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Author Topic: Need suggestion for next pokemon to train
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posted 01-04-2002 07:34 AM      Profile for articuno255        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well, I finished training a Scizor, so now I'ld like a suggestion on what next to train.
This team will mainly (if ever) be used in gameboy 6vs6 games. My opponents are the type which use legendaries. I keep a box of pokemon which I make a team from to make it harder to predict which ones I'll use. Oh, and you can suggest changes to my current team as well, as long as it doesn't involve breeding them then retraining from level 5. Don't flame me if my pokemon aren't good, I only knew of websites like this one after around training a majority of them.

NOTE: I don't have access to R/B/Y right now, though my cousin's coming over in a few days with R/B/Y and a link cable.

Currently, I have:
Dragonite (Surf, Return, Fire Punch, Steel Wing)
This was one of my earlier pokemon, I used it to beat Red and the E4 for training.

Mew (Thunder, Blizzard, Psychic, Earthquake)
I'ld put Softboiled over Psychic and Thunderbolt over Thunder.

Lugia (Hydro Pump, Fly, Psychic, Recover)
I accidentally erased Aeroblast by continuously pressing A whilst training
I'ld like to keep fly for in-game use.

Umbreon (Bite, Hyper Beam, Cut, Moonlight)
This isn't really for link battling, it was my second level 100 I used for training pokemon.

Alakazam (Thunderpunch, Psychic, Flash, Recover)
Flash is for in-game use, the rest is for beating the E4. I may try getting a HM slave, deleting Flash and replacing it.
I'd prefer thunderpunch since my opponents like the legendary birds.

Feraligatr (Earthquake, Surf, Slash, Blizzard)
No comment, any ideas? It's already level 100, so using TMs to teach moves would be easier.

Mewtwo (Psychic, Blizzard, Double Team, Rest)
Well, I would've prefered Recover but when my brother traded for it someone had replaced it with metronome.

Tyrantitar (Crunch, Rock Slide, Hyper Beam, Earthquake)
Crunch for psychic-types, rock-slide may help against legendary birds...

Smeargle (Spore, Mean Look, Lock-on, Horn Drill)
Spore opponent, mean look, lock-on then horn drill, basically.

Umbreon (Toxic, Snore, Mean Look, Rest)
Don't think snore's a good idea, doesn't do much damage.

Ho-oh (Fire Blast, Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Recover)
I think this is a standard...

Raikou (Spark, Thunder, Crunch, Rain Dance)
Crunch for psychics again...

Wobbuffet (Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, Destiny Bond)
No choice in moves here.

Snorlax (Body Slam, Curse, Rest, Earthquake)
No access to RBY, remember...

Typhlosion (Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Thunderpunch, Swift)
My starter, hasn't been out of the PC BOX for a long time.

Gyarados (red one) (Strength, Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool)
HM slave...

Scizor (Slash, Agility, Double Team, Baton Pass)
Basically Baton pass an agility and double teams to someone, maybe Smeargle.

Some ideas I already had
A Misdreavus? I bred one with Psywave, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond and Mean Look. Need idea for moveset.

Another Eeveelution? I've got a level 5 Eevee.

Aerodactyl? I also bred one from 'AEROY'. Maybe it can help with the legendary birds (my brother uses Lugia/Ho-oh already and will probably use one of the first 3 when my cousin comes)

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posted 01-04-2002 07:12 PM      Profile for Dark_Herakurosu   Author's Homepage   Email Dark_Herakurosu   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Dragonite - Keep Return & Surf, ditch Fire Punch for Flamethrower, that's about all he needs, so just put any attacking move in the last slot.

Mew - Softboiled, Psychic, Shadowball, T-Wave.

Lugia - Use Surf instead of Hydro Pump. And the Move Rememberer in Stadium 2 will let you replace Aeroblast.

Umbreon - Scrap this whole set. Toxic, Mean Look, Baton Pass, Curse @Leftovers. Best set possible.

Alakazam - If your friends like using the legendary birds, why don't you use a rock-type? Anyway, Reflect, Encore, & T-Wave are all good choices. But if you expect to be fighting the birds, Ice Beam is the way to go. Since flying-types are weak to Ice, & because of its ability to freeze occasionally, it will come in handy.

Feraligatr - Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Return is the standard.

Mewtwo - He doesn't need Recover, the main strategy for facing 00bers is status changes, Rest takes care of that. Flamethrower would be best, for all the psychic-resistant steels.

T-tar - Screech might work well, considering your friends use of legendaries, they may not care about stat-altering moves.

Smeargle - Good, but if its for link battles, you don't need Mean Look. You can put all their pokemon to sleep! Anyway, if you decide to drop Mean Look, use Fissure; this can't even touch a ghost.

Umbreon - Try Baton Pass. That way you can hurt them with Toxic & good attacks.

Houou - Yep, standard. Against another Fire, it can't do anything.

Raikou - Roar, T-Bolt, Reflect, Crunch. Nuff said.

Wobby - How about Destiny Bond, Safeguard, Mirror Coat, Counter? That's the best set I've seen; much better than yours.

Snorlax - Fine how it is. Don't change a thing.

Typhlosion - HP-Water instead of Swift. Earthquake instead of Fire Blast. Or you could use an Endure/Reversal combo.

Gyarados - Yep, HM slaves are useful.

Scizor - Maybe HP-Bug over Slash?

Misdreavus - Most Missy sets are Mean Look, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, Protect. Works like a charm.

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posted 01-04-2002 08:53 PM      Profile for articuno255        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Question: What if they switch out after Lock-on? Does it still work?
And could someone tell me what they think I need to add next, eg Heal Beller (my brother copied my Toxic-trapping Umbreon, Hazer (I think my brother's copying my Snorlax after he saw it), or Misdreavus? (something he won't know how to deal with)

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posted 01-10-2002 09:01 PM      Profile for Duolivous   Author's Homepage   Email Duolivous   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Feraligatr@Scope Lens

I sweeped four guys today with this as my only Pokemon left. I personally use Surf just in case I need it. It comes in really handy if they Psych Up the Curses. Any of the attacks work great with this.

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