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Author Topic: My stupid team of a lnog while ago.
Yay Porygon
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posted 04-13-2001 03:45 PM      Profile for Yay Porygon   Author's Homepage   Email Yay Porygon   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
A team from about a year ago. Oy. No need to add comments or rate...It's what I was going to write up to Nintendo Power for their Coliseum thingy...eesh. Lots of sig material here I bet. Laugh away. ^_^ Oh, and the critters chosen? My then-current favorites. I truly didn't think Onix was better than Rhydon or anything.

Hello Nintendo Power,

You are requesting dream teams for pokémon battling? Here is mine. The characters aren't the best of their types often, but they're my favorites. They're very good at battling if hand raised with few Rare Candies and all the Carbos, Calciums, et al they can take, and I was able to beat the entire PokéCup (Round 1) with them, not to mention beat the entire Yellow version with them only. I haven't tried Round 2 yet. They aren't best to use unless you're willing to have a bird to Fly with and something like a Sandshrew to Cut with, to carry when you need. Who needs Flash?

Onix: He isn't meant to be out for very long. If he's fixing to be put down, use Toxic to your next pokémon has an easier chance at beating the foe.
Rock Slide. Perfect for defeating those pesky flying types like Moltres and Zapdos. Even Articuno if you're lucky.
Earthquake. What can I say? Obliterates nearly all.
Strength. If lacking PP for the other moves, I can use this. Plus it's handy for those long dungeons.
Toxic. Surprise attack, and it helps Onix win matches faster before he may faint.

Parasect: I can't help but like this guy. It seems, although it's unproven, that ever Paras/ect I've raised has rarely succumbed to Hypnosis or Sing by anything. Just something I noticed. He's great at taking down Hypnos and Alakazams, although he may have trouble with Mewtwo. Good for getting a bunch of HP gone, though.
Slash. He has to know this. With enough PP there, he can be trained out in wild battles easier. And it's quite strong with pokémon with high Attack scores like he does.
Leech Life. The best bug attack he can learn. And it restores a bunch of health, too!
Mega Drain. He needs a grass attack. Nobody else on my team knows anything grass.
Spore. If I think I'll get the first hit, and the opponent looks a little tough, just sprinkle and relax.

Ninetales: He works better for me than Arcanine, and I like speed. So in he goes. His Vulpix form is too cute to pass up.
Flamethrower. Any other attack is fine here. I think it's as good as Fire Blast, because that doesn't hit too often. Flamethrower makes up for its lack of power with accuracy. Yay!
Dig. He's got to know Dig! It's one of the best moves in the game. And it helps get rid of Jolteons and Golems, and you can lave caves and the Pokémon Tower immediately.
Fire Blast. Either this or Flamethrower, to your personal taste. Too bad Ninetales doesn't learn too many good moves.
Confuse Ray. He's almost always the first to strike, especially if you load him up with Carbos. Confusing possible threats before they can hit is a must. Then you can take them out with Dig.

Porygon: My favorite pokémon. He barely beats out Slowpoke. He can learn so much, and he can put up with a lot. A good stand-in to assist my others.
Psychic. Gets rid of so many threats. It may not be his type, but that doesn't stop him from making a near-KO every time.
Thunder. This or Thunderbolt. Porygon wouldn't be used much, as you should have your Electric or Fire types out firist. It's got the power needed to kill an opponent, and Porygon cna put up with most punishment to make it all right.
Blizzard. He had to know an ice move to obliterate those darn Dragonairs. I love these powerful moves when needed.
Recover. Duh. "Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'."

Jolteon: He looks cuddly. My third favorite pokémon, I believe. Along with so many other people out there...but he gets rid of so much! He's better than Pikachu and Raichu by a lot and the Magnetons. Electrode could be a match with his Explosion, however.
Thunderbolt. Much nicer with a type pokémon than Thunder. It's like Flamehrower to Fire Blast.
Swift. Nothing else could fit, and if Jolteon's stuck for a rut with a pokémon using Dig, don't switch, just use Swift and keep your turn when he gets knocked out...which he may not. Hardy little creature.
Pin Missile. Not really got for anything, as it doesn't affect Psychics well enough. Easily get-rid-able.
Double Kick. Normal pokémon'll cry at this. Bye-bye, Clefable! Toodle-oo, Kangaskhan!

Slowbro: So cute and pink and happy and huggable. He has two of the best types, and although his speed is...frankly terrible, and his specialr ating isn't stupendously high, his defense is quite superb for taking care of this. Plus, in Pokémon Stadium, the animation for Body Slam is quite humorous.
Psychic. Natch'.
Surf. See above comment. You need it for the game...he's got it.
Body Slam. I love the animation. And it's quite powerful, as Slowbro's got a good-enough Attack to make it work well. Plus it can paralyze.
Amnesia. Oh, so many people dislike this move. Slowbro could use stat-pumping there. I fyou have your Parasect out, have it do Spore. Switch to Slowbro. Do Amnesia once or twice, then pummel. It'll be like having a Mewtwo (due to the Psychic). Sort of.

That's my team. I didn't want any really heavily popular ones, like the starters or Dragonite or anything, but Jolteon had to come. If it works well enough to beat the game by themselves and beat the Final Four & Rival several times at just Lv. 50, I think it's good enough. At least for me.

...Oy. I was so stupid.

*Do DO do DO Do DO do* I'm Prozac the Bear!

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posted 04-14-2001 12:50 PM      Profile for Nirvana     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
At that time did you hear of a team destroying move called Earthquake? 3 of you're Pokémon hadn't ^_~ .....don't worry, we all weren't very good sometime....


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posted 04-14-2001 12:58 PM      Profile for Windex   Email Windex   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
At that time did you hear of a team destroying move called Earthquake?


Earthquake. What can I say? Obliterates nearly all.


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posted 04-14-2001 03:27 PM      Profile for Porygone   Email Porygone   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Ice Beam

Light Screen/Agility

Fire Spin
Sky Attack

Fire Blast
Swords Dance

Being an arrogant bastard, having not only Mewtwo, but ALL the Legendary Birds, AND Charizard, I never used a sixth.....

Sadly, I had five fights with this team. Won four, lost one......fully Amnesia'd Mewtwo killed me......

Reminder to Jenova: Be horribly mean to Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk and me.

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posted 05-25-2002 02:12 AM      Profile for Bulbasaur3000     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

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posted 05-25-2002 05:23 PM      Profile for PikaCharma   Author's Homepage   Email PikaCharma   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
ROFL. Ok, ORIGINAL shitty teams. Let's rock 'n' roll.

The story you're about to see is true. No names were changed, because no one was innocent.
Date: Mid-May, 1999
Amount of time I'd been playing Pokemon: Two weeks.

Earthquake ((Ok, that one's not too bad. Wait for the rest.))

Thunder ((I need to be beaten for this.))

Confuse ray
Nightshade ((TM's? What are those?))

Doubleteam ((Kinda redundant, but not too horribly stinky))

Swift ((Before I'd discovered the wonders of Amnesia))

Gamesharked Mew:
Mirror Move ((::waits for the laughter to die down:: OK, I admit, this is my moment of shame. However, this little Mew was hand-raised from Lvl 3, and she actually managed to take out a Mewtwo with a 15-level advantage over her.))

And the backup plan --

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posted 05-26-2002 12:19 AM      Profile for Uiru   Author's Homepage   Email Uiru   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
*does the 'my newbie team was half-sensible' dance*

Blastoise: Surf, Blizzard, Submission, Withdraw
Butterfree: Psychic, Mega Drain, Sleep Powder, Reflect
Raichu: Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Hyper Beam, Submission
Sandslash: Slash, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Toxic
Alakazam: PSY Beam, Psychic, Reflect, Recover (I thought it was neat how every attack was seven letters long ^_^;;)
Hitmonchan: Mega Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch (YEAH!! ^_^)


[ 05-26-2002, 12:20 AM: Message edited by: Uiru ]

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posted 05-27-2002 10:55 PM      Profile for Mr.E     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yay, my first finalized team.

Blastoise: Surf, Bite, Hydro Pump, Blizzard
Articuno: Fly, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Sky Attack
Zapdos: Fly, Toxic, Thunder, Drill Peck
Moltres: Fly, Fire Spin, Sky Attack, Fire Blast
Dragonite: Rest, Ice Beam, Body Slam Double Team (aha, Double Restage)
Mewtwo: Recover, Psychic, Tri Attack, Seismic Toss

Heh, I used Tri Attack on Mewtwo because I had used Dodrio throughout much of my game and loved the funny sound it made when Tri Attack was used. [Razz] Blastoise eventually became what I found to be the standard moveset for it in RBY, yay. ^_^

Aha, and later on I found out exactly what Amnesia did.

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posted 05-28-2002 02:42 PM      Profile for Face   Author's Homepage   Email Face   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

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posted 05-28-2002 03:56 PM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
~Dream Eater

~Pin Missile

~Mega Kick

~Razor Leaf
~Sleep Powder

~Fire Spin

~Hydro Pump

ph33r mai pr0l3 skillz.

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posted 05-29-2002 12:46 PM      Profile for PorygonX     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I thikn my very first team consisted of a level 80 Blastoise and everything else at Level 25. But i can't remember exactly what they were and had.

2nd Team

Dragonite - Surf, Dragon rage, Hyper Beam, Rage
* I knew he had the highest attack, so Rage would be perfect. Also Dragon rage, being a Dragon type attack would be perfect against other Dragons.
Dodrio - Tri Attack, Sky Attack, Fly, Drill Peck
* 3 Heads? TRI Attack? Obviously it has to have more power than usual.
Venusaur - Razor Leaf, Cut, Mega Drain, Solar Beam.
* For some reason I though Cut did more damage from a grass type, because all the time i used it to kill Oddish's they were going down in one hit.
Kingler - Body Slam, Guillotine, Surf, Cut
* I used to wonder why Guillotine missed so much.
Graveler - Mega Punch, Dig, Earthquake, Rock Slide.
* Where was the point in a move that killed you when you used it? Bye bye Explosion. Also this is before I discovered TRADING.
Mr Mime - Psychic, Body Slam, Thunder Bolt, Barrier
* Didn't understand Sub, and since he was the only Psychic type to learn TBOlt (other than Mew/two & Starmie) it was perfect.

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posted 06-02-2002 03:13 PM      Profile for Blade Sabre     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
LAPRAS - Bubblebeam, Thunderbolt, Icebeam, Body Slam
CHARIZARD - Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Slash, Submission
DRAGONITE - Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Hyper Beam
DUGTRIO (lol) - Earthquake, Dig, Slash, Fissure

I don't remember the other two.

I actually beat people with them.
Us at school were all totally clueless about link battles.

I knocked out 4 of my my friend's Pokemon with Lapras, then he sent out Gengar and took him down. So I sent out Dugtrio : ). His 6th Pokemon was a Mew with Spore and Dream Eater.

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posted 06-04-2002 11:13 AM      Profile for Rolken   Author's Homepage   Email Rolken   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
From back when I didn't even have a GB and was just playing with someone else's who didn't care:


Don't remember anything else; I think I blocked it out.

I miss the pory.

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posted 06-04-2002 04:40 PM      Profile for spunman        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
my first, actual, planned team:

- body slam, surf, double team, rest
not TOO bad, i suppose...

- thunderbolt, thunder wave, double team, swift

- blizzard, fly, double team, ice beam

- amnesia, psychic, ice beam, recover
yeah, i used a mewtwo. >_<

- growth, leech life, spore, toxic
growth AND leech life!? spore AND toxic!?! o_O did i really think that was gonna work back then?

- double team, swords dance, hyper beam, earthquake
again, not TOO bad.

where'd yp go, anyhow? that's still the best nick i've ever seen.

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