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Posted by Dabid (Member # 578) on 07-11-2000, 10:29 PM:
I had my very first experience with PBS today and it was definitely a good one. I lost my first few battles in the morning partly because I was a little disoriented at first and partly because I wanted to experiment with a Focus Energy-ing Raticate. Not a good idea.

However, when I tried this evening duels went a lot smoother, and I had my first-ever match against an AGNP celebrity in PokeCapn. Without giving away too much about the teams we're using (mostly because I can't remember most of the match), it came down to his Mewtwo and my Electrode and Dodrio. Electrode attacks with Thunderwave. Mewtwo's paralyzed. Mewtwo Amnesias. Electrode explodes. Mewtwo at 60% health. In comes Dodrio. Hyper Beam! Critical Hit!! Down goes Mewtwo. All hail Dodrio, new king of the Pokémon!!

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Posted by psycho monkey on 07-11-2000, 10:32 PM:
good job...M2 is cheap

*runs away*

And then it came to me, I can dip my butt in shrimp sauce and slam it on a canvas!

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Posted by stinky cheese man (Member # 455) on 07-11-2000, 11:59 PM:
Ha! You got lucky but good job anyway.

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Posted by KeroKato (Member # 230) on 07-14-2000, 12:01 PM:
It seems that cheapos always get critical hits on them, and the very weak always get critical hits themselves. My team (which had a Seaking, Butterfree, and an Onix to name a few) defeated a team with M2 and Articuno! I wouldn't stop getting critical hits!

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