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Author Topic: Calculating Deter-Value
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posted 06-23-2000 06:54 PM      Profile for Starshelle   Email Starshelle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
First of all, I am pretty new to this board, and I have found most people extremely helpful to my questions and really appreciate it! I don't have many friends except for my brother, who are interested into pokemon, and due to the fact I think many people my age look down on pokemon (I'm 18), that doesn't make it easier.

One girl, when I was in high school who I respect in all other ways, saw my blubasaur keychain and commented, "Why do you have that? You're in high school now." So the experience of actually being able to talk with many other people who UNDERSTAND why I find pokemon to be so much fun, and don't think it belongs exclusively to obsessed little kids is really a new experience for me.

This aside I do have some questions about the deter value. From what I understand each pokemon has "genes" which will determine how close to their max stats they'll be able to reach. I've done as much reading on this as I can, but math has never been my forte, so perhaps this is why I'm still confused.

When you first catch a pokemon how can you tell what it's deter-value is. I know a deter value has 16 possibities 0-15 but how can you tell that by looking a pokemon stats?

Let's say (I'm just using random numbers) I catch a magikarp at level 5 with the following stats:

Hp: 16
At: 8
Speed: 10
Special: 11

How do you I go about figuring out the deter value? I've read up as much as I could, but there must be something about the process that's still throwing me off. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanx!


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posted 06-23-2000 09:39 PM      Profile for Starshelle   Email Starshelle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thanx! That helps a lot! I'm still on somewhat shaky grounds, but I think with further studying I'll eventually get the hang of this LOL


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posted 06-23-2000 10:54 PM      Profile for Starmie64     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
GreyCloak's Skill/StatFinder is very useful for calculating deter values, etc. It also can tell you what TMs a Pokemon can learn (quite useful ) Find it here:

It works best with Pokemon that are level 50 or above, since at lower levels it doesn't tell you the deter values, as with low stats, data is lost because the game rounds off the numbers (more so as level goes down). Anyway, type in the Pokemon species, level, and its stats and check "Personal Max". The yellow numbers tell what the stat range is for a just-caught Pokemon (no stat exp.), and the blue numbers are for a fully-trained Pokemon (max stat exp.). As I said earlier it doesn't give deter values for Pokemon whose levels are less than 50, but you still see the stat range and you can thus gauge where your individual Pokemon's stats lie in the range.

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posted 06-24-2000 12:48 AM      Profile for cfalcon   Email cfalcon   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Here we go:

For Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special, the values are determined as follows:

(Level*(base + gene))/50 + 5 + statEXPval

Level is obvious: base is a base value for each monster, and can be found on a big old list at Necrosaro's here:
gene is a 4 bit value, meaning it ranges from 0 to 15. There are genes for all four stats (attack, defense, speed, special), and the hitpoint gene is derived from these (covered later). The fact that gene and base add together and are multiplied by Level/50 shows how having a DV of zero would give you 30 points off: 100/50=2, and that is multiplied by the missing 15...

The 5 is added to make sure it never hits zero. The statEXPval is the amount of "bonus" points it gets for statEXP. You actually have 5 statEXPs on each monster, one for each of hitpoints, attack, defense, speed, and special. Everytime you defeat a monster, their base stat in each category is added to the respective stat EXPs: these values are hidden, and are what you improve with the box trick.

Anyway, that value is 63 for a level 100 monster with maximum stat EXP, and I believe 31 for a level 50... someone posted the exact relationship somewhere, though I forget.

Hit points are handled differently:
(Level*(base + gene + 50))/50 + 10 + statEXPval

Basically this is the same formula, with bigger numbers so that there are more hitpoints. The gene for hitpoints also varies from 0 to 15, but it is related to the other genes: basically, start with a hitpoint gene of 0. Then add eight if the attack gene is odd. Then add four if the defense gene is odd. Then add two if the speed gene is odd. Then add one if the special gene is odd.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask more...

hope this helps,


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