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Author Topic: Esaelp, Maet Siht Etar.
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Uhm…As you may have guessed, this is my team. It basically uses pokèmon that I like…I think it’s quite original: most or all the pokèmon in it are underused –or not used at all, like my beloved ‘Moth…-. So they are:

Venomoth @MiracleBerry
Sleep Powder…Stun Spore…Screech…Sludge Bomb
Ta-da, Venomoth. My starter and my favourite pokèmon. It basically does its good status changing: not many people on the bots expect double-powdering nowadays. Screech is for Baton Passer; I may have Whirlwind over it; but I find Screech to be more versatile. After sleeping the first pokèmon and paralyzing the second, Venomoth Screeches. If they stay in, they’ll have a paralyzed and weakened pokèmon that will be in trouble even if ‘Moth faints. If they switch, they usually send in the Heal Beller, prime for Screech Bombing. If I see a Fire attack coming, I switch to…

Slowking @Leftovers
Special AttacKing. I basically needed those three types…Surf and Psychic gets stab; Flamethrower does not but that doesn’t matter, since it will be used basically on pokèmon that are weak to it and have low Spec.Dif (namely Steel-types). I may have Rest over T-wave, but I find that paralyzing Electrics on the switch is fun. I prefered Slowking over Slowbro due to the lack of a pokèmon with Special endurance in my team.

Primeape @Miracleberry
Cross Chop…Hp-Bug/Ghost…Psych Up…Rest
Primeape is my protection against Normal and Dark Types. His powerful Cross Chop is obvious. Rock Slide seems to be a common choice on it; but I’d like to replace it. The Hidden Power hits hard those Psychics that like to switch in. Psych Up is here to steal stat raising. Rest gives Primeape more staying power, and it works with Granbull.

Donphan @Leftovers
Roar…Earthquake…Ancientpower…Rapid Spin/Curse
Donphan gives me a powerful STABbed Earthquake and Ancientpower’s nice chance for a boost; Roar is used for pseudohazing, taking also advantage of its great physical endurance. For the last spot, it’s a toss between Rapid Spin and Curse. Spikes are very annoying and deserve to be taken away; but with Curse Donphan can work as a Skarmory, powering up with the opponent and then Roaring.

Electabuzz @Miracleberry
Cross Chop…Thunderbolt…Ice Punch…Rest
My lil attacking Buzz. Without Reflect, Barriers, or Light Screens, it’s unbelievebly frail. But these three attacks give me a great type coverage…When I send in Buzz, they’ll usally switch to a Ground, a Grass, or a Normal Type with high Special Defence and HP (you know who I’m talking about): that plays on Buzz’s strenght. So far, Miracle Rest worked good for him. Buzz’s best friend is obviously Granbull.

Granbull @Mint Berry
Heal Bell...Rest...Return...Shadow Ball
My team doesn’t have a great protection against status affliction; so here’s Granbull. Heal Bell is obvious; as well as Return –people often don’t realize how huge this guy’s Attack is-. Rest because it lack other healing moves. Shadow Ball hits hard those annoying Perish Trappers, and does a little more on Psychic than Return. I used to have Sleep Talk in that place, but it didn’t work that good. Maybe Roar over it?

That’s all. Please flam…ehm, rate it. It's also nameless, so far.

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