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Author Topic: STADIUM,data loss?
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posted 03-15-2001 11:52 AM      Profile for D-Teclis   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
anyone got his stadium save lost,or is it really more stable than pokemon r/b/y? (got yellow erased today,got a megamem,but I'm curious about stadium)

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posted 04-01-2001 02:38 PM      Profile for ~Steel Arcanine~   Author's Homepage   Email ~Steel Arcanine~   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I guess stadium doesn't erase as much. I got my Yellow version erased 4 times before. That really sucked...

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Kingdra The horsea
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posted 04-02-2001 03:33 PM      Profile for Kingdra The horsea   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
no..all though...there was this one time in pokemon gold. My game caught a virus belived to come from the vermillion trick. anyway, after I quit and came back my game was messed up like mad hell. lol. If u looked under the cancel in my item box u see every item and bicycle's. Then my hall of fame, radio card, was gone. It was clear my game was destory itself. *sob the next dayi knew i had to do exteme measure's in saveing my 100's. some of them even have been with me for 3 years. ^_^ This day it turn'd out my pokedex and pokegear was gone. an hour later, my train was gone. last day, I got another game boy and traded all of them leaveing my other 213 behind. *sob it was like Vietnam. lol After all the tradeing there was a risk. like when i wanted to trade dragonite for pidgey it said parasect for steelix. So i had to leave behind my last 100. Im retraining on right now of course. before i started a new game and replace my 100's there. I killed the game. not by just new game but by Up+select+B. lol. and alas, Im safe now. but the reno file is dead. ^_^ now its eric. so what im saying is, if u got mad at losieng your sta info. chill. I almost lost mine AND was totured for 3 days thinking when the game would crash. lol

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posted 04-09-2001 12:30 AM      Profile for Gloomboy     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Oh,my fucking GOD! My Blue game is showing weird signs of having a Box 13! I saw it when trading between it and Gold,and there was a weird stuff on there like L40 Weedles with weird moves and other glitched Pokemon! I sure hope that I don't end up like you!

(Luckily,I yanked all my Blue Pokemon out of there,except for a L85 Aerodactyl.)

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posted 04-10-2001 05:08 PM      Profile for Starwolf   Author's Homepage   Email Starwolf   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
How come all the people I knows games have never been messed up and theyv'e done things like: Saving with Missingno, Saving the game with codes on...

Se Ya!

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