curl(which will only work once or twice) and let loose with the Rollout. With Wrap in place, they can't switch and with Double Team/Huge Defense they won't damage you all that much. Leftovers can provide some healing.

@ Something?
Rain Dance

A simple electric guy.. he's here to take out those pesky Skarmory's, that could ruin my Knuckles plans.

@ Leftovers
Rock Slide

A simple and powerful attacker. This guy takes out the other steel types that Shuckle really can't take out. I used this set before, RBY old skool, it works well.

@ King's Rock
Confuse Ray

Meh. He's here to provide water support to rock/ground types that may hurt Shuckles chances. Standard ickyness.

@ MiracleBerry
Slash/Body Slam

When all fails, go to the duck. Thats all I gotta say.

So gimme your input. I'd like to hear from ya. Thanks in advance... *goes to Gsbot to try it out*

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lol pokemon

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posted 02-19-2002 09:14 PM      Profile for Frogjedi   Author's Homepage   Email Frogjedi   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
My only beef is that with all this time that you require to set up one tankish pokemon in shuckle, the lesser end of experienced trainers will have already picked up your strategy and will send in some sort of hazer/ro/whl etc. What you need is to trap their first pokemon with your starter because leaving it to your shuckle who is already expected after 4-5 turns is too late.
For example.
-Sci doubleteams
-opponent tries something stupid
-Sci doubleteams
-opponent realizes must switch to hazer etc
-Sci Swordances
-opponent has hazer in and you must switch out because bp only one swordance is suicide for shuckle who needs at least more than one swordance against a hazer because wrap will go second due to no agility pass.

SciShuck combo is an evade+attack pass to the slowest pokemon in the game while Joltwak combo on the other hand has an agilitied 500 attack wak who can take out almost every hazer/etc on the first turn they switch in. I doubt you can dish out a doubleteam, agility and swordance before dieing so you might have to risk losing the double team for agility. But all this can be over come by just trapping the first poke i believe.

What would add some fun to this would be to meanlook-then bp to a booster-then-bp to shuckle. I've never seen a double bp in action but I think that it will at least prevent them from switching at the start. After shuckle is set up it shouldn't be too bad. I'm not really experienced with bp systems though so if anyone can correct me on anything i have said wrong it will be greatly appreciated. Other than that I think it's great that the duck has made an appearance on your team. My L100 duck right now has agility,swordance,endure,flail@pinkbow. Performed in that order you can get at least one agility and one swordance in while they are switching in to roast him. Total 1337 with STAB and pinkbow. For some reason though I don't think that Stick has any CH sideeffect on Flail.

[ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Frogjedi ]

[ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Frogjedi ]

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posted 02-19-2002 11:51 PM      Profile for Kiseiju     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Assuming you do power up uninterrupted and they let their first Poke fall to Shuckle, if they bring in a hazer next it's going to go before Shuckle and wipe out the status increases. Speed is vital for the pokemon that receives the BP whether it's BP'ed speed or innate ability.

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posted 02-20-2002 12:05 AM      Profile for 10,000Lb.Snorlax   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
note: curse is better on shuckle than defense curl, as he will attain more damage using curse than DC (can only use DC twice due to 500+ defense, but can use Curse 6 times due to low attack and speed lowering capacity).
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is somewhat large.
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posted 02-20-2002 01:48 AM      Profile for MK     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I think it's not a bad idea... he could be a real pain once he's [shuckle] set up.
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posted 02-20-2002 02:08 AM      Profile for Tghost   Author's Homepage   Email Tghost   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
By the time you have actually set that Shuckle up, and it's Rollout is dealing decent could have made a sweeper out of every other Pokemon in existance, outside of; Magikarp, Unown, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Ditto, Wobbuffet...etc, etc...

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posted 02-20-2002 02:56 AM      Profile for Archaic   Author's Homepage   Email Archaic   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I've been using the offensive Shuckle as part of my Mono Bug team for about a year now. You might want to stick to the standard BP Scizor, and switch your Shuckle set to this one.

@ Leftovers
Defence Curl

There's really no need to be evading anything with Double Team when you're likely to go in with such a massive defense. With Agilities passed, if they actually switch something in while you're in the middle of a Rollout, it's going to get 2 hits before it can do anything, and often that would already be enough for a knockout if you've passed Swords Dances. If not, well, unless it's a Psudopasser they're still going to suffer significant damage from further stages of Rollout when decent damage would be dealt anyway.

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posted 02-20-2002 10:14 AM      Profile for Ransu     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well here is my Shuckle set:

Double Team
>>This set has swept teams before, I guess it is because people forget that Wrap traps them ^_^

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