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Author Topic: Heal Beller
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posted 11-27-2001 05:36 AM      Profile for articuno255        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Since people commented that Smeargle was too frail to be a Heal Beller, I am looking for movesets for one. (my brother is learning the value of status effects, such as using swagger on umbreon etc.)

My opponents will be the type that like to use legendary birds, so which pokemon would be best? Blissey? (again, it could try stalling to waste their PP on lww-PP moves)

If I remember correctly, you have to train Miltank so it learns Heal Bell, find a wild male Smeargle, use Heal Bell, catch it, breed with female chansey, hatch egg, then train chansey. And would it be a good idea to use sandstorm/leftovers? My opponents don't use item clause and my brother once accidentally traded me a leftovers.

(raises shield)

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posted 11-28-2001 05:00 PM      Profile for Sean A.   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Smeargle can't breed with Blissey but it can breed with Granbull. That's the missing link. Anyway, if your opponent is one of those Legendary users, be cheap with Present Blissey. You can sketch that with Smeargle and also send it throught Granbull. Otherwise I hope you have Crystal:

Heal Bell
Icebeam/Flamethrower/Present/Lightscreen (Pick 2)


Heal Bell

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posted 12-03-2001 04:08 PM      Profile for Pokemaniac Will   Email Pokemaniac Will   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I'd prefer not to use Blissey as a Heal Beller because I love the convience of a T-Waving Blissey, although others like the staying power with Heal Bell. Anyway, I'd suggest...

Curse, Return, Heal Bell, Softboiled @Leftovers.

Body Slam, Earthquake, Milk Drink, Heal Bell @Miracleberry.

Psychic, HP-Grass*, Recover, Heal Bell @Miracleberry.

*I usually use that because I NEVER, EVER use Giga Drain and never will. Some argue you restore HP but it's very few since it's half the damage done and Giga Drain won't usually do much damage. Celebi can't learn Razor Leaf, a Sunny Day set won't be wise with Celebi, and plus you got Recover for the HP loss, and with a base of 105 with max power HP (If you can get it) and STAB, it's not too bad. But that's just me, some people are just in love with Giga Drain.

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