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Posted by Sifu Peng (Member # 885) on 04-21-2001, 11:01 PM:
There once was a Chinese boy named Greg. One day, as a result of watching too many HK kung-fu flicks, he created an Internet identity, calling himself a kung-fu master/teacher, or sifu. This is the story about the time he battled against "the treacherous charlatan".

Sifu was registering a team for the Azure PBS. Poor Pory had once again erased his team, so it had to be inputted again. After he registered, then he stood around, waiting for someone to challenge him. However, there were no people to wait for! Then, out of nowhere, Fercrocdile called him yella.

Thus, the epic battle began.

First standoff: Charizard vs Machamp. Sifu’s Charizard used Fire Blast. Machamp spored. Sifu then became angry. He was using a fun team. Fercrocdile was using an evil cheating team! What an injustice. Time to show that fool who’s boss.

Charizard slept while Machamp seismic tossed. Charizard then woke up. Machamp seismic tossed again. Charizard slashed (critical hit of course), Machamp was at 1%. Machamp recovered like the devil spawn that it was. Charizard saw his chance to kill him in one hit, and fissured. It misses, and Machamp recovered again. The next time Machamp wasn’t so lucky, and fell to a fissure.

Articuno comes out. Charizard used the BIG (fire blast for those who don’t know what the symbol means), and Articuno retaliated with a hydro pump. Charizard fainted to the hand of a dishonest Pokémon. Let us all cry for him.

In came Sifu’s Jolteon. One thunderbolt sent Articuno to burn in hell.

Subsequently, Golem appeared. Sifu easily switched to Eggy to absorb an earthquake. Eggy mega drains, but Golem survived and fissured. Accordingly, Mewtwo arrived to absorb the next eggy drain.

Mewtwo used its foul ice beam. Eggy showed that he was a man and took the attack, then striked back with the sands of sleep. Mega, mega, boom.

Jolteon made his reappearance. Sifu commanded focus energy, and in came the predictable switch to Golem. This is a perfect example why this special Jolteon was equipped with hyperbeam. Of course, hyper beam missed for some crazy reason, and earthquake hit. One more try, and Golem died. Mewtwo then suffered the same fate.

In came Snorlax. Critical hit thunderbolt from Jolteon brings it down quite a bit. Nevertheless, Snorlax killed it with… something.

Dragonite replaced Jolteon, and hyper beamed it for the kill! Not. Sadly, Snorlax lives on to miss with super fang. Dragonite needed to recharge, and super fang hit. Thunderbolt ends Snorlax.

Draggy vs. Draggy. Sifu used blizzard, but the opponent survives. He ice beamed and killed.

It is time for the end. Sifu only had his two little soldiers left, Farfetch’d and Butterfree. So, he choose Butterfree, for it was time for the glory of the bug to come. Psychic is chosen, and then preformed. Sifu once again proved that cheaters never prosper, or at least if you can’t cheat right, don’t cheat at all.

EDIT: Sorry for the poor grammatical and literary design. It’s late, and I must type French now. Au revior.

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Posted by SDShamshel (Member # 791) on 04-22-2001, 09:56 PM:
Bah, that's why your name sounds so familiar.

I really must refresh my Chinese skills...

Though I'm taking Japanese instead.

But good show. Good war story. And great that this isn't a poorly edited battle log.

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