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Author Topic: Two for the price of one... (don't hurt me - RMT's)
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posted 12-30-2001 11:33 PM      Profile for CHaRiZaRd   Author's Homepage   Email CHaRiZaRd   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yeeaaah.... I'm plain horrible at GSC, and am a bit interested at getting better, so, uh... help. Two teams, so bear with me, I'm a bit indecisive:

Forretress: Spikes, Toxic, Double-Edge, Boom. @ Pink Bow... Toxic... you'll see.

Exeggutor: Psychic, Sleep, Leech, Boom @ Leftovers. Should I go with Synthesis/Moonlight over Boom? He basically just pops in to do some status infliction, leech seed, piss people off and make 'em switch, and then go away. Thoughts?

Zapdos: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Drill Peck, Whirlwind @ Leftovers. u liek i made it mysefl =)

Lapras: Confuse Ray, Attract, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt. @ Leftovers... 'Tis a girl... maybe a boy actually... heal bellers piss me off. I'm a little iffy on T-bolt, should I change it?

Blissey: Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Heal Bell, Softboiled. @ Leftovers

Last one... not sure, either Snorlax or Wigglytuff.

Lax: Curse, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Self-Boom. @ Leftovers

Wiggly: Curse, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Rest @ Leftovers.

Which one should I use?

Next team:

Umbreon: Charm/Substitute/DT, BP, Moon Light, Mean Look. @ Leftovers. Yeah, standard, so... no care. I liek. Probably Charm, yes-no?

Moltres: Flamethrower, Wing Attack, Whirlwind, Sunny Day/HP-Grass. @ Leftovers

Snorlax: One of two move sets here... 1. Curse, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Selfdestruct... or 2. Fire Blast, Counter, Selfdestruct, Double-Edge. Leftovers on both. Eh?

Lapras: ...after the Umbreon passes the Mean Look, hopefully I can Perish Song, Protect, perhaps Confuse Ray 'em, and Ice Beam on occasion? Leftovers would help, too.

Tyranitar: Crunch, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Rock Slide @ Scope Lens/Leftovers? Which one?

I dunno about the last guy. I need electric resistance, from what is shown... but I also need some more electric attacking... Raikou? Exeggutor?

I realize this whole thing is kind of a mess, but I really need some help deciding what to use.

Wow... too many fighting weaknesses... help meh.

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posted 12-30-2001 11:48 PM      Profile for Biffster     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Eggy: Use Explosion because his special defense is just bad.

Lapras: Make it a girl, it will have more overall use.

Blissey: Good, but I think you just goofed and put "Milk Drink" instead of "Softboiled".

Lax or Wiggly?

Uh... posting two teams is cheating, so I'm just going to rate one.

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posted 12-31-2001 02:00 AM      Profile for CHaRiZaRd   Author's Homepage   Email CHaRiZaRd   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thank you, sir.

Yeah, I goofed, and I'll edit it.


More, please, and the reason I posted two teams is to ask which of the two would you think is more effective. That is all. Suggestions are needed, as well.

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posted 12-31-2001 11:45 AM      Profile for Pokemaniac Will   Email Pokemaniac Will   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Forrtress: Be careful, Fire starters.

Exeggutor: Overused but good.

Zapdos: Le standard. ::Whack:: I'm Zapdos-Intolerant.

Lapras: T-Bolt is ok, but with lack of STAB and only average Spc Atk it's not worth it. I like the Thunder Dancer set on my Lapras. Rain Dance, Surf, Thunder, Confuse Ray @Leftovers. Down iwth HBers.

Blissey: Go for something over T-Bolt, because with 248 Spc Atk it's not really worth it. Maybe Minimize?

Go for Wiggly, you have a Lax on your next team. Lax is waaaaaay too overused, anyway. That set is ok, but it won't work too well since when you rest Spc Atkers can pounce on Wiggly's horrible Spc Def. So use Double Team, Rest, Return, T-Wave/Flamethrower @Minty or something like that. Flamethrower is for Skarmory and should stay.

Anyways, Team 2...

Umbreon: If you're gonna BP go for Sub or DT, because Charm ain't that good.

Moltres: A MOLTRES! FINALLY SOMEONE USES MY FAVORITE FIRE TYPE! I just replaced Charizard with Moltres on my team, and I was hoping to help others, and now someone FINALLY uses it! I just say go for Reflect over Wing Attack and go for HP-Grass.

Snorlax: Too overused, you're evil.

Lapras: Cheap. Very cheap. Most teams only have 1 Roarer so you can't really Roar the thing away. Anyway this is fine, but people won't like you anymore.

Tyranitar: Standard. Go for Leftovers, it's on just about everything else.

In the last spot I say "Go for a Celebi." It's not bad, having solid stats and a good moveset, and also provides Electric resistance.

Psychic, HP-Grass/Ancientpower, Heal Bell, Recover

[ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: Pokemaniac Will ]

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posted 12-31-2001 02:03 PM      Profile for CHaRiZaRd   Author's Homepage   Email CHaRiZaRd   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thanks for the help. On the first team, I wanted to drop Lappy's T-bolt for something... I wasn't sure, though. I want to keep the rest of the move set as it is, it annoys the hell out of people, and it causes them to switch, which fits the theme of the team nicely. For T-bolt, I've been thinking a few things:

-Horn Drill (Not based on speed anymore... so I can try)
-Double Team (Just a thought)
-Toxic (Can help)
-Sing (Now I'm just desparate)

Any other thoughts? I'm leaning toward DT, mainly because OHKO's are banned in the match I'm using her for.

As for Forry, I am aware of the fire users, I've been using Fugly long enough.


Zappy... what can I say... Nothing. He stays. He's helped me too many times. I am evil, sorry.

Lappy no. 2: =) I liek it the way it is.

I know Blissey's special attack is rather low, but I just was going for a surprising type Blissey here. Fire Blast can harm steel, bug, and grass, while occasionally burning a big attacker, if I'm lucky. T-bolt is there for water types like Starmie, who have slightly low special defense. I'd put Ice Beam... but I don't feel like it. =(

I know Lax is overused, and I like Wiggly a lot, but Lax is obviously more stable of a Pokemon. Hm... I'm gonna go with Wiggly anyway. Hm... his special defense I know is pretty low, that's why I was cautious about putting Rest on him. Dunno... Maybe T-wave... I'll try Rest for a little bit and see how it works. Thanks

The thing with Charm, I was aiming at trapping, lowering the attack of Pokemon with a normally high attack stat, like Tauros for example, and then sending in Moltres or Lapras or Eggy to deal some damage without fear. I actually want Substitute, but it goes away too easily. Probably DT, if no Charm.

I actually would want to go with Celebi, but unfortunately, Lugia/Ho-oh/Celebi/Mew/Mewtwo are all banned. The only one of which I'd actually consider using would be Celebi, at least for this team. =( I'll go with Raikou, he'd serve a larger role. Electric resistance and attacking.

Now, which team do you guys think is overall better? I think highly of both, and they're both effective in different ways, but which should I use?

Thanks again.

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