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Author Topic: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa" click here now
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posted 07-03-2001 03:29 AM      Profile for Espeon     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
GOD man , my friend wishes to use M@,Lugia,ho-oh,the 3 leg dogs against me!
What hell am i supposed to do "waaaaaaaa"


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posted 07-03-2001 06:59 AM      Profile for ThumbsOfSteel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Maybe use double resters. That's the only reason I use them is because of the huge amount of legendaries. Besides, none of them get haze.

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defense curl

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posted 07-03-2001 01:04 PM      Profile for SDShamshel   Email SDShamshel   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I'd say Snorlax usage would definitely have some merit. Just gotta know when's the right time to set it up.

"It looks like this is my lucky day. I'll take 'The Rapists' for 200."
"That's 'Therapists,' not 'The Rapists.'"
-(Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy Skit)

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posted 07-03-2001 02:04 PM      Profile for spunman        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
you're likely to see a lot of roars and whirlwinds, so i don't think trapping or anything that requires setup will prove too useful. suicune is the only one likely to have rest, tho, so i'd go for the par. high special defense hp tanks with no weaknesses to this team (snorlax and blissey) would be great for pp wastage, as legendaries rarely have gobs of pp. fish's tauros may not last too long, but there's a fair chance it'll take a few of them with him, and a few more counters, mirror coats, and destiny bonds should help even the odds. i'd look into snorlax, blissey, tentacruel, tyranitar, tauros, and gengar. other than tyranitar, that could be a pretty fun team. ^_^

just mho, of course. btw, you have GOT to use a better topic title next time. it gives no information at all as to what the thread's about. i never would've clicked on it if work wasn't so damned slow today.

i am the sandshrew! cu-cu-kachoo!
"so? mentar thinks it's a good idea." - givera
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posted 07-03-2001 02:46 PM      Profile for Jigglypuff   Email Jigglypuff   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Use the Double Team!!!

(Watches a poké get hit by whirlwind)

or not.

Jigglypuff - Mars is very, VERY dim tonight

A.K.A., Puffball, Jigglymuff and guy who like's to use Double Team.

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posted 07-03-2001 03:32 PM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Jiggly the DT Master (Or overuser, what ever you prefer... :P): Whirlwind and Roar ARE affected by DT (Which is weird, especially with Roar). So WW and Roar are gonna have a hard time hitting them.

Aipom - better than yo mama!

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posted 07-03-2001 04:40 PM      Profile for Bob_Utsugi   Email Bob_Utsugi   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
How do you beat them? Um, use Machamp to destroy birds (Rock Slide).. Then use Tyranitar to beat Cheapo...

I can make my team even better..

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