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Author Topic: The Annoyers ver. 2.35
Lieutenant Aerodactyl
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posted 08-21-2001 09:44 PM      Profile for Lieutenant Aerodactyl   Email Lieutenant Aerodactyl   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Ok, as you might have guessed from the topic title, it's based on the theme of sleeping the enemy, then annoy him as soon as he wakes up.

Lapras @ Leftovers {male}
Ice Beam/Safeguard
Confuse Ray

Okay, I really don't know, but with double STAB, Confuse Ray and Attract which combine to form a 75% chance that the opponent won't attack, it should be a pretty good fighter. I have it as a male to give some variety in my Attracts. I'll probably use Safeguard if I don't decide to use Miltank.

Jynx @ Leftovers {female}
Ice Beam
Lovely Kiss
Sweet Kiss

The confusion counter starts once the opponent wakes, right? If not, I'll replace Sweet Kiss with Psychic.

Exeggutor @ Leftovers {female}
Sleep Power
Leech Seed

Pretty simple. Remember the Benedict set-up for RBY? Same thing, with Psychic in place of Solarbeam. Leftovers + Leech Seed will allow me to regain my HP that is lost by the sub. The added Weaknesses as well as the lowering of his Special Defense has made Substitute almost imperative.

Magmar @ Black Belt {male}
Cross Chop
Fire Blast
Confuse Ray

The bane of all of the Heal Bellers. Fully 1/2 of them are female, allowing me to Attract them, and the other 1/2 are rarely used.

Jumpluff @ Leftovers {female}
Sleep Powder
Leech Seed
Mega Drain

Same thing as Exeggutor. Mega Drain over Giga Drain for the higher PP. (I know, I know, two Grass types are a no-no, however I believe that this contributes majorly to the team)


Miltank @ Pink bow {female}
Heal Bell
Milk Drink

This gal would give me less weaknesses, however it doesn't really contribute too much to the annoying theme. Standard. Pink Bow there because of Miltank's sub-standard Attack.

Primeape @ Black Belt {male}
Hidden Power Ground (70)/Cross Chop/Meditate
Rock Slide

Okay, if you guys think that HP is cheap, then my other alternative is Meditate/Cross Chop. I believe that he has the Speed to pull off the End/Rev combo.

I need a Hazer, but I don't know where to put it. Where should I put this poke?

Crobat @ Leftovers {male}
Attract/Confuse Ray
Wing Attack

Okay, Weakness wise, this team is terrible. 4x weakness to Rock (if I use Jumpluff), 3x damage to Fire (if I use Jumpluff) 3x weakness to Flying, (if I use Jumpluff). Rock isn't too much of a concern, as it is counterable, however Fire is going to be a problem, seeing as the addition of the Move Tutor has practically everyone to add Flamethrower to almost all of their pokes. Miltank solves that problem nicely, however.

Offensively, Exeggutor is potentially a powerhouse. You practically have to OHKO him to defeat him 1-on-1. With a Sub on he can take on ANYONE. Heracross is a problem, however, Magmar can probably take him on.

This type of team can probably only be sweeped by a Safeguard-based team. Heal Bell won't really work here. Safeguard eliminates 7(6)/24 of my moves.

Please rate.

Please help me with this team as it NEEDS your help!

[ 08-21-2001: Message edited by: Lieutenant Aerodactyl ]

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posted 08-26-2001 10:09 PM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Lapras: Don't lead with him, otherwise ok.

Jynx: Mean look and dream eater over attract and sweet kiss.

Eggy: Looks ok.

Jumpluff: If you must have it, give it encore. Don't use it with this team.

Miltank: Go with body slam over return to contribute to your theme.

Primeape: Meditate.

No idea where to put crobat. Maybe over Jumpluff/Miltank. Use confuse ray.

Overall: Sleep clause. As you said, weaknesses are huge, but I can't help much there without having you scrap the whole thing. Find a place for crobat as you need a hazer. Sub also eats this team. My Lax with DT and a passed sub destroys this. Good thing it hasn't become too popular .

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posted 08-26-2001 11:01 PM      Profile for boy   Email boy   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I really don't see how Jumpluff contributes to your team (I only see him fitting the annoying theme). I believe you should take him out. Think of another annoying poke, Jumpluff gives you too many added weaknesses.

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