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Author Topic: Attack Desciptions A-D complete.
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Absorb - Your Pokémon latches onto the opponent and drains part of their energy, some of it replenishing its own.
Acid - Your Pokémon spits out a toxic goo at the opponent. It has the ability to wear away the opponent's skin.
Acid Armor - Your Pokémon coats itself in a quickly-drying goo, protecting the Pokémon like a shell.
Agility - Your Pokémon dashes with such speed that it appears to move from place to place instantaneously.
Amnesia - Your Pokémon forgets what it's doing for a while. The pent up energy inside could be dangerous.....
Aurora Beam - Your Pokémon shoots a ray of dazzling energy at the opponent. The opponent may be so engrossed in the colors it may attack it less force.
Barrage - Your Pokémon pelts the opponent with eggs. Depending on how many are availiable at the time, the number of eggs to use varies.
Barrier - Your Pokémon puts up a heavy psychic shield around itself, helping to protect it from attacks.
Bide - Your Pokémon allows itself to be beat up by the opponent, storing energy. It releases this energy with a tremendous force.
Bind - Your Pokémon squeezes the opponent a varied amount of times. The opponent is too busy wincing to attack
Bite - Your Pokémon, well, bites the opponent. Occasionally, the opponent will move back in pain and refuse to attack.
Blizzard - Your Pokémon creates a raging snowstorm, with the power to encase the opponent in a solid block of ice.
Body Slam - Your Pokémon crashes into the opponent. The force of this high-speed tackle can crush the opponent's body, paralyzing it.
Bone Club - Your Pokémon grabs a bone and hits the opponent with it. 'Nuff said.
Bonemerang - Your Pokémon takes a bone and throws it in such a manner that it hits the opponent, goes on for a while, and comes back to hit the opponent again.
Bubble - Your Pokémon starts frothing and fires a few bubbles at the opponent. Occasionally the opponent is trapped in one and is slowed down.
Bubblebeam - Your Pokémon appears to be rabid as it froths and shoots a constant spray of bubbles at the opponent. Occasionally the opponent is trapped in one and is slowed down.
Clamp - Your Pokémon latches onto the opponent using its shell a varied amount of times. The opponent is too busy getting squished to attack.
Comet Punch - Your Pokémon's fists shoot out like meteors, attacking the opponent multiple times.
Confuse Ray - Your Pokémon shoots a beam of pretty little sparkles at the opponent. Seeing no apparent reason for this, the opponent becomes confused.
Confusion - Your Pokémon confuses the opponent into hitting itself. Occasionally, this may confuse the opponent for a prolonged period of time.
Constrict - Your Pokémon encases the opponent in tentacle-thingies. Occasionally, the opponent will be slowed by this action.
Conversion - Your Pokémon adopts a new operating system, and takes on the type(s) of the opponent.
Counter - Your Pokémon tries to get hit by the opponent in an attempt to strike back at them.
Crabhammer - Your Pokémon takes its larger claw and beats the opponent over the head with it.
Cut - Your Pokémon slices and dices the opponent. It can also weed-whack any bushes in the way.
Defense Curl - Your Pokémon forms a little ball with itself, toughening its skin up.
Dig - Your Pokémon burrows a hole in the ground, then pops up later to hit the opponent. Your Pokémon also has a good memory and can create a one-way tunnel to your last Pokémon Center.
Disable - Your Pokémon makes lots of grunting noises as it renders one of the opponent's attacks useless.
Dizzy Punch - Your Pokémon punches the opponent in such a way as to spin it around. Occasionally, the opponent will become dizzy and confused.
Double-Edge - Your Pokémon tackes the opponent with such force that it injures itself in the process.
Double Kick - Your Pokémon kicks the opponent twice. As if you needed this to figure that out.
Double Slap - Your Pokémon starts slapping the opponent silly. Depending on how annoyed it is, your Pokémon will slap a varied amount of times.
Double Team - Your Pokémon blurs and creates a hologram of itself. Only the real Pokémon can get hurt.
Dragon Rage - Your Pokémon gets mad, calls its friends, and they all start spinning around. This creates a wooshy thing of constant power that hits the opponent.
Dream Eater - Your Pokémon sneaks up on the sleeping opponent, goes into their mind, and sucks up whatever dream was in there at the time. The dream is converted to energy and repleneshes your Pokémon.
Drill Peck - Your Pokémon's beak is so sharp it can be used as a power tool. It pecks the opponent, with its beak entering deeply.

All to be read sideways:

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I view all the psychic damage moves as psionic attacks against the mind of the defender.


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