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Author Topic: I have -10 points on Ladderbot.
Jolteon X
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posted 12-31-2001 09:11 PM      Profile for Jolteon X   Email Jolteon X   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
...So, help me.

Tauros M @ Scope Lens
-Double Edge
-Fire Blast
[Designed to take out common starters. Might want to switch to something with more SpcAtk, and/or Speed. Maybe switch for a Fish Tauros?]

Kingdra M @ Mint Berry
-Double Team
-Dragon Breath
-Ice Beam
[I tried a Toxicpool Kingdra, but it sucked. This one is off the top of my head, surely there are better sets out there? Ice Beam is for Skarms trying to WW my ass.]

Raikou -- @ Leftovers
-HP Water
[Is this the standard set?]

Machamp M @ Scope Lens
-Cross Chop
-Rock Slide
-Light Screen
[Maybe Fire Blast over light screen, but is his SpcAtk good enough to warrant it?]

Blissey F @ Leftovers
-Ice Beam
-Heal Bell
-Defense Curl
[Can't find a viable reason to use Blissey over the stronger Miltank. Probably gonna switch back to:]

Miltank F @ Leftovers
-Psych Up
-Milk Drink
-Heal Bell
-Body Slam
[The reason I switched it for Blissey was because this always seemed to fight to a draw with whatever it Psyched up, and lose struggling. Any suggestions?]

Vaporeon M @ Leftovers
-Ice Beam
-HP Electric
[I was at a loss for a 4th move, and someone on #Pokebattle suggested HP Electric for god knows what reason. Either way, I dont like Vap that much as far as a Hazer. Suggestions?]

OK, rate away.

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Pokemaniac Will
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posted 12-31-2001 09:35 PM      Profile for Pokemaniac Will   Email Pokemaniac Will   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I'm in such a good mood, since I just got a 5-0 victory on mIRC, that I'll help you out!

Tauros: Most people will use a OHKO Clause against a FishTauros. This is good. Just use Flamethrower instead of FB.

Kingdra: Aiya! Of course you don't have a good record, you have 2 Water types and no Fire! Lose him for a Fire type. I suggest..

Flamethrower, Return, Safeguard, Mimic @Miracleberry

Make this your starter. Mimic + Safeguard is good. Take this sitation...

Arcanine used Safeguard!
Smeargle used Spore!
But it failed!
Arcanine used Mimic!
Arcanine learned Spore!

This happened once. Also good are...

Moltres (Flamethrower, HP-Grass, Reflect, Whirlwind)
Entei (Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Return, Sunny Day)
Typlhosion (You know)
Charizard (Same as Moltres')

Miltank: Earthquake over PSych Up for the types Miltank is offsenvively weak against. You should also put Return over Body Slam for the extra 00mph.

Raikou: Good. You might want Roar in there.

Machamp: Go for Counter over ROck Slide. Otherwise good.

Vaporeon: If you want to lose it you can use as a Hazer...Octillery ::Runs like the wind::

[ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: Pokemaniac Will ]

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From: Somewhere in Kanto | Registered: Nov 2001  |  IP: Logged
Bob the Builder
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posted 01-01-2002 12:24 AM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Tauros: Leave it alone. FB is needed due to Tauros' crap Special Attack *needs to check if his FB can OHKO Scizor/Forry*

Kingdra: Surf will do more to a Skarm than Ice Beam, so go with it.

Raikou: Boo. HP on a non-breedable. Maybe Return over the HP for fugly Blissey.

Machamp: I'd leave it alone.

Blissey: Uh... maybe Light Screen over Defense Curl.

Miltank: If you're not doing well with Miltank, perhaps a Pymptank (Attract over Psych Up) would work better. It would certainly help your little male Attracting Jolteon problem...

Vaporeon: I like it. Electric Power is for other Waters, BTW.

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Turbo X
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posted 01-01-2002 02:15 AM      Profile for Turbo X     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Rundown of team:
2 Normals
2 Waters, 1 Half Dragon
1 Electric
1 Fighting

Is the problem that you don't have enough variety on the team? I'd throw on a Grass-type, or at least some kind of stat changer. The only move I see that messes with the enemy is Dragonbreath, and no T-Wave at all. How about a Double-powder Eggy? I see HB on Miltank/Blissey, but what is your use for it? Only Kingdra had Rest, and it's even Minty Rest at that. But using 2 Normals isn't unusual since they are neutral to almost everything. I don't see 2 Waters working together though, unless they have 2 completely different purposes. Maybe you could fit an Eggy in there? Double-powder, Psychic, and Explosion. Maybe you could put D-Edge over Stun Spore and throw Leftovers on then? Just throwing around some ideas for ya, so don't kill me.

GSC is foreign grounds to me though. It was hard to write this without including 2 of my fav. pokes: Jynx and Lapras. So as you can see, yes, Ice is my favorite type to use. Nothing like freezing a fully-powered Curselax in GSC or a fully-Amnesiad Mewtwo in RBY using my "lowly" Lapras!!

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