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Author Topic: Battle Tower: Trainers' Dialogue
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I've hacked Crystal, and discovered the dialogue for the trainers in Battle Tower:

For each set:
1- at the start of battle
2- you lose
3- you win
{br} indicates a message break.

Hello, glad to meet you!{br}I do hope we have a good battle.
Thank you! A most enjoyable battle!
Thank you. You are formidable.

Work, work, work… I'm always busy!
But, I work hard in battle too!
I'm too busy to be battling!

Brace yourself for my all-out attack!
What a cakewalk! You're too easy!
I won't lose next time, all right?

Heh, your POKéMON look pretty cool.
Hey, hey, no way! You won't win!
You serious? This is brutal!

POKéMON every day! I love battling!
I'm on top of my game, but not you!
I don't care that I lost, really!

Hi, there! Let's keep this clean!
Whoops, sorry for that wipeout!
Whoops! Come on, let me win one!

Do you want to see my battle level?
Hehehe, I know your level now!
Ouch… I'm just too weak…

Hey, let's battle. I'm your opponent.
Wow, you're not serious about it!
…Urgh… Nothing positive here…

I'm your opponent.{br}Get ready to be hammered.
Hahah! That was a pushover!
No way! There has to be a mistake!

Hah! Let's get rolling!
Wahahaha! Didn't break a sweat!
Tough! I'm no match for you!

I won?
I lost?

You want to be a leader?{br}Let me battle you, then!
You need another ten years of{br}training to get better, I'd say.
You're incredibly talented.{br}No one can touch you now!

Today, I'm going to whomp you.
I knew I'd win. I'm so great!
Uh? My plans are out of whack…

I bet you can't beat me!
Those POKéMON aren't enough!
I want your POKéMON. Please?

I'll show you a real battle!
This battle… I'm bored!
…I won't turn tail in battle!

Let's go! No holds barred!
Sorry! I wanted the win more!
Wahah! Congrats! I can't do better!

My POKéMON skills are phenomenal!
You've got a long way to go.{br}Well, keep trying! Best of luck!
Aww… Don't lose after beating me.

Who are you? I don't know you…
I must've imagined that.{br}There seems to be no one here…
Who am I? I don't know…

Um… Are you that… um…person?
It doesn't appear to be you…
Then you really are the legendary…

I heard that you're hot!
Not bad. I was just a bit better.
Eh, you're not that special.

I'm scared about what might happen.{br}My POKéMON are way too strong.
See? My POKéMON were too strong.
Graa! My POKéMON were total wimps!

Hey, there! I'll take you on!
Don't you have a better strategy?
You've got decent style!

I wonder if I can battle properly…
Um… Sorry… I think I won.
I guess I'm not good enough yet…

Wrrooar! I won't lose!
Wrrooar! I knew I was a genius!
Arrooh! I hate it when I lose!

Sorry, but I'm going to win.
Yeah! My POKéMON rule!
Oh, close! I lost by just a bit!

OK, I'm not fooling around!
Yay! Too easy! Like, no way!
No! Like, no way!

Look! My POKéMON are really cute!
Aren't they really adorable?
I'm sorry, it's all my fault!

Let's get our battle started!
Was I too strong for you?
Ooh, you're in a different class.

Are we going to battle? Let's!
Oh, you're too weak. Shame.
Wow! Are you quite satisfied?

Oh, you have some rare POKéMON.
May I have one of your POKéMON?
…I want one of your POKéMON.

Want to hear about my cute POKéMON?
What do you think about my cuties?
Oh! My! You're a dreadful trainer!

Battle? Sure! Right now!
Oh, I love it! Battling is wild!
Oh, how rude! Wait till next time!

Please let me win! Please?
Wow, thank you! You're so nice!
You're mean! I hate meanies!

Well, can we begin?
Well, I beg your pardon…
Sob… That's not fair!

I'm good! You can't win.
Giving up? You're pretty weak!
I won't accept this… No way!

Are you treating this seriously?
Oh, sorry! Looks like I won!
Oh, how nasty! You were serious!

Ahahah! I'll take it easy on you!
Oops, sorry! But I'm happy too!
Oh, oh, I lost! Thanks. Bye!

BATTLE TOWER is a tough place!
You might have a hard time.
Ooh, you might make a run here!

I want to see your style in action!
Every battle is a drama!
Oh… Want to trade something?

OK, here goes! I have momentum!
See, I rolled right over you!
No! This did not happen!

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Did you type that all for nothing? Man, you've got a long attention span. I'd get bored after the 4th or 5th one.

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::Claps:: Not bad ^_^

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