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Author Topic: no ret mi tim 1t s0xx0rz leik fo ral
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Well, what started off as an explosion team theme has evolved into a competitive team. I won a really close battle (1-0 *hugs Raikou*) with it.

meh [Forretress (M)] @Leftovers
-Rapid Spin
-Prole Power Steel/Swagger/Curse

Meh, starter Forry. I want to keep Forretress on the team but I want a better starter. It always dies after setting up Spikes, it can't explode. I don't know if I'll get a new starter or just switch out after laying Spikes. Spikes and Explosion are staples. Rapid Spin is to blow away oppt's Spikes, and the last spot is debated. I currently have HP Steel for fugly Rhydon's/Golem's who switch in to take the Explosion and sometimes for Golem's that have Fire Blast. But Forry can't stand-up to Fire-Blasting Golems anyways :/ I'm thinking of replacing it with Swagger or Curse. Any help?

soxxorbad [Exeggutor (M)] @Leftovers
-Stun Spore
-Sleep Powder

It sucks. Bad. I can't do anything with it. It gets pwned a lot. The set is fine, I just can't use it right. I'm thinking I should replace this with a better starter, maybe DL's Tauros (Return/Fire Blast/Mimic/Sub-@Miracle Berry/Leftovers. Whatever I do, I want to replace Eggy. That much I know.

roxxorpwn [Golem (M)] @Berserk Gene
-Rock Slide

wheefun. Berserk Gene helps a lot (I swept three pokes with it ). The set is pretty standard. You can thank DL for the nickname ^^;;

thingy [Miltank (F)] @Miracle Berry
-Body Slam
-Milk Drink
-Heal Bell

Miracle Berry helps immensely. I usually get paralized, be it by Body Slam or T.Wave, and than it leaves Milly useless. Milk Drink can take care of my healing anyways. The rest is standard. Pymptank 0wnz.

stuff [Kingdra (M)] @Leftovers
-Sleep Talk

SleepTalking Kingdra. Not much to explain, Surf and D-Breath get STAB. It can last a long time.

wheefun [Raikou (-)] @Miracle Berry
-Prole Power Grass

meh. HP Grass helps out more than Crunch does. The rest is standard.

Yeah, rate it.


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posted 01-06-2002 06:45 PM      Profile for Pokemaniac Will   Email Pokemaniac Will   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Forretress: Almost standard. It's good though. Go for HP-Steel.

Exeggutor: Again nearly standard.

Golem: Good.

Miltank: Standard.

Kingdra: Ditto.

Raikou: Ditto Ditto.

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