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Author Topic: team constructing guide - part1
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Hey everyone, I have decided to try to make a guide that will help people in selecting a decent, battle-worthy team, without having to pick and mix standards etc.

This is primarily for new people, though anyone can read it. Hope it helps. Here goes.

IMO, the most important team member is the starter. But choosing him/her/it is very complicated, so I will go on to the easy parts of selecting one of the middle team members.

POINT 1 - an electric!

When playing for the first time on gsbot, getting whacked around with lots of super effectives DOES hurt. Thus, we must concentrate on having few weaknesses, considerably less than what we are super effective vs.

An electric type really is lovely. Not only is there the aesthetic value, I love the colour yellow, but only one weakness - ground. Quake used to be very popular, but now powerful sweepers like snorlax/tyran are dropping it for fireblast/'thrower to deal with skarmos. This gives electrics more of a free reign! Also, super effective against two types - water and flying. Water pokes, well it is very rare not to see one per team, and flyers are coming back into fashion as powerful creatures vs champ, especially the brilliant dodrio. This gives a good scope.

There is a temptation to just give, say, t-bolt to tyran/drago/gengar, but a stabbed one IMO is way better.

As for decent leckos, you have a fine choice. Amphy has great special attack, and ability to learn fire punch, a good combo. Jolty is perhaps the most popular, very fast with a great special attack. Raikou, is you need a legendary, has great stats and ability to learn crunch. As for the rest, good ones include electabuzz, with ice punch, and magneton. Although it isn't wholely lecko, it still has a great special attack and a complete immunity to attract! I think this is the last one, but don't forget 'trode, FASTEST, and can EXPLODE hehehe. One of the best things about them is that most can learn thunderwave - easily one of the best moves in the game!

Now you have a decent charged-one, you have one weakness, to ground (bar magno), and two s.e. s, to water and flying. As for the problems with no affecting grounds, they mostly have quake so don't worry. What we have is an advantage of 2 - 1 in s/weaks. At best, try to keep this ratio. We will see how this is made easier by such pokes like sweepers, later on!

Anyway, I'll continue this guide, feel free to give feedback/your own input !

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