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Author Topic: my 2vs2 team
Anonymous 2003
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posted 08-12-2004 08:16 PM      Profile for Anonymous 2003   Author's Homepage   Email Anonymous 2003   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hi! Please rate my team. I have a basic understanding of EV's and stuff like that so I will supply what I know. Haven't decided on Items yet (don't have many good ones).

Slaking -Sp.A, +Speed EVs in Attack, SpDef, Speed
Hyper Beam
Slack Off/Rest

Gardevoir -Sp.D, +Sp.A EVs in SpDef, Speed
Skill Swap

Absol -Sp.D, +Attack EVs in SpDef, Speed, SpA
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam
Perish Song
Swords Dance

Crobat -Attack, +Speed EVs in HP, SpDef
Mean Look
Confuse Ray

Breloom -defense, +Sp.A EVs in HP, SpDef
Focus Punch
Leech Seed
Protect OR Giga Drain

Flygon Neutral EVs in HP max, Def and SpDef
Sand Tomb

Also let us assume a few things about my opponent's team:
~Spikes/WW (Skarmory and Hariyama)
~Ninetales w/Sunny Day, Heat Wave
~Altaria w/Earthquake, Perish Song, Flamethrower, solarbeam
~A mean looker, probably Dusclops
~Either a Flygon or Gyarados w/ Earthquake
(my opponent gave away most of his strategies, but some of this is just speculation)

Okay, he brings out Skarmory and some other and I nail it with Gardevoir's Thunderbolt and Flygon's Flamethrower, preferably before it can start Spiking.

Gardevoir skill swaps with Slaking, of course, and later again with an opponent if I don't just switch out. Can someone verify the effects of Skill Swap? I'm confused on that.

Crobat's there to Mean Look for Absol, and to confuse, when it's not Protecting, then Flying (two protected turns in a row can be useful)

Flygon has Sand Tomb to trap the opponent if Crobat gets killed (I admit it's not reliable but hopefully it stays backup) Flamethrower and Solarbeam are to take advantage of Ninetales' Sunny Day (the flamethrower is also useful vs grass; flygon's got a x4 weakness to them)

Breloom's moveset is pretty self-explanitory; people around here have talked enough about it. What would be more useful, though: Protect or Giga Drain? The personality was chosen for GD of course; I might change it if I decide Protect

Absol's got Shadow Ball, well, just because he needed a decent physical attack. Ice Beam is for potential dragons, Perish Song is for Perish Trapping, and Swords Dance is because I couldn't think of anything better. Suggestions welcome!

Gardevoir's TB is for flyers or waters, Psychic is a good STAB move, Skill Swap's for Slaking, and Reflect is just there for the low defense Poke's on the team (protects whole team for 5 turns from physical attacks)

I know I probably need to change Slaking's moveset. Suggestions?

~Anonymous 2003

Edit: forgot EV info

[ 08-12-2004, 08:21 PM: Message edited by: Anonymous 2003 ]

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posted 08-13-2004 02:41 PM      Profile for TeLeFonE   Email TeLeFonE   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Slaking: Return, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam @Lum Berry

Gardevoir: I like Will-O over Reflect.. @Leftovers

An odd combo considering a Claydol or Dusclops is probably better suited for Skill Swaping given their defenses. Skill Swap with Slaking generally doesn't work, though, because people can and probably will recognize what you're doing. I've yet to have a problem stopping it. The Lum Berry is fun for Wispers or faster pokemon with Sleep Powder.


You're going to want to pull this with different pokemon. Crobat is fast and has a somewhat decent attack. It is a Choice Band pokemon and nothing more. By using a pokemon that has to use Mean Look you also allow for people to switch out to a roarer. Wobbuffet is a clean lock once it's out on the field and is much harder to take down in 3 turns and leaves your opponent with potentially two pokemon that can't kill Wob. So if anything, Wobbuffet over Crobat for this type of combo. Next you will wan't a more solid Perish Song pokemon. As much as I love Absol, it has shit on defense. A fast choice band pokemon could probably ohko before you even get to perish song. I take it that you're playing 200 so this really only leaves you with Altaria as your other option.. at least I'm pretty sure that's it. Altaria is better anyway... Immune to the common Earthquake and can Ice Beam the common Salamence. It's trait is nice too in that it can Rest and switch out to be fully healed. Go with Perish Song, Ice Beam, Protect, and Rest on Altaria and Wobb would be something like Encore, Counter, Mirror Coat, Charm/Safeguard both with Leftovers.


Well the typical Breloom these days has Substitute thanks to FR/LG but I'll stay with the assumption that this is 200 style. The 200 standard is commonly Spore, Focus Punch, Mach Punch, and Hidden Power Ghost. From the sound of it, this is on the cart so I'll avoid HPs. I guess Leech Seed would be a fine filler.
As for Flygon... all I have to say really is "huh?" Solarbeam is a no without any sort of Sunny Day support and Fly is bad. It does 70 damage in 2 turns (fyi that's the same as using a Tackle attack 2 turns in a row... 35 base damage/turn) and allows your opponent to see what you're doing and switch out to something that can absorb a flying attack easily. On Flygon I would use a mixed attacker of Earthquake, Fire Blast/Dragon Claw, Rock Tomb, Protect/Screech. Flygon really sucks without the help of FR/LG's Rock Slide or a Hidden Power. :/ In my personal opinion Breloom can't pull off a Spore/FP combo in 2v2 just because if it were me battling, I'd use both pokemon to target Breloom and get the KO. And Flygon doesn't have stellar offense...

The natures and ev spreads (In order of HP/Atk/Def/Spd/SpAtk/SpDef):

Slaking: 6/252/0/252/0/0 and Jolly
Gardevoir: Something like 240/0/228/26/16/0 and Bold for what you're using it for.
Altaria: 248/0/128/24/6/104 and Bold
Wobbuffet: I dunno something like 224/0/192/0/0/94 and Calm/Careful
Breloom: 6/252/0/252/0/0 and Jolly
Flygon: I dunno probably Jolly with 6/252/0/252/0/0 or 6/144/0/252/108/0

All should hold Leftovers besides Slaking, though Slaking can have em too or a Choice Band. Which ever.

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