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Author Topic: a code...
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posted 06-19-2000 09:23 PM      Profile for *Scyther   Email *Scyther   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
this "code" was posted at another message board.
There are no secret places(except for the extracted town, which has a 9th badge(that does not show up on your screen,nor does it do anything)that can only be accessed with the following:
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Red/Green
Gameshark Version 2.5 or higher
Nickname item
The code 0117ad4e to unblock the extracted town
A complete pokedex(all 151)
All Badges
And Elite 4 Defeated as well as every trainer in the game
Now for the steps:
1. Put Pokemon Red/Green in your transfer pak with the gameshark
2. Put in the Nickname code and the above code
3. Go to Fushia city
4. Surf near the Seafoam Islands
5. Use Nickname on the wall to walk through it
6. If you dont have the unblock code, the game will crash.
7. Keep surfing.
8. You will see the SS Anne sailing
9. When you do, stop moving or the game will crash.
10. Continue when the ship is gone and you will come to Kakorto Island.
This town is beautiful, it has japanese buildings and palm trees, roads, people on bikes, etc.
Everything here, except the dialogue is in Kanji.
This Island has the Master Gym, a gym with only a Leader who has all his Pokemon at level 100.
His Pokemon are as follows:
and a Glitched Pokemon with a Aerodactyl Skeleton image(its my guess this pokemon was removed from the game)
Anyways, this island was originally put in for those who did all they can in the game, but it was removed for some reason. I have yet to enter all the buildings because sometimes the game crashes, sometimes it doesnt. Trust me, its more trouble than its worth(so far).
Come on, read it, I was nice enough to post something long, out of my own grueling research(Although I had a little help from friends)

it apears to be fake, but the poster of the code insists it is true, despite my arguements against it.
know what, your lying.
for 2 reasons.
i put that "unblock" code in my emulator, and it says that it is an invalid code. also, if you try to use a gameshark in the transfer pack, it says the transfer pack is malfunctioning.

i just thought of another reason why that code wont work. the ONLY way to see the S.S. Anne is from the space immediatly after the guard. when you step off of that space, it is like you enter an invisible building. trust me. i've used nickname to go beyond that one space, and it is just the dock and then water. no S.S. Anne.

his response-
My friend scyther, you must be using the japanese versions (green wasnt released here) and pokemon stadium 1(jap). And the unblock code works.

can someone give me a better way to prove that he is lying?


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Rachel a.k.a. rache01
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posted 06-19-2000 10:20 PM      Profile for Rachel a.k.a. rache01   Author's Homepage   Email Rachel a.k.a. rache01   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
??? I don't see why playing it on Stadium would change anything. The code seemed kinda realistic except for the Stadium part.


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Atma Midnight
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posted 06-20-2000 12:13 AM      Profile for Atma Midnight   Email Atma Midnight   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Here's another good reason that it's a lie - the kanji fonts are removed in the english versions of pokemon. If anything, they would be talking cavespeak. I also seriously doubt that ANY of the graphics he mentioned (except for the bit about the skeleton aerodactly, which is an allusion to the picture in the meuseum, but obviously thrown in just to make his lie plausible) can be found in the rom.


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posted 06-20-2000 12:02 PM      Profile for *Scyther   Email *Scyther   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
another thing that makes it a lie.
after i gave him a bunch of reasons it was a lie, he changed the story, saying you needed stadium one, and only green.


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posted 06-20-2000 02:04 PM      Profile for Cpt_Carnage   Author's Homepage   Email Cpt_Carnage   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
It sounds like a load of rubbish to me... as you said midnight - the Kanji fonts are removed (thats why the part translated copies of G/S rather than having Japanese text has English gobbldygook in the untranslated bits)...

Anyway - with the Aerodatctyl bit I've known missingno to look like a skeleton Kabutops during a link game (my frined owned it not me - he's a major gamesharker)

The bit about the Japanese style town is that there arn't any Japanese style buildings in the game - and to save space you never make a set of tiles just for a single town

Quite frankly this is the biggest load of tosh I have ever read... unless someone can prove it to me...

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