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Author Topic: Rate My Team
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posted 06-20-2003 05:51 PM      Profile for Roaming     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
This is my team, i use to use for PBS. Best i can remember it.. since its been a while. I can only remember it losing one battle, and one which ended with both our pokemon commiting suicide on the same turn.

Body Slam

Pretty standard right? My power hitting opener, with the strength and speed to lay the beating into anything. I normally let him stay out until he dies unless he becomes Para'd, and the Paralizer has been switched out.

Ice Beam

I normally don't pull Chansey out until late game. She doesn't have the two kill power most of my team has, but shes perfect for widdling down that last Starmie.

Body Slam

He is slighty one sided, having a huge weakness to ground/rock. But as you'll see, ground and rock pokemon have a lot to fear from my team.


Standard toby. He attually didn't find his way onto this team for need of power, but rather need of T-wave. The good news is, he is so popular most people see him and whip out the jolteon. Which ill have para'd on the switch, and then Toby goes back into hiding. Of course, if they bring out a grounder to block the para, i amnesia up till they switch to Jolteon (in which case i Surf him to death) or kill the grounder.

Focus Energy

My second water pokemon. With FE under her belt shes a fomidable sweeper. With Haze, and her high Hps, and spec shes a wonderful anti DT'er.

Body Slam
Swords Dance

My third water pokemon. The beast from the east. The thunder from down under. The claw without flaw. KIIIIIIIINGLER. Lets hear it for underated pokemon. Kingler has to be one of my favorite water pokemon. SD + 2nd highest attack in the game + BodySlam = Wow. Don't even make me do the formula for hyperbeam. Sure, kingler has a lower spec, but crabhammer's STAB, decent base power, and high CH rate bring it up juuust high enough to 1 hit kill anything with a weakness to water. Leaving Gengar and Jolteon his only real problems. Not bad for a crab.

Theres my team. No i won't use Mewtwo or Starmie. But thanks anyway. Other than a glaring weakness to electric, which it makes up for by having two poke built to kill jolteon in 1 hit and another that can freeze him, what to you think? Anyway you can see to improve the team, tell me. Either way... Rate rate raaate!

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posted 06-21-2003 04:13 PM      Profile for Turbo X     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
...not to mention the problem with Zapdos, which only Ice Beam/Blizzard is SE against him.

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posted 06-21-2003 06:57 PM      Profile for Roaming     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I don't really see that as a problem. He is eletric, same as Jolteon. Most people don't carry two eletrics on one team, and i have plenty of stopping power for one. Plus, two of my water types power up, Toby (provided Zapdos is switched in against him) and Vaporeon able to kill him with ease. Chansey also able to freeze/kill him, and snorlax and tarous can overpower him.

He beats kingler hands down, and Toby if they are pulled in at the same time. Not that impressive.

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posted 06-28-2003 08:31 PM      Profile for Thomaz   Author's Homepage   Email Thomaz   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hey, I remember you [Smile]

(I'm Thomas_pkmnfreak [Wink] )

*is still happy he had that Sub on his Jolt*

Can't remember who won that day, doesn't matter anyway :/

er...ok, rating time, well actually, I can't really rate this since you've a lot of weaknesses (Fighting, but that doesn't matter of course; who would ever put a Fighting pokemon in his team in RBY [Razz] ) and did that on purpose.

I have only one thing to say, good thinking and may our paths cross in the future...

P.S. I do have something to say:
Many people (including me) start the battle with a Thunderwaver, so you will probably switch out after the opponent switches (assuming I understand your lines well [Smile] ). So, who's going to be your next pokemon? I would probably switch to Jolteon, FE up and then Substitude, depending on the situation. Anyone who comes in his way is pulverized by it's Thunderbolt. Just wondering...

[ 06-28-2003, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: Thomaz ]

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posted 06-30-2003 02:12 AM      Profile for Roaming     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hey, we've battled quite a few times attually, although i think back then i had a more rounded team, with Gengar (t-bolt, psycic, nightshade, explo).

Anyway,yes i remember you and that sub.. since i was saying ah crap, no no sine i t-waved on impulse.

Anyway, normally if they start with a t-waver i bodyslam turn one, and depending on which poke they have out decides my round two move. Lets say you have something like a Starmie out, i'll slam again. If you switch out para, i may or may not leave tauros in. If i leave him in, ill prolly beam orslam based on most damage, probablity of switch, and if he will surive or not. If your poke is para'd ill leave him in till he dies, then kill it on the switch in with something faster. It also depends on the poke, if its something i fear.. i might sacrifice taur just to hurt them. Of course, if i think your going to switch out your poke on turn 2, i may switch on turn 2 as well.. to counter something like Toby, who can in turn, lay in a T-wave of my own. Of course.. i may not T-wave [Wink]

Mainly, i play off the metagame. Which, is why i like him as a starting sweeper, i can deterimine in 2-3 turns how you play. I have a very 'unstable' strategy. Every now and then i do something completely off the wall, just to keep my opponent on edge. Sometimes ill do something completely random like switch to snorlax on turn one, and blow up turn two because its completely unexpected.

My comment about taking tauros out refer's to keeping a para'd poke out if my opponent can para.

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