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Author Topic: There's Been a Malfunction in the Game!!!!!!!
Turbo X
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Yes, the game is broken. Welcome to the "Land of Learned RBY Moves"; where no tradebacks are allowed from GSC or RuSa, and no TMs or HMs are to be found anywhere (although for some reason Surfing Pikas and Amnesia Psyducks appeared).

I slapped a team together in the past two nights, coming up with half-workable movesets for almost all the evolved pokes. ::NOTICE:: I said I put "a team" together, not "a good team" together. With that in mind, I would like to ask for some help on this blueprint of a team. Hell, feel free to make your own up and post it as well. And as always, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Team Mutation v666.0

Confuse Ray
Tail Whip
Quick Attack

Flamethrower for main attack. Confuse Ray so they can whack themselves. Tail Whip works with C-Ray to lower their Def so they can whack themselves with lower protection abilities. Quick Attack may seem pointless (and it is mainly filler), but if both pokes are down to less than like 25HP left, Quick Attack will win the initiative and should KO them first.

Ice Beam

Ice Beam as main attack. Clamp can do wonders when there are only one or two pokes left (I'm glad they made Clamp a Water-based attack and not Normal). Supersonic for the lowish rate of confusion. Leer to lower Def. Withdraw to raise its already insane 400+ Def, which might be worthless, but with its shoddy HP, every little bit helps. It's too bad Cloyster can't learn Amnesia like Slowbro.

Dream Eater
Confuse Ray
Night Shade

Classic and predictable Hypnosis-Dream Eater combo, but what much else can you do with this guy? C-Ray for the confusion theme. Night Shade as an added source of damage other than the risky Dream Eater and C-Ray.

Drill Peck
Tri Attack

Drill Peck and Tri Attack can be prety powerful with STAB from Dodrio. Agility to boost its crazy speed. Growl to lower Att, mainly filler.

D-Edge/Body Slam
Hyper Beam

Either attack is fine, I prefer D-Edge for added power. Lax's HP will soak D-Edge's recoil, and Rest to replenish his life. I'd like both Amnesia and Harden, since amazingly both his Spc and Def are pretty low. I opt for Amnesia because it boosts up quicker, and some people forget that his Def is that low.

Disable/Confusion/Water Gun

Yes, THE tank is back in unique and rarified form. Amnesia a few times to boost Spc and rip into them with Psychic. Withdraw to complete his tankish qualities on the Def end of things. The last slot is a matter of choice. Confusion as an added attack and for the low rate of confusion. Water Gun for a low-power Water attack, probably the least likely of the three choices. Disable, even at ~55% accuracy, is still workable due to the small number of pokes who learn accuracy or evade modifiers (Pikachu, Scyther, Clefable, Muk, Chansey, Starmie, Alakazam, Pidgeot, Sandslash, Dugtrio, Farfetch'd, all Eevees, Weezing, Seadra, and Magmar is the total list. But go through that entire list and have them use nothing but natural-learned moves, and the list shrinks to only a few).

It seems like a good team, with the confusion theme and all, but there's two big glaring 3x weaknesses, Fighting and Electric. Electabuzz might come into play here, being the only poke to learn Thunderpunch and Thunder (though T-Bolt Pika might overshadow him). A strong Ground such as Golem gets rid of the Electric part, but that adds yet another Fighting weakness, not to mention two 2x to Grass and more importantly Water. Looks like the only hope is Dugtrio. Or Marowak, hmmmm....I'll get started on a Marowak to fit in here, possibly over Gengar or Cloyster since they look like the weak links so far. Other than that, there's a 2x weakness to Ground, Grass, and Bug. Then again, adding a Ground also raises the Grass and Ground to 3x. It gets more confusing by the second. ::Side Note::There's also a 3x weakness to Rock. But nothing learns Rock Slide naturally, and only Golem and Onix learn the pathetic Rock Throw. Therefore any Rock weakness is pretty much non-existent.::End Side Note::

Also, the lack of a definitive Water or Grass attack worries me. Hmmmmm....I just thought of something, see below of that idea*.

Other pokes to think about:
Focus Energy
Bone Club/Leer

Either Ground attack is good. I prefer Bonmerang because it's more powerful. Though it lacks HP, Marowak won't be around long enough to waste all its PP, look at how low his Spc is. Leer probably over the other Ground attack.

Horn Drill
Horn Attack
Tail Whip/Supersonic

Now that I think of it, a Seaking might actually be workable. Waterfall (next to a Clamp that hits 3+ times) is the strongest Water attack, due to the lack of the HP Surf. Horn Drill for OHKO. Horn Attack for a decent Normal attack, utilizing Seaking's surprizingly half-decent Att (282, stronger than his Spc). Last spot is filler.

Sleep Powder
Razor Leaf
Solar Beam

Sleep Powder
Stun Spore
Petal Dance
Solar Beam

Basically depends on if you want just a sleeper, or a double powder.

Body Slam
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
Confuse Ray

There's just so much variety to Lapras, even without TMs, that it was tough dropping him from my team. Another candidate for a replacement of Cloyster, and has exact same type weaknesses.

I have many more pokes with designed movesets, but I don't want to bore anyone more than I already have with this post. Perhaps I'll post them tomorrow. One of these days I'm going to have to make a page (or at least a list) of all the decent TM/HM-less movesets in RBY.

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posted 11-04-2002 09:23 AM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Don't forget, there's always Hydro Pump if you need some power and are willing to forego a little PP and accuracy.

Also, no RBY collection of naturals (IMO) is complete without a Jolteon:

~Thunder Wave
~Focus Energy
~Pin Missile

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Turbo X
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posted 07-10-2003 01:33 AM      Profile for Turbo X     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Team Mutation v666.1 Note: For use against other TM/HM-less/no tradeback teams, and possibly against some n00bs.

Ninetales - Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Tail Whip, Quick Attack Starts out in case the opponent begins with Jynx or a Grass-type (to put pokes to sleep, obviously). If I see that people don't use this strategy I might use Raichu as the starter instead.

Raichu - T-Wave, T-Bolt, Surf, Light Screen Not much to say about the wet rat, except that it does what it's supposed to, and deals damage afterwards. Light Screen in case I decide to keep Ninetales as my starter and use Raichu as the Special-based cleaner.

Machamp - Focus Energy, Submission, S-Toss, Karate Chop Machamp gets the nod over AmnesiaLax in case anyone tries to sneak in a Chansey. However, this will usually pop out after Raichu has paralyzed something, so 'Champ can get off an easy FE to begin the sweeping process. Bring on the pain!

Lapras - Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Confuse Ray Oh, if only Lapras learned Rest naturally.... but it doesn't unfortunately. It's great to have parafusion, a semi-tank (with the huge-HP aspect, anyway), and a semi-Special sweeper all rolled into one.

Slowbro - Amnesia, Psychic, Withdraw, Confusion The Special Tank. Sets up with Amnesia and fires away. Withdraw against other Psychics who attempt to use physical attacks. "WTF 2 attacks of the same type? You know you shouldn't do that!!" Yea, but Confusion is a bit stronger than the other choice, Water Gun; and with all the Amnesias, it's stronger than Headbutt as well. And Confusion has the nice side effect of, you guessed it, confusion.

Dugtrio - EQ, Slash, Sand-Attack, Dig With its high speed, the three-headed dildo comes in late as my physical-based cleaner. Slash for anyone using Flyers. Dig?.. well, much of the time I'd use EQ. However, Dig does have its place, such as when the opponent is confused and I know they have no flyers left. There's always that chance that they would hit themselves on my Dig turn and lose the match.

This team is set up to take out many of the usual suspects that I think would be around in a TM/HM-less environment. Namely: Chansey, Gengar, Alakazam, Slowbro, Starmie, Snorlax, Jynx, Lapras, Vileplume (for the Petal Dance/double powder factor), Jolteon, Zapdos. Ironically, the one poke this team is afraid of is on this team... Raichu. He can T-Bolt Lapras and Slowbro (when not set up) to hell, and Surf Dugtrio and Ninetales to the ground. After that, Machamp won't pose much of a threat, and Raichu v. Raichu is a dead heat (unless I get off Light Screen and a few lucky CH Surfs).

3 Grass weaknesses, but all 3 have ways of dealing STAB SE damage against a Grass/Poison (Lapras-Ice Beam, Slowbro-Psychic, Dugtrio-EQ). I thought of putting a stalling Starmie in, but I don't wanna take out either of my 2 current Waters. I also thought of putting a stalling Magmar in (Smokescreen, C-Ray, Leer, Flamethrower), but I feel I don't need to squeeze another Special-based poke in the team. I was toying with the Marowak idea, but it's just too slow for the job it's needed to do.

Well, there ya go. Probably the most thought-out TM/HM-less team ever to be created. And the worst part? Noone else is going to create another "au natural" team, and therefore this whole idea is pointless. But o well, I had fun doing it, and that was the main goal all along.

[ 07-11-2003, 12:05 AM: Message edited by: Turbo X ]

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I mean, goldfish lamp wallpaper skeleton in my Bavarian Star or what? Flowers mirror computer Smurfs every time Moses flies playing cards in or around Paris.

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Water gun?

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