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Author Topic: My projected RuSa Team
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posted 03-09-2003 12:11 PM      Profile for SSM   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Ok, I'm not the biggest expert on RuSa, but I managed to type up a preliminary RuSa team that I was planning on using and I think it looks decent.

Zapdos (You know what it is)
Trait: Pressure (The opponent's moves cost 2 pp, not one)
Work Ethic Stat Thing (?): Look, I'm not that in the know in how it works, but I do know you have a certain amount of DV points to be distributed. What I was thinking was doing an even spread of the points across the board with zapdos, since, in my opinion, every stat is important and Zap can take it with it's legendary stats.
Personality: +Special Attack, -Speed
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Drill Peck, Whirlwind, Hidden Power (Ice)@Leftovers
Reasoning: With Heracross looking mighty powerful in RuSa I needed a flier to take him out, and since I didn't have an electric, it seemed natural to use Zapdos. The HP Ice over Water is because most of the new pokemon that could hurt Zapdos are more vulnerable to HP Ice than HP Water, and with all the knew 4x weakness to ice pokemon out there, it seems to be better to use ice.

Armaldo (The Rock/Bug that looks like a buggy Armadillo)
Trait: Kabuto Armor (No CHs on you)
Work ethic stat thing (?): What I plan on doing is feeding points to attack, hp, defense, and special defense as evenly as possible and then neglect speed and special attack.
Personality: +Attack, -Special Attack
Moveset: Combo (75(?) Fighting base attack that breaks "Barrier-type" moves (Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard)), Rock Slide, Earthquake, Swords Dance@Leftovers
Reasoning: He's slow, sure, but with only three weaknesses (Rock, Steel, and Water) and a high enough defense to block two of them easily, he is certainly a good offensive choice.

Ludicolo (The Mexican duck of water/grass nature
Trait: Rain Saucer (Recover 1/16 of hp during Rain Dance)
Work ethic stat thing (?): Screw attack, spa, and speed, feed evenly among the rest.
Personality: +Defense, -Attack
Moveset: Rain Dance, Surf, Ice Beam, Leech Seed@Leftovers
Reasoning: You want HP Recovery? Leech Seed + Leftovers + Rain Saucer. It doesn't have that many weaknesses except those of the physical nature, but the personality helps with that.

Flygon (The Ground/Dragon Dragonfly-looking thing)
Trait: Floating (Ground moves don't hurt him)
Work ethic stat thing (?): I'm feeding evenly across the board on this thing, too.
Personality: -Speed, +Special Attack
Moveset: Earthquake, Crunch, Dragon Claw (Base 80 Dragon Attack), Fire Blast@Leftovers
Reasoning: Fire blast is for potential ice beamers, Crunch is using it's special attack to help against the inevitable explosion of psychics, and then Dragon Claw and Earthquake provide two powerful STAB moves for it's arsenal.

Metagross (Psychic/Steel Crab-like thing with a big X on it's head)
Trait: Clear body (Stats can't be lowered)
Work ethic stat thing (?): Even except for speed which takes nothing
Personality: +Defense, -Speed
Moveset: Psychic, Meteor Punch (100 base 85% accurate steel move with 20% chance of raising attack), Reflect, Light Screen@Leftovers
Reasoning: It's stats are good, it's powerful, it will help increase defense on the team, and it can take an explosion like nobody's business.

Trait: Synchronize (If Zam is poisoned, Paralyzed, or Burned, so is the opponent)
Work ethic stat thing (?): Attack gets nothing, everything else is even.
Personality: -Attack, +Speed
Moveset: Psychic, Trick (Item switch between opponents), Meditation (Increases special attack and special defense), Recover@Miracleberry
Reasoning: It uses up the Miracleberry, takes the opponent's item, and inflicts a status ailment on the opponent with it's trait. Sounds good to me.

Conclusion: 2 weaknesses to ice, one being 4x, but Metagross helps things. I think the team is decent, concidering the game isn't even out yet, but that also means this is just a bunch of pokemon gibberjabber with no proof. Still, looks good...

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posted 03-09-2003 02:38 PM      Profile for Dark_Herakurosu   Author's Homepage   Email Dark_Herakurosu   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Zappy - OMG HP Legendary WTF.

Armaldo - The new Marowak/Sandslash. Possible HP-Bug over Brick Break.

Ludiculo - Annoyance tank. Evil. But it'll have some problems with Ices and other Waters. Possibly Dive over Surf. Attach Leftovers; 1/4 HP healed per turn = 1337.

Flygon - That Spl Atk seems a bit low for Crunch. Return might be a better choice, but it depends on how well your team fares against Psys.

Metagross - Unless you want Pseudopassing, Iron Wall over Reflect. For the last move, Light Screen/Agility/Earthquake. Pick one.

Kazam - You've got a Psychic-er. Also, to be able to use Trick, you have to have an item to switch. I'd go with Calm Mind, Recover, two elemental punches.

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