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Author Topic: Lark's team, need help so I can beat a few cocky kids
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posted 11-18-2001 08:40 AM      Profile for Lark84     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Maybe some of you know that I've been attending unofficial tourneys (I live in Sweden, the tourneys are held there, now I don't want to see any questions about the tourneys in this thread, thanks) and I've won 'em four times in a row -except yesterday. I've had the same team all the time, and the n00b's there now has copied me to 100%. So, I got my ass kicked big time by this little kid, and now I just wanna beat him down hard and crush his team, him and a few others who laughed at me >:> *psycho laugh* MWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA!*

The rules are: Six L30 pokémon, choose three to battle with. Battles are held in Stadium. No items.

Here's my team I'm planning to use:

*Electrode -T-wave, T-bolt, Explosion, HP Water

*Rhydon (through RBY in-game trading) -E-quake, R-slide, Substitute, Rest

*Alakazam -Recover, Psychic, Barrier, T-wave

*Machamp (I used a curselax, the kids copied me, now I'll pay back! MWAHAHAAAA!) -Focues Energy, Cross Chop, Rock Slide, ? (Swagger perhaps?)

*Jynx (I can't get Lovely Kiss on her, at least not when breeding for the PS/ML combo) -I-beam, Mean Look, Perish Song, Psychic

*Snorlax (My good 'ol Curselax) -Curse, E-quake, Rest, Double Edge

I fear I might have too many psychics, after all, there are Dark Types around, and I have no clue about what counters Dark-types (I think it's Fire...). I'm also worried about Steel-types. I'm thinking about switching Jynx or Kazam for a fire-type, possibly Arcanine.

Input and suggestions are welcome.

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posted 11-18-2001 12:09 PM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Electrode: I'm using screech over T-wave and it's worked well.

Rhydon: Might want to drop it for marowak. Then, drop 1 of your psychics for an agility passing Jolteon or scizor.

Alakazam: Looks ok, although you could put encore over t-wave for the stat boosters.

Machamp: A nice counter for cursers, IMO, is a clefable with encore, psych up, return, and moonlight. If not, try earthquake or encore in the last slot.

Jynx: If it can't get lovely kiss, try protect and reflect in the 2 non-perish-trapping slots. you could also use Lovely kiss, dream eater, mean look, ice beam for a decent special sweeper.

Snorlax: standard. I've seen one with sleep talk over earthquake. If the people you battle don't use ghosts, try it.

Overall: Fighting kills darks and steels, so if you drop Champ for clefable, consider Arcanine over Jynx and use the curse + extremespeed combo. Good luck.

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posted 11-23-2001 01:36 PM      Profile for Mewone     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Ditch sleep clause and get:

@Mint Berry
-Lovely Kiss
-Mean Look

Cheap sometimes...but it works. ^_^

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