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Author Topic: Need Battle Tower L20 Help (long...)
Thom Burr
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posted 08-07-2001 01:58 AM      Profile for Thom Burr   Email Thom Burr   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hi, my name is Thom, and I'm a moron. At least I seem to be one right now. I can't beat the Crystal Battle Tower at L20.

My basic problem is that I'm trying to use Stadium1, Stadium2, and L100 link battle strategies in a rather alien environment against maybe the smartest AI I've yet seen using close to optimized movesets and enemy pokemon that seem to have perfect DVs and/or max stat exp. Worse, there's no Stadium five level fudge factor. The killer is that there are no Continues, so if you flub once during the seven rounds, it's time to start again. I burned through most of the S2 rounds with zero problems, so I though I was pretty hot, but apparently, not.

I got through L10 after nine tries. I started out using my Little Cup Team, jacked up a quick five levels. Three tries quickly established this was an idiotic idea. All the pokes in the L10 event are happy-evos, stone-evos, trade-evos, or no-evos. Think Snorlax, Lapras, Tauros, Umbreon, Steelix, etc...The standard Sycther, Cubone, and Abra team met immediate death (at least under my hands). I bred a Snorlax and pulled out an old Porygon I'd bred back in November and Up-Graded it to Porygon2. I kept in Cubone 'cause I was too lazy to finish hatching my Lapras egg. I managed to beat L10 after nine tries, and I admit I got lucky a few times. Because I am proud and obessesive, I can't help but do the floors in rigid order, so...

L20 is proving harder. I've been nailed by a Heracross with Endure/Reversal (something I never saw the AI do in S2), and been raped by Hyper Beam (on many, many pokes, but Tauros is the prime case) any number of times. The funny thing is, I never thought these strategies would work when I would read them on RMT posts, but in fact, if you don't know what's comimg at you, yeah, they can work pretty well. Toxic/Sandstorm also turns out to be a bitch, and Attract is stll as much of a pain as it was in S2. The AI is also far more savvy when it comes to using combos Swagger/Psych Up (seen on a couple pokes) and Toxic/Protect/MudSlap (the generic Umbreon moveset).

I've been slapped down about eight times now (and that was the max for any Challenge Cup round, including restarts). I'm fairly sure I'll get through once I memorize all the different movesets (and devise the countermoves), but some pokes have more than one moveset. For example, there is an Attract Wigglytuff and an Elemental Wigglytuff--I don't think the movesets are random (a la Challenge Cup), but I suspect the teams might be. This all makes for a rather frustrating situation.

My current stragtegy (which has never taken me past L20 trainer five) is to open with Porygon2. (Ice Beam, Psychic, Recover, Flash). Flash has actually worked fairly well many times, especially with Recover, but I'm debating replacing it with Double Team. Two concerns here: the AI pokes are fond of Psych Up (arrgh) and DT effects go to the grave with you, whereas Flash sticks the AI enemy (who never switches, an odd oversight in the programming). P2 is holding a GoldBerry, which gives it a little more leeway with Recover. I haven't PP UPed any moves, but since Blissey and other PP wasters are so popular with the AI, I may have to jack Ice Beam and Psychic to max 16 (groan).

Next up is usually Snorlax with Rest, Sleep Talk, Earthquake, and Return--holding a MiracleBerry. Snorlax is probably at 80% max happy--I could jack up Return a few more points, but I think I have bigger problems. Sleep Talk seems too random to really work, and Snore seems too weak, which leaves Curse as my only other possible change (I can't factor in Belly Drum till L30). Curselax is almost a solid-gold standard, am I stupid for not using it? (The AI is also very handy with Toxic, which suggests that Curse might not be the best course here...)

My weak link is Cubone (Earthquake, Ancient Power, Headbutt, somethingsomething plus a Thick Club). Its stats doom it--half the time it can't take a single hit. At L30, Marowak will rule, but right now, it's a Hail Mary play, and I can't come up with a replacement (though my old Lapras from Yellow looks the most likely fill-in)...Suggestions?

Anyway, that's my plan, please comment or throw vegetables or whatever. I'm tired of being brutally beaten and sodomized by movesets I KNOW shouldn't work (course, I'm playing the girl character, so at least I'm, ah, "in character"...). Aside from Cubone, I can't quite afford (read: stat drugs) to dump any of these three, so I'd prefer move adjustment suggestions over replacement advice.

A couple more anomalies...Attacks seem to miss more than they should. Ice Beam has been missing maybe 10% of the time (with zero stat changes from the enemy), as have other "perfect" accuracy attacks. Because all pokes here are the same level, there can't be any of the level disparity effects that were postulated (and proved in some instances) in GS, can there be? I have seen so many accuracy "glitches" in GSC that I have to conclude that something is whacked. What am I missing?

Finally, all the enemy pokemon are incredibly (and suspiciously) fast, durable, and strong. Other people (Yay Porygon, for example, on PF), have suggested that the Battle Tower pokemon are all at 100% stat exp. I suspect they may also have max DVs. Mine are only around 60% stat exp (stat drugging only goes so far, and I don't really have time to play with the Day Care glitch), so I find myself almost always hitting second. At the L100 floor, this would not be such a problem, but at L20, it hurts...

Thanks in advance.

[edit: first wrote Snorlax instead of Curselax]

[ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Thom Burr ]

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posted 08-07-2001 08:21 AM      Profile for Jolt135   Author's Homepage   Email Jolt135   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Use a Blissey. Give it Softboiled, maybe Reflect, and fill the rest with assorted special moves.
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Shaidar Haran
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posted 08-07-2001 08:36 AM      Profile for Shaidar Haran     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Wow, I'm glad I saved some of my weaker guys. You can catch a Marowak below level 20 and use it. South of Blackthorn city is a pond where I cought a lv 10 dragonair. I don't know any of the battle tower rules though, so does it restrict Dragon Rage? It should be decent still at level 20. What about Starmie and Arcanine? They're easy to evolve and there stats and moves are pretty good too.

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posted 08-07-2001 08:38 AM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I haven't tried Battle Tower, so I don't know much about what you're up against, but maybe a perish-trapping Missy, Jynx, and then standard Skarmory. I don't know if it would work, but it's worth a shot. Then fight Unowns & such for stat Exp.

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posted 08-07-2001 09:44 AM      Profile for 1970Beetle   Author's Homepage   Email 1970Beetle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thom is right, you guys (and girls). The Battle Tower is bitch. I got OHKO'd on all three Pokemon from a damn Blissey with Psychic and then a psychotic Dugtrio. What the hell is going on? I mean, I got hit with 2 Thunder's in a row from Lanturn...without a Rain Dance set up.


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posted 08-07-2001 10:53 AM      Profile for Uiru   Author's Homepage   Email Uiru   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Skarmory 0wnz the Battle Tower. GET A SKARMORY. It sucks up Hyper Beams and does plenty of damage, it screws that Umbreon completely, it kills anything that doesn't have Fire or Electric attacks. Give it a Gold Berry for even more fun.

I beat Lv. 10 Circuit with Scizor (Baton Pass, Agility, Swords Dance, Light Screen), Skarmory (Steel Wing, Drill Peck, Leer, Swagger) and Misdreavus (Shadow Ball, Psychic, Destiny Bond, Confuse Ray). The only Fire attack in Lv. 10 is Mr. Mime's Fire Punch, and the only Electric attack is on Jolteon and Lapras. (I think. That Lapras might be in Lv. 20.)

Lv. 20 was a bit tougher. I did it with the same Skarmory, but Dragonair (Dragon Rage, Thunderbolt, Surf, Agility) and Alakazam (Psychic, Fire, Ice, Thunderpunch) teamed up with it to take the comp down. I like Alakazam again.

Lv. 30 was a breeze, for some reason. Got it in like five tries (the others were many, many tries). Skarmory learned Agility, which went over Leer, but other than that the team was the same.

The enemies do not switch. I can't wait for Misdreavus to learn Perish Song. Toxic works well, and Destiny Bond is a great way to take out those bastard Jolteons...

And yes, I'll vouch for the fact that they're all at max DV's and max stat exp. I'm very upset at an enemy Scizor surviving my Alakazam's Fire Punch. (It'll learn Recover for the Lv. 40 circuit! HUZZAH!) Everything in the circuit is faster than you are. (An enemy Alakazam in Lv. 40 outran my Electrode.) Everything hits harder than you do. Everything takes more damage than you do. YOU NEED SKARMORY.

The comp also cheats like a bitch. Can anyone say 'Focus Band working, three turns in a row'? Can anyone say 'Surf missing twice in a row'? Thunder and Blizzard almost never hit. Thunder and Thunderbolt have an 80% Paralysis rate. (A PRZ Berry would be helpful on anything you plan to let fight Electric types.)
~Uiru- Memorizing their movesets is the key, as every Pokémon is the same. I don't think there are two different Wigglytuff... And keep an eye out for the 'gifts'. Porygon2 in Lv. 40 is a gift; it tends to attack with Conversion and Conversion2 all the time. Wobbuffet and Unown abound. Blissey attack with Rollout.

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posted 08-07-2001 10:56 PM      Profile for Pokegod     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
And you forgot one thing: The Wobbufet has the same set from stadium2!
Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond
@Focus Band

In stadium, at least the opponent didn't always (but usually) magically guess what type of attack you used. In the gameboy game, they ALWAYS know what you are going to do before you do it. The comp picks its attack after you pick yours. Once, I was using a perish trapping Misdreavus against Red, and when I switched out at the last count, he somehow switched too!

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Thom Burr
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posted 08-08-2001 11:27 PM      Profile for Thom Burr   Email Thom Burr   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yay! I beat L20 Battle Tower!

****THANKS UIRU!!!****

The Skarmory solved most of my problems. It took me a while to breed (I wanted Drill Peck on it) and stat drug to near-max, but it was worth it. Toxic plus Fly solved nearly all my remaining hangups (oddly, I never used the Drill Peck I'd wasted so much time on, and Steel Wing was never used either)...Heracross, which used to destroy my team, died a prole's death. The AI program for Umbreon is so messed up that Skarmory destroyed it without a scratch. It was also verry helpful againt Lapras, another tank which the old team got massacred by.

That said, I'd still rate Snorlax as my MVP. The funniest thing is when I finally figured out how to evade the Swagger/Psych Up trap. At least two AI pokes use this number (Wigglytuff and Steelix). As soon as you get the first successful Swagger, switch out to Snorlax with a Miracleberry. Snorlax won't take a switch-in hit, as the AI will try to Psych Up--loser! When it tries to Swagger again, Snorlax's berry will cure the confusion, and since Snorlax hits second, the enemy WILL get pounded with the upgraded Attack stat. I had to use that trick at least twice in my final bout (when I finally stumbled over it). At first I began to think a Mint Berry might be better on Snorlax to allow a more precise usage of Rest, but now I doubt it. I also got a bit more lucky on Sleep Talk than I have in the past.

The most fun I had was with Porygon2. Because the AI never switches (probably the ONLY break we get in Battle Tower), Flash actually works, especially and above all with Recover. The best part was using it as a Blissey-killer--once you get all six Flashes in, it's dead meat. Between Psychic raping its SpDf and Ice Beam freezing it, I could usually kill it with very little threat to P2.

An interesting Flash-related glitch is that as soon as it first modifies AI stats, the AI seems to start using Psych Up almost the time, allowing Porygon2 about ten free hits. Perhaps the AI is programmed to start using Psych Up as soon as there is a successful stat change, whether for good or for bad? Starmie and a couple others have this flaw.

A couple other notes...I've figured out why so many 100% accuracy attacks miss in the Battle Tower--Bright Powder. Blissey seems to carry it the most. Scope Lens is almost certainly in use as well, given the number of CHs. I don't think the AI is cheating, it's just playing a more risky game than most of us do, and when the AI gets seven shots at you, eventually it'll get lucky. Most of the time anyway.

Anyway, I'm off the L30. Gotta admit, the Battle Tower is educational...

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