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Author Topic: [Attention] This is an RMT post. All raters report

posted 09-11-2001 05:37 PM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Cloyster @ Pink/ Polkadot Bow (which ever offers more power, i forgot )

Spikes, Fire Hp, Explosion, Ice beam

Yes, Surf might be better than Fire HP, but just incase any Skarmories appear, I'd Like to do a little damage with a 70 fire HP. Explosion for High Damage, Ice Beam for STAB, and Spikes, cause they're coolios ^_^

Jumpluff @Leftovers
Encore, Cotton Spore/ Stun Spore, Attract, Grass HP

His main, and almost sole purpose, is to force switches. Encore, Stun Spore/Cotton Spore, and Attract will make for a very annoying combo, which will most likely make some one try to switch, thus resulting in getting hurt by the Spikes . o(>o< )-o. I am not sure whether to use Stun Spore, or Cotton Spore, Stun is good for paralyzation, but I can lower the speed even more ludicrisly with Cotton, and since people might not want to switch in for fear of paralyzation, I am leading more towards Cotton, but Im still not sure. Grass HP over giga drain solely for more PP.

Primape- Scope Lens/ Miracle Berry
Cross Chop, Counter, Protect, Psch-Up

I thought this set would screw over Curlaxes, Blissey's and Counterlaxes. Protect for counter, counter for countering pyshical attacks, and psych-up for Curse and Amnesia, etc.

Ninetales- Miracle/Mint Berry
Safegaurd, Spite, Fire Blast, Minty Rest/ Protect/Confuse Ray

This set sux, I know, dont bother to point that out. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! *cries*

Heracross- Mint Berry
Mega Horn, Rest, Sleep Talk, Earthquake

I havent seen amny teams with Hera so far, and this is a new moveset for him. i guess endure/reversal would be better, but this is fun!

Xatu- Cant think of one
Psychic, Drill Peck, Confuse Ray, WhirlWind/ Haze(if he can get both DP and Haze)

Well, there it is, Rate away, thank you in advance

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posted 09-11-2001 08:05 PM      Profile for Cesar   Email Cesar   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
On the last move on your Ninetales, put sunny day.

Fire Blast can't even OHKO Steelix without Sunny day in effect. After you use sunny day, Fire Blast could OHKO it. (Unless you happen to be really unlucky and it survives with 1 HP XD)

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posted 09-11-2001 08:20 PM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
A longer rate would have been nice,but thanx, ill not that.
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posted 09-12-2001 07:33 PM      Profile for JolteonG3   Author's Homepage   Email JolteonG3   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I guess Fire HP whas its merits, but then again, I don't have much experience in battle. I'd recommend using what works for you. (And by the way, Pink and Polkadot bow work exactly the same; they are both the same power.)

Go with Stun Spore, the chance of full paralysis combined with encore and attract makes it extremely useful in forcing switches. I'd recommend Giga Drain despite the low PP; Jumpluff doesn't have great survivability and even with all the moves prevnting Jumpluff from getting hit, he/she probably won't last long.

I don't see the purpose of Protect, how exactly does it help counter? In addition, Counter wastes one of his best stats, speed. I recommend using the Endure/Reversal combo, but that's just my opinion...use what you find works.

Safeguard and Spite have their merits, but since your team is focused aroung spikes and enducing switches, I'd recommend using a combination of Attract and Confusing. Its very annoying and takes minimal set-up. Ceasar's suggestion of Sunny Day is good as well, but it does end up harming Heracross, so be cautious.

Sleep Talk is questionable, as it might choose rest while Heracross is already asleep, but if you find it fun, go ahead and use it!

Xatu's a personal favorite of mine. I'd recommend Haze, as Xatu doesn't have the survivability to Whrilind (and I don't think it can learn it). Also, having Attract on it could be valuable (yes, I'm obsessed with Attract, sue me ).

Overall, a very good team. Adding Attract to Xatu and/or Ninetales would help spikes do more damage, but otherwise very good.

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posted 09-13-2001 03:10 AM      Profile for Silver_Persian   Email Silver_Persian   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Cloyster- HP fire eh??? hmmm...if skarmories do happen to come out to kill you, ice beam actually does more damage, watch the maths magic 8D

95 x 1.5 = 142.5 (1.5 = STAB, 95 is ice beams base power)

70 x 2 = 140 (2 = super effectiveness)

so hp is useless, go with the more conventional surf.

Jumpluff-Meh, going last isn't the end of the world, paralysis is more annyoying, I'd go with stun spore, but I'm and idiot 8D

Primeape-Hmmm...protect is good to have somewhere on your team for any predictable exploders (forry) and is always nice as a check for what move the opponent will be using.

Ninetals-I have >>confuse ray, attract, flamethrower, hp>>grass but Ive never actually tested it ;.;


Xatu-I don't think it can get whirlywind, te standard is sexxay.

All together, a solid underused team, however if you're using it against el cheapo standard teams (like mine) snoralx will give you trouble if primeape dais

hope I helped

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posted 09-14-2001 07:44 AM      Profile for Heracross20   Author's Homepage   Email Heracross20   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Cloyster: Just stick with surf, ice beam, spikes, explosion. It works.

Jumpluff: WHAT DID YOU DO TO PLUFF?!? jp. Pluff should have encore, sleep powder, stun spore, leech seed. That way, once u've soon the missy dee user that ur going to encore, instead of wasting pp, u put the sucker to sleep.

Primeape: Psych up? Kinda of a waste these days, not to many more dters or cursers running around because of the wide spread of psuedo hazers, not to mention suicune.

Ninetails: leftovers over miracle berry, confuse ray in the last slot, that way, u can watch them hurt themselves in their confusion. mwhahahahahahaha.

Heracross: This guy was actually pretty popular a few weeks ago, now he's died down again. He'll always be popular in my heart though. Anyways, the set works. 2HKO any ground type(with megahorn), which is greatness.

Xatu: Why not try haze if he can get it, that way, double teams won't cause a 5 turn try before whirlwind hits (some sarcasim).

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posted 09-14-2001 09:21 AM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thanx everybody, now lets cross our fingers and hope Cat-Gonk will rate!
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posted 09-15-2001 11:48 AM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
No, I'm not Cat-Gonk, but I'll rate anyway.

Cloyster: Only reason for HP fire is Forret. Watch out for electric starters.

Jumpluff: Leech seed in the last spot and use stun spore.

Primeape: Protect sux. Use rock HP or slide over it. Possibly rest over counter if it's not working too well.

Ninetales: Confuse ray in slot 4, and flamethrower over fire blast.

Heracross: Good. Just switch if they send in a flyer while you sleep.

Xatu: Have to use haze.

Overall: 3x rock, 3x flying. Good to see haze is coming back.

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posted 09-16-2001 07:43 PM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Like AECG is gonna waste his time on a shitty team like yours, idiot
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posted 09-17-2001 05:23 AM      Profile for Tyranitar 101        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Cloyster: Only use fire HP if you are SURE you will encounter many forretress's, and that means you are going against another spikes team

Jumpluff: Go with stun spore and Giga drain, Jumpluff has low survivability.

Primeape: Go with Rock slide over protect, though it's a good idea.

Ninetales: Not a great moveset, but if it works, go with sunny day tho.

Heracross: Ditch sleep talk for fighting HP or snore/Return

Xatu: Nice to see such a cool poke gewtting more use, he used to be so popular when Batonpassers were common.

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posted 09-17-2001 11:30 AM      Profile for Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
First of all, Shenlong19 can fuck himself sideways with a rather large garden vegetable. The reason why I haven't been rating teams here recently is because I have been rather bogged down with Uni.

Cloyster: I'd drop him altogether, or put in a Zapdos over Xatu. A set I've wanted to try for a while is Tbolt, Whirlwind, DT and Rest (probably with Mint Berry in case of emergency). You don't really need Curse due to the fact that nothing else will be hitting you all that hard physically (save for Marowak, but if you get Zapdos out first you can just keep Whirlwinding until you accidentally switch Marowak in).

What'll probably happen with that set is, your opponent will take the damage and then try for a Restbell with Miltank, but you should be able to see that coming from a mile away due to all the Pokes using Rest. That's when Jumpluff comes in.

Jumpluff: You want Stun Spore if you're after Speed dropping, no doubt about that, but personally I'd prefer Sleep Powder. It's one more thing you've got against Miltank. Maybe lose Attract for Stun Spore (people still play Sleep Clause, after all), I can't see Jumpluff remaining switched-in against anything for a decent period of time.

I'd probably give Primeape Screech over Protect. Use Psyche-Up first, then Screen.

Yeah, kill Ninetales. He's not exactly viable these days.

Heracross, eh, most people use Curse and Counter. I can't see that set working myself, he's not nearly stable enough.

Xatu only gets Haze, but he's not exactly viable these days either.

Lose Xatu and Ninetales, I'd make sure to have at least two good, solid Curse users these days (you need to get rid of the Miltank fast so your state changers can get to work), and probably an Alakazam with Psychic, Barrier, Thunder Wave and Recover just to make up for Xatu and give you some extra state changers/Curse protection.

- - - - -

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posted 09-17-2001 07:25 PM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thanx everybody, i really appreaciate this.


Oh and shenlong, why dont you post your team? lets see who's is shittier

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