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Author Topic: Pudding, Secksey Chocolate Flavor
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posted 09-26-2001 04:56 PM      Profile for Bowser   Email Bowser   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Shine! (Sandslash)-Leftovers
HP Bug

Great Starter. Immune to T-Wave/T-Bolt, no physical weaknesses, kills Eggy and Starmie with a SDed HP Bug. Yum.

EiChiWowWow (Raichu)-Miracle Berry/???

Paralizer. He's there to annoy. Hopefully Reflect will give me some protection. Takes some time to set up, but T-Wave, and a couple of well-placed T-Bolts takes out Cursia.

YouSirAraFat (Porygon2)-PRZ Cure Berry

Paralizer Numero two. Psychic utilizes that secksey Spec. Attk. which also covers his Fighting Weakness. D-Edge is for Attacking physically. Recover is to get more seckshoel energy back.

FutherMucker (Jumpluff)-Leftovers
Stun Spore
Sleep Powder
Leech Seed

Mwahahahaha. Paralizer. I'm sure you all know what this futhermucker can do.

BlackMail (Umbreon)-Leftovers
Body Slam
Baton Pass

Used to pass Curse to my cleaner. He can probably Paralize a poke (if there are any left to paralize) and can come back out if needed.

PopcornChicken (Moltres)-Mystery Berry
Sunny Day
Fire Blast
Wing Attack

With Curse, Wing Attack becomes viable on Moltres. There's not much to Moltres, just kick ass.


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posted 09-26-2001 08:06 PM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Ize a wikn' disch teahm awolt, but ya's gots ta watch on out fer tyranitahr, 'specially one o' dese:

Thunder Bolt
Ize beam
Rock Swide

seriously tho, the team looks good, but you do need something to counter a T-tar or Marowak, becase I dont see ONE water or ice attack on there, excet on raichu, who I'm pretty damn sure will be eaten alive, especially to a Marowak wth agility passed to it, and a Dragonite can fly free, being that no ice attacks are there.

other than tha, it loks good, but my main concern is still T-tar, seeing as it could bring down that Chicken, and most of your other pokes if it had the above set.

Anywho, good job, i would suggest replacing Slash with 'wak, but since your trying for underused, I cant make many more suggestions

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posted 09-27-2001 07:41 AM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I would suggest replacing slash with wak

I wouldn't.
1. Marowak would get eaten alive by many starters.
2. sandslash is cool, wak isn't.

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posted 09-27-2001 09:35 AM      Profile for LanderZRPG   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Of Course, your Sandslash cannot touch a Zapdos, especially if it has Reflect.

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