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Author Topic: Strange Blue Glitches
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posted 11-10-2001 10:12 PM      Profile for Sonuis   Email Sonuis   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well, I'm rather unsure if these glitches have been reported to the Sakaki Tower, but I'll list `em anyway.

Odd Blue Version glitches

1. "Flipped Moves" - After some dilly-daddling around some towns and wasting my time raising Pokémon I would never use, I peek around my box, looking at random Pokémon who had nicknames I would never remember. I checked the first one, and it was an Aerodactyl. I check it's stats, then it's moves. When I hit the moves, it had two very unusual moves. Rolling Kick & Meditate. I thought to myself "That wasn't right" and then realized those moves belonged to Hitmonlee. I checked the same box to see if it had a Hitmonlee in it, which it did. Then, I checked it's moves to find it had Aerodactyl's moves Wing Attack & Agility. It appeared that they had switched learnsets (though I'm not entirely sure about this) and checked to see if any other Pokémon in this box had the same result. I found two others. Zapdos & Lickitung. They had switched learnsets which seemed pretty useless. No other Pokémon had done this in any of my other boxes.

2. "Substitute, MissingNo.!" - Another glitch which occured much more often then the previous glitch, but then suddenly stopped. When battling Gary, I sent out my Starmie who had Substitute. I would use substitute to see if I could delay Gary's Pidgeot for some strange reason. It then failed somehow, and I decided to switch, but then cancelled the switch on accident. When the screen returned to the battle screen, Gary's Pidgeot was not there anymore. Instead, a MissingNo. sprite was there. I decided to fight on. I used one surf, and the MissingNo. sprite fell, then Pidgeot returned. The battle then continued like normal.

Does anybody have some information on these glitches?

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posted 11-15-2001 06:08 PM      Profile for GSGold   Email GSGold   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The second one might be because of an error or somthing. If Sub. failed, then maybe somthing happaned or the game didn't read right.

Or i need some sleep...

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The Purple Lanturn
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posted 11-15-2001 06:43 PM      Profile for The Purple Lanturn   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
My sister says, that when she was training her shelder to learn Ice Beam, she ran into a Zubat in Victory Road. Being bored she looked at her shelder's moveset. When she got down to the last move, all of a sudden, her screen went blank and a scrambled up sprite was in the middle, and the Gameboy etmitted a long, low note that kept going until she turned it off. Things went on as normal.

My sister has been bugging me to post this for some time. I figured this was a place to post it because making a thread about somthing as strange and unlikely as this would be stupid. My sister swears it's true and my Dad and smallest sister heard the low note coming from the Gameboy. I think it just froze up. Sis believes it's Missingno. =P . *shrugs*

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posted 11-15-2001 08:45 PM      Profile for JolteonG3   Author's Homepage   Email JolteonG3   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Lanturn, sounds like the game lost contact with the plug inside the gameboy. I know from experience that a game coming loose results in a constant tone (which is actually the last tone the gameboy played before the game came loose).

Sonuis: The first glitch could be caused for a number if reasons. If you caught Missingno., that's that culprit. If not, I'm assuming there is some sort of dirty connection between the game and the gameboy. If you have a gameboy cleaning kit, it can work wonders.

Considerring my previous (horribly inacurate) record of explaining glitches, this may all be wrong. Someone with more experience with glitches could probably answer these question a whole lot better than I could, but I tried.

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posted 11-18-2001 04:12 PM      Profile for Sonuis   Email Sonuis   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Didn't catch a MissingNo. I like to look at my Hall of Fame XD.
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