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Author Topic: i *heart* Bowser (RMT)
warcraft 3
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posted 12-28-2001 01:36 AM      Profile for EspeonNidoking   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
well i got SSB:M and i must say, Bowser's my team for gameboy...


Nidoking (Mint Berry)
-Ice Beam

*The thing is, nobody expected this on GSbot...i 5-0'd Nitro with the combination of this nidoking along with a Machamp...what started out as an idea Nidoking, is actually doing a great job on my i decided to keep this over Counter Nidoking....since everyone expects counter on Nidoking these days anyways...i do have a level 100 countering nidoking in my box...but if the world tourny for GSC comes around...this is the pokemon i'm starting...

Politoed (Miracleberry)
-Ice Beam

*for all that rated my team during the summer, you'll remember Politoed....I decided to keep Earthquake, because most Jolteons i see out here start off with agility to get the Jolt/Wak off....because they think i'll switch to a ground type while they have the agility off...i earthquake and can cripple Jolteon a bit....then it's a risk...i can either haze...assuming Wak is coming, or i can Surf....Hazers are kinda "out-of-style"...but i've annoyed many Snorlax trainers with Politoed....

Jolteon (Leftovers) ***FEMALE***
-Thunder Wave

*All that rated my summer team know her well too....i've had this actual Jolteon since i first got Pokemon blue like 3 years ago basically this was my first eevee...EVER ...i trade it to Gold and it's female...with some help, over time i got this moveset...and used it ever's my Curselax counter if Machamp is not available....i've beat IMAP with it, and plan on keepin her....if there's a tourny for GSC someday...i plan on using this pokemon quite a bit...

Machamp Quick Claw
-Rock Slide
-Cross Chop
-Fire Blast

*This pokemon is designed to take out's why i replaced Cloyster with him....i raised this pokemon in late August, and got it to level 100...i'm glad i did...This is probably the pokemon that keeps my team safe from the powerful Miltank and Curselax (OTHER THAN JOLTEON)'s also my safest Blissey Counter....i have Nidoking too...but if Nidoking is down, Blissey will own me...badly...especially with all the elemental attacks here....

Arcanine Black Glasses ***FEMALE***
-Fire Blast
-Sunny Day

*Atma helped me with this moveset a while ago....about a month and a half ago, i got her to level 100....i was kinda worried at first that she was female...knowing her attack would be lower....but then i realized it's perfect for Miltank...i can set up Sunny Day, without worrying about being attracted and Body Slammed away....basically, i noted that Sunny Day + Fire Blast on Arcanine does about 54% damage to a think this pokemon should come in handy....this is probably the reason Skarmory is not a problem for me...and Marowaks without any Agilities can take enough damage to be finished off by another pokemon...

Espeon (Scope Lens)
-Morning Sun

*I listened to you guys back in the summer and didn't go charm...i kept you can see, i have a lot of physical weaknesses (specifically: ground) on my team...Reflect can help Arcanine set up sunny day without getting owned badly by grounds...and Reflect can also let me survive one or two curses from a Snorlax...Espeon is basically my favorite Pokemon...and like the others on my team...that's why i use him...i just use my favorites...

well, this is the "newer, more improved" version of "THE WARRIORS" i posted in the summer...i guess i recently got them to level 100, and after training for a few months, i chose the team i wanted...i had a lot of testing on GSbot and Stadium 2...and this is what i have....

any help/comments would be appreciated...thanks

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posted 12-28-2001 03:18 AM      Profile for Dark_Herakurosu   Author's Homepage   Email Dark_Herakurosu   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I'm going to rate, but only so I can say this:

Bowser sux0rz. All hail Ganondorf.

Nidoking - Replace either T-Bolt or Ice Beam for Flamethrower. (Preferably Ice Beam; T-Bolt's tendency to Pz will come in handy)

Politoed - If I were that annoying Will guy, I would say "I can't rate this, its too weak and underused!" But I'm not. Good. What more can I say?

Jolteon - The type just adds to the Ground weakness, so I recommend a Heal Beller or a pseudohazer.

Machamp - Standard.

Arcanine - Extremespeed won't do much damage even its male. I think I saw somewhere that an Arcanine's Extremespeed only has a small chance of OHKOing a Weedle. It definitely won't do much to a Golem. Besides that, good!

Espeon - Standard. But I like the FirEspeon set better.

Overall, your team is- Bowser sux0rz. All hail Ganondorf. All your base is belong to me.

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posted 12-28-2001 12:30 PM      Profile for Pokemaniac Will   Email Pokemaniac Will   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Dark_Herakurosu:
Politoed - If I were that annoying Will guy, I would say "I can't rate this, its too weak and underused!" But I'm not. Good. What more can I say?

HEY! I resent that! I USE Politoed as the Water type of my team, and BECAUSE it's underused you idiot.

Nidoking: I suggest putting Flamethrower in, like the idiot there said, but over T-Bolt. If you don't have Ice Beam Gligar would have this Nidoking for lunch...

Politoed: I use this same set on mine but I have Counter in there since it's nice to be able to Counter Machamp. I suggest you throw it in over Ice Beam since Earthquake works well with your strategy. Oh and HAZERS RULE!

Jolteon: Almost standard. That's a good story, very touching. Like that session on Cowboy Bebop...

Machamp: I suggest putting something over Fire Blast, since with 228 Spc Atk it won't work very well...maybe Light Screen. I'd say MintyRest but there's an item clause...

Arcanine: Good. You might want something over Crunch, since when you think about it Crunch won't take any immediate weaknesses and even with SE won't do that much more than a Flamethrower. Maybe Curse to boost Extremespeed or something. If you want to keep Crunch I suggest putting Body Slam over Extremespeed. It's a little stronger and you get Paralysis 1/3 of the time so you still go first.

Espeon: Unless you're using Bite for the Flinching thing you should put something stronger instead. Maybe HP-Water for T-Tar or something, I don't know, I'm more of the Sunneon guy.

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posted 12-28-2001 06:20 PM      Profile for Bowser   Email Bowser   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
When I saw this I was like "omfgz wtf?" but than I read the topic. lol. Anyways, you must all hail MR. GAME & WATCH! Everyone else is teh sux0rz


Nidoking: Good.
Politoed: Yep, just as I remember it.
Jolteon: This is good, but as D_H said, it adds to the ground weakness. Besides, having no Heal Bell is somewhat suicidal =/
Machamp: Yeah.
Arcanine: Bah, I'd rather Safegaurd or Curse over Crunch, but meh.
Espeon: HP Water/Fire would be better over Bite, because you have Crunch on Arcy anyways.

Remember, when Politoed dies, you have no form of hazing, pseudo or otherwise. I'd reccomend one. Also, you need a Heal Beller. If the oppt. finds out you don't have one, they'll have a field day with status effects =/

[ 12-28-2001: Message edited by: Bowser ]

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posted 12-28-2001 06:31 PM      Profile for Totoro   Email Totoro   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
first thing is first. all i can say is, this is nice, and quite similar to my gameboy team.

however we both use very different strategies. i try to outlast an opponent by more regeneration moves than attacking moves. the longer the battle drags on, the better for me. however you use the most damage in the smallest ammount of time. which is incredible. arcanine, if you're right, it can kill a golem, rhydon, and donphan...(not sure about him) get them once on the switch and kill them.

Great minds think alike i must say, that nidoking is the same set i use i believe. its good versatile, i was thinking of giving him thunder instead of thunderbolt, its a stronger hit, and nidoking's decent spec attack will not be decent when some bum has been hit with thunder...its not the best in accurasy however.

this is a sweet politoed. quite different from mine, which is a countering one, but this will work, its also versatile and can hit many things. but haze is sort of questionable, what if you haze a cursing snorlax, you'll still possibly get hit by a return/bodyslam/double edge and that will hurt like a bitch. you have no way of recovering that hp. so maybe haze, then deal as much damage as possible, die off then someone can take him out after. but its good, i like it.

man, i used to use this on the bots. sometimes i would 6-0 people with just this. until people got wise and started using grounds...marowak and the like. its good, sometimes it can screw you over if you are unlucky but not usually. a move you can put over substitute can be bite or something but i wouldn't.

nice! a cleaner machamp, all out attack. beautiful, it actually brings a tear to my eye. this thing will take out at least 2 before it goes down

K9, its a good set to finish up what machamp started. i say give it a pink bow, just to boost up the attack power. to be female, it has to have a dv of 1 so more help the better i would say, crunch is good on him, nice spec attack and good base damage. sunny day and fireblast is amazing, not as strong as moltres, but it will sure as hell leave a mark.

heh, this espeon rocks aswell, not many things will be happy after a crit hit psychic. the only questionable move here may be bite. k9 already has crunch, bite is a bit weak i find. why not try something like zap cannon? huge special attack will make it hurt, not to mention crit hit... or if you wanna be even more risky, you can try mimic. just imagine mimiking something like double team, fireblast,ice beam, thunderbolt, horn drill/fissure/guillotine or even crunch. im not too sure

well all in all, i love the idea of versatility. so you don't have to switch alot during matches. just attack with whatever move you have die off, and someone finishes the opponent and their pokes to come.

its an excellent team EN

l8r bro

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warcraft 3
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posted 12-28-2001 09:02 PM      Profile for EspeonNidoking   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
thanks for your help guys, hopefully i'll post my new updated team sometime before spring....

thanks Totoro that helped a lot

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posted 12-29-2001 08:09 AM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Nidoking: As everybody else said, flamethrower somewhere.

Politoed: Good.

Jolteon: Yes, we've all seen this before. Celebi would probably be good here. I think it was T-ghost who posted the AP, Psych, recover, BP set here, and I like that one. You could just have a standard heal bell Celebi too.

Machamp: If it's purpose is to take out Blissey, I recommend blackbelt. Also, I like encore over fire blast, but I believe rock slide is illegal with encore. HP rock could still get the job done, or counter.

Arcanine: If you want sunny day, I recommend reflect or safeguard over crunch.

Espeon: If you badly need the defense passed, keep reflect, although I'd probably make Arcanine my reflect passer. I use psychic, charm, attract, moonlight, with leftovers. I must say that it's worked well for me and that thing is evil against physical attackers.

Overall: Pretty weak defensively, so somebody should have reflect. I recommend Arcanine. I kinda like the idea of not having to set up much, giving you more time to pound away. Looks ok though.

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