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Author Topic: Beware duck? Underused #126: Magmar
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posted 09-22-2001 12:52 AM      Profile for PowerAngelic     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
All right...let's start with the stats:

HP: 333 (Average)
Attack: 288 (Above average)
Defense: 212 (Poor)
Speed: 284 (Above Average)
Special: 298 (Above Average)
Special Defense: 268 (Average)

Well, it's definitely more of an attacker, eh? This poor soul could definitely
use some Defense passed to it, otherwise it won't last very long. Its main
focus should be to inflict as much damage as possible before it faints
(which is practically inevitable with a 212 defense stat).

The weaknesses:
Water - 2x
Ground - 2x
Rock - 2x

Most of the damage Magmar gets will be from Ground type attacks.

The resistances:
Fire - 2x
Ice - 2x
Grass - 2x
Steel - 2x
Bug - 2x

It'll mostly be switching into Special Attacks, so that's a good thing.

The Movesets:

All-purpose Mixed Sweeping and Status Changing Magmar
@ Leftovers
Flamethrower (STAB)
Cross Chop (Curselax, switched-in rock types) or Screech
Body Slam (Paralysis, psychic types) or Screech
Confuse Ray (So he doesn't get hit as much. :P)

This is the set I'm currently using, and it has had much success. Pass a
Reflect to it, and it can do damage. If you expect a switch to a water
type, use Confuse Ray, then switch out (unless you've got some
Amnesia under your belt). Screech can be bred onto Magmar for
more confusion damage.

The 'I Don't Wanna Die' Barrier, Special-using Magmar
@ Leftovers
Flamethrower (No luck for me = No FB)
Barrier (can it learn both this and Screech?)
Confuse Ray

Special-based version of the previous, with Barrier for some staying
power and T-punch to deal with waters. Attact can be subbed for
T-punch for extra annoyance and forced switching.

Not as powerful Moltres, Flareon and Entei, but with its versatility
and ability to use Confuse Ray and Cross Chop, Magmar makes
for an interesting and useful addition to a team. Watch out for
physical attackers and this thing should be able to take out a
couple of opposing Pokemon.

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posted 09-22-2001 03:05 AM      Profile for Tyranitar 101        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I would certainly use the
Fire blast
confuse ray/attract

Just for annoying people who always expect to see moltres, Magmar is a damn fine choice

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posted 09-22-2001 08:17 AM      Profile for PikachuThunder        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Barrier (can it learn both this and Screech?)

Yes. Barrier can be bred to Elekid, who evolves into Electabuzz, who learns Screech naturally, and is in the same breeding group as Magmar.

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