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Author Topic: RMT or I will kick your cat
Brand Nizzle
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posted 05-15-2005 04:17 AM      Profile for Brand Nizzle     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
After MUCH planning and failed attempts, I've finally come up with a team that I feel I can stick with.

Slaking@Lum Berry - Adamant nature
Hyper Beam
Shadow Ball
Slack Off/Rock Slide

Starter. I replaced the standard Choice Band with Lum Berry because I find anything with Confuse Ray and/or Thunderwave can royally screw Slaking over. So yeah.

Lanturn@Leftovers - Modest nature
Confuse Ray
Ice Beam

I opted to not go with the standard(?) Kyogre killing set, because I like to stray from the norm, and I hate Flygon.

Registeel@Chesto Berry - Impish nature
Seismic Toss

Havent tried it out in battle yet, but it looks totally evil on paper; and no I dont consider it cheap. If Dusclops can learn Mean Look I feel Registeel can use counter.

Gengar@Quick Claw/Bright Powder??? - Speed or Defense favored nature
Mean Look
Perish Song
Destiny Bond

Alos havent tried this out in battle, but I think it should do its job as a suicider/(pseudo)hazer. The plan is to either opt switches with perish song/haze, take pure utility baton passers or generally sucky attackers in general out with perish trapping, or just destiny bond a sweeper right off, as sort of a suicide bomber if you will (hope you fully understood all that). It's going to take out at last one really important opponent though, and thats basically what its here to do. Quick Claw is for extra assurance on the speed department, especially with speedy f@gs like Dugtrio and Ninjask out there.

Gorebyss@Lum Berry - Calm nature
Ice Beam/Iron Defense
Baton Pass

I'm unsure on Iron Defense(could PROBABLY fend off Exploding/Hazing Weezings) or Ice Beam(it's special attack is just too sweet to pass up, and I hate pure utility pokemon) but Amnesia and Agility are musts, as it passes to...

Pinsir@Lum Berry - Adamant nature
Swords Dance
Rock Slide
Brick Break/Return

3rd generation Pinsir is a god. It's move options are better from previous games by leaps and bounds, and its faster on its own than darn near everything else with a sky high attack out there, AND it boasts a maximum 299 defensive stat at that to make up for the 2 out of 3 of its weakness. How cool is that?

Anyway, 9 times out of 10, no one will have a type that could really hurt Pinsir out while Gorebyss is uppping stats (flying, rock, fire) because of Gorey's possiblity of having a supper effective move against said types, so he should get little damage on the switch. At this point, the opponent either switches to a super effective type or a hazer or whatever, allowing Pinsir to get in a Swords Dance. And well, you can figure out the rest for yourself.

Now, rate/suggest/insult [Trash Koffing]

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posted 07-16-2006 06:16 PM      Profile for Face   Author's Homepage   Email Face   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

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