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Author Topic: M4gIcK iZ iN t3h SkYz
I'm such a moron that I keep an axe behind me at all times.
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Scope Lens - Cursia - Curse, Return, Aeroblast, Rest

Ahh, Cursia. Used to take out the Hazer and starting bitcheons (Umbiepassers). I should be able to get two Curses, which would take out the Bitch, or promt the hazer to come out, and then allow me to use Aeroblast which would, with Scope Lens+Curse+Aeroblast CH Ratio=Dead Hazer

Leftovers - 00tachi of Death (Furret) - Curse, Amnesia, Double-Edge, Rest

Mwahahahaha! It is the 00tachi of Death. Come in it's path and you will get an 00tachi ass whippin!^^;; Anyways, 0oD works the same way as QuagSyrex. And I'm sure you all know how Quag works, right?

Bright Powder - Slowbro - Flash, T-Wave, Attract, Ice Beam

I love this girl She can be one annoying bitch. The enemy is going to have a hard time hitting me because he/she has to get through A. Bright Powder B. Flash C. Paralysis D. Infacutation. It'll be one h3lL of a task to get through all of that...and I'll just sit there kicking there ass with my Max PPuped Ice Beam...00ber coolness

Leftovers - Kairyu of Flames (Dragonite) - Attract, T-Wave, Flamethrower, Double-Edge

The bitch from hell. Her set is self expanitory. She is Uber l337

Leftovers - Vaporeon - Sub, Acid Armor, Surf, Baton Pass

Vappy here is mainly used for her...package Sub and AA are both passed to Primeape, and Surf is to get in a few good pops. Tabon Sapp is used for...err..uhh...I dunno

Mystery Berry - Primeape - Screech, Swagger, Psych Up, Cross Chop

Ah, this little monkey can do loads of damage...I love this combo. Pretty straight foward...PP-Uped Cross Chop with Mystery Berry...00ber^^;; Swagger/Psych Up=l337 combo, in conjunction with Screech/Cross Chop.

And that be t3h M4gIcK iZ iN t3h SkYz...w0o7.

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posted 09-02-2001 06:00 PM      Profile for sl   Author's Homepage   Email sl   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
o_O dont put "ootachi of death" and shit like that, because i seriously dont know what pokemon your talking about.

- - - - -
um... whatever.

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posted 09-02-2001 11:22 PM      Profile for Automaton   Author's Homepage   Email Automaton   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Earthquake over Return on the Lugia. There's no reason not to. It's almost identical damage wise, and has five types that are weak against it.

That furret set would be better on Snorlax. By far.

If Slowbro is going to have only one attack, give it something with STAB. Surf or Psychic. Considering all of the Cursers around, go with Psychic. Of for the love of god get rid of Flash.

I suppose the rest is passable, but you have a triple electric weakness.

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