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Author Topic: Another Underused Pokemon (read to find out)
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posted 08-28-2001 08:43 PM      Profile for Jolt135   Author's Homepage   Email Jolt135   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The subject of this topic: MAGIKARP!!!!!

[joke thread]

HP: 243 (tied for 248th)
Attack: 118 (tied for 248th)
Defense: 208 (tied for 155th) =D
Special A: 128 (250th)
Special D: 138 (tied for 248th)
Speed: 258 (tied for 78th) =D =D =D
Total: 1093 (248th)

Looks like Magikarp has an addiction to 248th place. But when it’s 248 out of 251, that’s good because it means only three Pokemon have a higher numbered place than it! Also, there’s one stat where it finishes in the top one-third! And it’s Speed, which is very important because it lets you go first! DID YOU HEAR THAT? THIS REASONING SHOWS THAT MAGIKARP IS IN THE TOP 33% OF POKEMON!!!!!!

*waits for someone to quote this in their sig*

Fine, enough with stats.


Thanks to Gameshark, there are over 161 billion possible ‘Karp sets. That’s a lot! However, the most popular set I have seen is:

with a Brick Piece attached.

Now, Splash has 61 PP, so it’s good because if you get in a PP war, just use Splash over and over so you don’t run out of something that is more vital later on. At full health, Flail’s base is only 20, so use Tackle if your opponent isn’t doing damage to Magikarp. Of course, Flail CAN be very useful. Imagine this match:

You have a Magikarp with minimum stats in everything (with the above set)

The enemy is using a standard NickWak, except with a 14 DV in Attack since 14 is higher than 13

Here’s how it goes:
Magikarp goes first and uses Splash
Marowak uses Swords Dance
Magikarp uses Splash 56 times
Marowak spends those 56 turns running out of damage moves, doing 2-3 damage every time
If everything hits for maximum, Magikarp now has 2 HP left. Now Flail hits for 15 damage! =D
Use Flail 20 times, leaving Marowak with 23 HP.
Use Explosion. Marowak dies! TO A MAGIKARP!

Ah, Explosion. At full stats, Magikarp could take out a Shuckle with just 6 hits. EXCEPT THEY HAD TO MAKE IT SO EXPLOSION KILLS YOU AS WELL! XP

Then, on to the people who say you should evolve Magikarp. Consider this: When it evolves to Gyarados, the base stat for Speed increases by JUST ONE POINT. They couldn’t have increased the other stats too much either, could they? Besides, Gyarados has a W4 to Electric. Magikarp doesn’t! =D

So, in conclusion, Magikarp can beat just about anyone. Of course, you’d have to play against a dumbass to do that, but the point still stands. ‘KARP RULES!

[/joke thread]

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posted 08-29-2001 11:04 AM      Profile for LanderZRPG   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!!!

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posted 08-29-2001 12:19 PM      Profile for DarkLickitung   Email DarkLickitung   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Stop wasting space.

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posted 08-29-2001 05:55 PM      Profile for Bartlebee   Email Bartlebee   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Your puerile attempt at humor is surpassed in annoyance only by Rei2's attempts to appear heterosexual.

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