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Posted by JohtoMaster (Member # 1023) on 09-28-2001, 04:25 PM:
I fought NickWhiz1 today on Kero Kato's PBS.

I lead with Alakazam, he with DeathStar. I immediatly switch to Dragonite, who takes the T-Wave. Star Confuse Rays, and I Haze, putting us at level footing, with my 25% failure. He Surfs me for 15%, and I T-Bolt.

CritHit down to 4%. I am pretty psyched at this point, thinking I that I have him. Starmie Recovers to 54%, and I am FP'ed. Star follows with Confuse Ray, and I smack myself to 62%. I switch to Zapdos, and eat a 25% Surf. He switches to Golem, and the T-Bolt fizzles. I switch to Star, he Subs, I Surf, he Explodes


I send out Snorlax, and he sends DeathStar back out. He Thunder Waves, I Earthquake to 25%, He Recovers to 77%, I Earthquake to about half, I switch th Zapdos, and he Recovers to about full.

We paralyze each other. He confuses me, and I smack myself to half. He Surfs my to 20%, and I hit him with T-Bolt to 10%. He Surfs me to 5%, and I T-Bolt for the KO.


He sends out Egg, and I switch to Snorlax. He Psychics me to 70%, and then again to 40%. I amnesia, and then take a Spec. Fell Psychic to 30%. I'm FP'ed and take another Spec. Fell Psychic to 2%, and I Ice Beam him for 25%. I switch to Dragy, and he kills me in two Psychics.


I send out my Egg, and Stun Spore. His Sleep Powder fails, I Psychic down to 60%, and he puts me to sleep. I sleep, and he Eggplodes me to 22%


He sends out Dodrio, and sends me packing with Drill Peck.


I send out Zappy, and he sends puts Zap on the same flight with Body Slam.


At this point, I'm more than a little nervous. All I have in reserves is a Near Death 'Lax, and my Alakazam. I switch to Alakazam, figuring it is my only choice.

I Psychic, crossing my fingers...
CritHit KO I guess my prayers were answered.


He sends out Snorlax, and I switch to My Lax, expecting a Selfdestruct (I don't know
why), but He kills me with a Body Slam.


I run the Stats through my Damage Calc, and I need two CritHit Psychics to guarentee a KO. I Psychic. CritHit! Down to 40%, and he Body Slams me to 47%

"JohtoMaster's ALAKAZAM was paralyzed!"

It's over. I try to Psychic, praying he might hit the 0.04% chance of Body Slam missing, but he doesn't, and I lose at the final score at


Just goes to show me how rusty I am at RBY. I guess that happens to you when you don't play the game for nearly a year.

GG, Nick. You earned it.

I look forward to my next battle in the Loser Bracket.

Oh well, not to bad for my first tournament ever, especially considering I was against Nick.

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Posted by moogleman (Member # 1017) on 09-29-2001, 04:34 AM:
Helpful Hint: Don't say who won at the top of your post. It sort of defeats the purpose of reading the war story. Otherwise, good story.

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