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Posted by starCaliber (Member # 268) on 04-12-2013, 05:47 AM:
hi guys, my name is starCaliber. you may remember me from my dizzying array of expertly-crafted sick burns directed at Fanha, MK, and Face, but that's only part of what brings me here today. yesterday was my 13th anniversary as a member of the azure heights pokemon laboratory, and gosh, i just couldn't be prouder. to commemorate this occaision, i think it would be fun if we took turns writing a quick "what are we doing now" restrospective on the last decade or so of our lives. you can make a bunch of shit up if you want to, i won't know what's real and what's a lie.

about a decade ago, Mr. K said something along the lines of "karp park is turning into a support group for bored teenagers and blah blah something something you guys need to post about pokemon more." well, today i'd like to once again dance in the face of the azurian authority machine.

i will start.

- i chose this screenname at the beginning of puberty, and now i'm pushing 30. i don't like it anymore, but i will live with it. it's a valuable reminder that we should be careful about the decisions we make in junior high school, because that shit is permanent.

- i don't play soulcalibur anymore, but i really adore starcraft 2. it's been the only game i've been able to keep as a part of my adult life, because i really love playing it with friends. if Mr. K picked up the new counterstrike, i'd probably make time for it too. maybe it's good that he hasn't.

- against all odds, i've become really close friends with Pornbot over the last year. we literally go clubbing together. he wants to know if he can be unbanned from here.

- i dropped pokemon right around the time gold and silver come out because i reasoned that the competitive game was so luck-dependent that it was basically "no-stakes poker with a bunch of grinding" and i still believe that today. i'm jealous of you guys who still get together and fly out to the events because i really miss that part of my life and i think you're all pretty amazing for honoring your roots like that. please call me before the next one so that i can show up as a cynical cheerleader that goes to the afterparty.

- i refused to try sushi for years and was repulsed by the idea of eating raw fish. about five years ago i ate it with cfalcon and AnnieKat. it's now one of my favorite foods.

- a couple years after Mr. K recommended it, i finally took up snowboarding. today, it's far and away my favorite outdoor hobby. in 2007, i fell hard going into a turn on packed snow, and shattered my wrist. i've got a plate, two screws, and a 3 inch scar that looks like a failed suicide attempt in and on that wrist now. i was back out on the mountain the very day my surgical bandages came off.

- i loved and lost in a pretty serious capacity (ring, dog, house, etc). i can't decide if it made me a better person, a worse person, or just seven years older.

- reading political postings here convinced me that i was in the middle and maybe leaned a little to the left. people would tell me "just wait until you've got a Real Job(TM), you'll have a change of heart." they were right. i'm now a full-on bleeding heart liberal and i think it's disgusting how little we spend building a society that isn't a depressing shitshow.

- i moved to the bay area to chase romantic dreams of ditching my car and working in silicon valley. i discovered that while i love the products that come out of the valley, most of the people who work here tend to be very lacking as human beings and the actual "valley" itself is a depressing suburban hellscape. i currently work in a technical role for a very non-technical corporate conglomerate. i go home at 5 o'clock, i don't check my e-mail at night, and i'm much happier. ditching my car has been a dream come true.

- i feel like even though they differ dramatically on politics, Mr. K and 10,000Lb.Snorlax would get along really well in person. if you guys promised not to fucking talk about healthcare or whatever, i'd get a drink with you both.

- i kept thinking that i'd decide i wanted kids when i got older, but i keep getting older and it hasn't happened. i think people who have kids are basically pretty irresponsible, unless they have flawless genetics and a shitload of money.

- i got into smartphones in 2005, two years before the first iphone came out, and constantly bitched that everyone should see the utility in them. now that they're ubiquitous, i'm annoyed that there wasn't a large cash reward for "i told you so, fuckers." the only person i know who is more o.g. with smartphones than me is MewtwoSama. i would split my cash reward with him. incidentally, i dislike my current smartphone.

- we had a lot of discussion on these forums about how google was evil and shouldn't be trusted. i decided to trust them for everything anyway: mail, maps, weather, search, instant messenger, SMS, mobile OS, rss, other shit. a couple weeks ago they announced they were closing down Reader because "fuck you, how about" and it occurred to me that trusting them is still a shitty deal. my pals and i are currently evaluating replacing as many google services possible: youtube and google talk excepted, since we're stuck with those.

- of all my childhood/adolescence memories, Fish driving to kansas city to meet some strangers from the internet ranks easily in my top 5, maybe top 3. that was really cool, man. we were meeting rapists from the internet back before it was mainstream.

- i used to think i wanted to live in a big house and drive a cool car. a few years ago i realized that was a fucking prison and underwent a dramatic lifestyle shift. i think everyone should aspire to own fewer things, live comfortably in a smaller space, and use public transportation and ride bicycles as much as possible. my long-term goal is to end up in a 500-800 sq ft condo (depending on significant other situation) in someplace worth living in. it befuddles me that everyone speaks fondly about Paris and New York, but then refuses to build cities like that elsewhere. those cities are rad, you jerks. stop building Clevelands and Denvers and Los Angeleses and create urban relevancy instead.

- i don't know how old Mr. K is, but i think he's got a lot of useful insight about life. i'm a little high strung, but i think i'd be even worse if i hadn't bounced a bunch of shit off of him during my formative years. thanks for being zen, man.

- i haven't seen cfalcon in a few years and he didn't return my last e-mail. i hope he's okay.

- as a teenager, i used to daydream about how cool it'd be if we all lived in the same city and hung out all the time. for all intents and purposes, i basically still feel that way. there are some of you that i probably wouldn't want to hang out with, so if you could avoid moving to my city that'd be preferable. you know who you are.

ok. now you guys go.
Posted by Biffster (Member # 269) on 04-12-2013, 07:59 PM:
Hello Star Caliber,

I will follow!

-My screen name was also an unfortunate pick from childhood, but I still use it online. The whole online alias makes you seem kind of dated due to people using their real names for everything. Biffster was a name that I used to call my little brother and he hated it. When I was registering, I couldn't think of anything else so I used it.

-I still play Pokemon a lot both videogame and cards. The new tournaments that TCPi sponsors are pretty sweet. I'm still super proud of winning a regional VGC tournament, but I haven't had too much success since then. The card game has much more support and activity. There's a weekly league that I attend, and their tournaments are a lot more often. The card game has some strategy, but if you dead draw, you can lose to anyone. I'm thinking of just giving up on playing and becoming more of a commentator. I have a youtube and twitch account.

-TeeJay and Kikered still live in the same city, but we don't see each other often enough!

-Ever since college, I've been doing the whole corporate IT gig. Working for a large consulting firm doesn't leave you with much of a social life. After five years, I couldn't take it anymore, and I started applying for other jobs. There's a tech company that I've always had my eyes on in town, but I never had much luck with interviews. I applied again for a job. Two months go by without a response. Out of nowhere, I get a call from them about a job that I didn't apply for. Normally when you switch jobs, you want to move up, but I took the lateral move just because I didn't like my current situation. The transition went well. I work less hours and have more work that I actually enjoy doing. I guess there's always something better out there.

-This will be my 4 year of being vegetarian, and it all started by listening to a podcast. I don't like to tell people that I'm vegetarian unless it is absolutely necessary. The onslaught of comments are: "How do you get all of your protein? Gosh, I bet that's so hard. Do you feel better? I couldn't give up bacon." Channeling my 14 year old self, I'd like to stay STFU (stew-foo). I eat what I eat because I don't like the mass production of animal products. It's gross, and my money is my vote.

-I still really enjoy old memes: GI Joe ReDubs, Bub Rubb, Hello My Future Girlfriend, Kelly's 'Shoes' Video, Badger Mushroom, to name a few.

-I'll kind of echo Star's thought about having nice things. It looks good on paper, but it's like 'who cares' once you have it. I bought a really nice condo, and I love it. However; I often ponder about how I could have bought a place that costs half as much, and I wouldn't have to work as much as I do.

-I bounce around with things that I want to do, but never end up working on something long enough to make a difference. Anyone interested in building mobile games? I have some good ideas, but the tech part makes any other tasks that I could be doing look so attractive.

-Why is it so easy just to surf the net and piss time away? As I'm doing now... haha.

-All of my non-pokemon friends know me as their friend,the pokemon trainer. I have a separate group on Facebook for pokemon related content, but it still seeps through to my main feed.

K. Done sharing for now. Next, pls!
Posted by kikered (Member # 830) on 04-12-2013, 08:58 PM:
This thread is now the official OP League reunion thread.

- Still go by Kikered. No regrets! Except when I can't use it due to language filters.

- I'd been somewhat keeping up with competitive Pokemon up through the B/W gen. Hoping to get back into things in X/Y.

- Current gaming staples are JRPGs and fighting games. I've gotten into the latter pretty hardcore these past couple years, learning the lingo, concepts, etc. You guys should get into them so I have more people to beat up!

- After getting my undergrad degree, I had a brief stint with a big tech company in North Dakota before the economy tanked. My project team was disbanded, and I was laid off.

- Went to grad school in Nebraska and started a full time job in Kansas before finishing the program. That was two years ago. Successfully defended my thesis just yesterday and will be a Master of Science soon.

- Gotten pretty big into anime while in college after TeeJay introduced me to Rurouni Kenshin. It (and manga) is now my other big time waster outside of gaming.

- With grad school pretty much done, I currently don't have any other big goals or plans for the immediate future. Will need to sit and brainstorm some stuff.

Posted by MewtwoSama (Member # 12) on 04-12-2013, 11:00 PM:
-I think I stole my screen name from someone else. It was funny when Osama was in my name.

-I was in university in San Diego when I started posting here.

-I was Poke famous for a while

-I once went to Fanha's house

-Are they at 1000 pokemon yet? All the ones after 250 confuse the fuck out of me.

-The eeveelutions were expected but have you seen the newest one? WHAT THE FUCK? Now there's a new Mewthing and it looks stupid.

-After school, I moved back to Los Angeles. The economy was in the tank and I never found a good job. Then I got sick with a fungus that's eating away at my spine.

-I happily live off the gubmint teat now. If you pay taxes, thanks for keeping me alive.

-My DS broke a few weeks ago and I don't want to bother to replace it

-Since I have so much free time, I watch a lot of cartoons.

-I spend my entire year planning around Comic-Con. It's where I go to watch lots of cartoons.

-I saw "Here Comes Dr Tran" at Comic-Con back in 2003 and laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. I proceeded to use Dr Tran (or some variant) as a screen name for many years.

-2004 is the year I got sick. I was at Comic-Con and was toughing through it with pneumonia and a big ass cyst on my chest.

-I spent the rest of the summer in the hospital getting drugged up every night.

-I mod this place somehow

-In 2010, there were lots of Comic-Con parties with free booze. I never drank much before that year.

-Like everyone else, I got into Power Rangers back in the 90s. Then I went to school and stopped watching. Then Forever Red happened and I came back.

-About two years ago, I discovered Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. I have a tumblr and do nothing but post Sentai shit.

-I got into smartphones back in 2004. This got me into social media around 2007. I've used twitter to score countless open bar parties, movie tickets, trips, concerts and other fun stuff.

-My current phone has 41 megapixels.

-I have a small group of friends I play Munchkin and other games with at bars. I was doing this before that jerk Wil Wheaton put gaming on youtube.

Posted by TeeJay (Member # 265) on 04-13-2013, 12:38 AM:

-The Pokemon Battle Simulator got shut down for "using too much bandwidth." I always thought of that as a positive thing. It took me a long time to find a free webhost that would allow CGI scripts for a 14 year old to run. Now the Internet has all these fancy simulator programs and I just sit back and reminisce. Truth be told, I had no idea what I was doing. I just took the code from Blizzard (not the company lol) and kept it going.

-I got married almost 7 years ago during college. SC and Biff and Kikered were all there to see me off. Now we have a fabulous house and two really annoying pets. One is licking my leg as I type this.

-I live 5 miles from where I grew up and the house that Fish famously visited to challenge the entire OP League back in 2001 or something. It's Kansas, but I don't mind. Real estate is stupid cheap and pay is good.

-In our spare time, my wife and I like to go on ridiculous vacations to places we've never been before and wing it. Most recent: San Diego, Fort Collins, Austin, Japan.

-I still play Pokemon competitively. I travel 2-3 times a year for the official regional and national championships with Biffster. Nintendo has their shit together now. It's taken them over a decade, but I could never have imagined this coming out of Ian Garvey's My First Pokemon Championship. Speaking of, I see him on a yearly basis at said tournaments. He shows up not to compete, but to simply take a picture with the new National Champ while holding his Yellow cart.

-After a short stint in the cooling tower business, I've realized a fair amount of success in consumer electronics. I was the lead mechanical engineer on two smartphones and now develop watches, handhelds, and other crazy gadgets. It's pretty damn cool to see my creations for sale in Best Buy. I know way more about touchpanel design than I should (protip: get a keyboard).

-I homebrew. It's my biggest hobby. Tonight I sealed off a brand new batch of sweet mead. Earlier this week I bottled an imperial stout. Sunday I will brew a scotch ale.

-I still daydream about becoming the World Champion of Pokemon. Even though the current champ is pretty much unstoppable and I never top cut at Nationals.

-In college I was in a club that designed and built race cars from scratch. It was pretty much the best thing ever. Tube-frame open-wheel go-karts with 600cc 4cyl and top speeds of 70 mph. I still believe that club prepared me for the real world better than any of my engineering classes.

-In 2009 I reunited with Fish after 8 long years. I recognized him by the back of his head.

-I can't bear to read my old posts here. If I ever met the year 2000 version of me, I would punch him in the face. But I still believe Mewtwo should be allowed.

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Posted by DoomMullet (Member # 3363) on 04-16-2013, 07:11 PM:
Holy shit, what is UP.

I know I came to AH late in its career, but I still know basically everyone. In this thread alone, I've met Biffster and TeeJay personally multiple times and plan on getting together with kallybar this summer. Counting my days on Uber/AH/Smogon/Nugget Bridge, I've been in the community about ten years and have met well over 100 people. I think I counted recently and it's approaching 150. Pretty amazing stuff, I consider many of these people to be some of my best friends and I will definitely be inviting them to my eventual wedding. Example: I have traveled with Fish every summer since 2006, save 2009. In order: NYC for JAA, Toronto, Las Vegas, Indianapolis for VGC Nationals, Indy again along with England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland a month later, and then this past summer we did VGC Worlds in Hawaii then hopped over to Japan for almost two weeks. This summer, Vancouver for VGC Worlds. Next year, hopefully either South Korea or Australia.

I graduated from law school this past spring, took the NY bar this past July and passed. I was admitted to practice in February and I AM A GODDAMN ATTORNEY. Who woulda thought?

I live in Buffalo, and my office is in Orchard Park, home of the Bills. I go to Bills and Sabres games regularly (followed usually by crying myself to sleep). I still drink a bit, but I've curbed it because at 29 years old, I don't bounce back like I used to.

I miss Tetrinet. Can we play that again sometime so I can lose to MewtwoSama?

I also still spend a bit too much time internetting. For instance, I should be exercising, but here I am typing this inane bullshit.

I have had my fair share of health problems. January of 2012, I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis/avascular necrosis. In short, my right hipbone was slowly dying because the blood stopped flowing. I had to stop exercising and started walking with a cane. I had surgery in March 2012 to core the bone and try to get blood flowing again. I got off the crutches and cane after a few months, but I still have not so much run or jumped in well over a year. (Except when I lost my baggage tag at the Pokemon store in Japan THE DAY I WAS GOING TO THE AIRPORT.)

I'm still single. I have dated on and off, but nothing serious. I had a very serious girlfriend in law school for a couple years, but she had problems and I couldn't help her with them. I really haven't been the same since and can't seem to find happiness anywhere else.

I somehow became a big deal at Smogon. I became a mod after about a year, then eventually made it up to supermod. Also worked up to +ao in the #smogon chatroom. I have since given up supermods and regained mods, but in actuality I fucking despise that place and what it has become. I continue to go there once a day when I get home from work out of same silly sense of loyalty and duty to something that once meant a fuckton to me. And I guess there are still some people there who are worth the trouble, but very few. Everyone I truly care about left for Nugget Bridge.

I was always the non-Pokemon guy on Pokemon forums, but a few years ago I got a rom of Fire Red and played through it and loved it. This past summer before Worlds, I bought myself a DS and Black/White and started catchin' 'em all for real. It's hilarious, all the "old-timers" who are a decade younger than me are retiring, whereas I'm just getting started. Oh, and I'm terrible at battling, so if you want a free win in a tourney, get matched against me.

My internet life has come a long way. I still keep in touch with lots of people on Facebook, and it's great to see how far everyone has come. I mean, President Dweedle? That's going to be a THING.
Posted by Mr. K (Member # 2) on 04-23-2013, 03:39 AM:
I recently purchased a PS3 that came with some thing that lets me download a selection of games for free. Most of them are shitty, although so is most of everything. For the most part, the writing stands out as being particularly awful while the gameplay is unimaginative. There appear to be only a handful of game styles, so much so that most of them even share the same button layout. It does not seem that making a game fun is on any developer's Top 5 list.

I looked in to unbanning Pornbot and it turns out he's already unbanned. I don't remember doing it, so I must have done it years ago.

I am sad the Pokemon guys tossed quality control out the window. I remember reading that they wanted to make these characters like Mickey, Donald and Pluto. Every adult would know them and associate them with a pleasing sense of nostalgia. Instead they regurgitate the same game every few years and decided that no television script should take more time to write than it does to watch. They really had something there for a while.

I finally (metaphorically) colored in the last state on my map. I've now been to every US state. Hawaii is by far the best, although it's cheating. The worst town I ever saw was in Montana, but the worst state is a tough call. Every state has at least one cool thing in it, somewhere.

I decided to take up reading comic books a few years ago. As far as I can tell, everyone who reads and writes comics is old. Just like everything else, most comics are shitty, but there is some truly great stuff out there. Walking Dead is fantastic, for example, although reading it will make you a) hate the show's stupid, two-dimensional characters, insufferably slow pacing, and glaring plot holes, and b) be one of those douchebags who is constantly going on about how much better the book is.

I get all my comics from the library, because socialism is fucking awesome and storing a room full of comics is too geeky even for me. I always feel like I'm getting away with something when I leave the library with a dozen comics and a Miyazaki cartoon under my arm. I did the math and so far, conservatively, I have read about $10,000 worth of comics for free. A lot of money, but even more precious space. Comics are shit for data compression, relative to even other books on dead trees, and I find them annoying to read on phones and tablets.

I have recently started open-water swimming "competitively", although I do not have the eye of the tiger shark. I go to races and do pretty well for an old man, but my strategy needs work. Room for improvement keeps it interesting. Also it's fun to splash about in the ocean.

I have noticed that unhappily married people desperately want you to be married and people with children are somewhat spiteful of those who still have free time. Despite being a smug prick know-it-all, I decided to see if maybe these people who are always telling me to do something I am pretty sure I'm not going to be into might be have some kind of point. So, I bought a house, because that's one of those things adults are supposed to do that doesn't involve potentially wrecking other people's lives.

I don't recommend it. Never mind the money, which I could give a shit about, it is a huge pain in the ass to maintain and (god forbid) improve. It wouldn't be a big deal if when something broke or you wanted to redo the kitchen, all you had to do was write a check to some reasonable person who would then go do the work. No, you have to argue endlessly with people to get them to take money in exchange for goods and services. Also they will probably fuck it up and you'll end up finishing the job yourself anyway.

Choosing between 14 flavors of beige is mind-crushingly boring. I actually find the thought process physically painful.

Maintenance eats up the weekends like nobody's business. Luckily, my friends are mostly married with kids and don't have time to play any more, so I'm not missing out on much.

The "feeling of ownership" thing is total bullshit. The only significant difference between the bank owning my place or some landlord owning it is that when something breaks, I can't call the bank to deal with it.

It has confirmed my suspicion that most people are running on auto-pilot, doing only what they think they're supposed to, and nothing pisses them off more than someone who is not a part of their hell. I dipped my toe into their world to see if perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm even more sure now that I'm not.

Given that I still live in suburbia, I can't survive on public transportation, but there's a park, swimming pool, lake, market, library, and a few decent restaurants all within walking distance, although no one else walks around here. My mechanic told me the oil comes out of my car cleaner than it went in and I should stop getting the service so frequently if I'm hardly going to drive the thing.

Also the car gets 50mpg. Despite the fact that this is 16 year old tech, this is still considered good. Humans are shitty creatures.

I don't object in principle to marriage, but I've never met anyone I wish I were married to. I like a warm hole as much as the next guy, but I am even more allergic to drama, and it is extraordinarily difficult to get access to one without an unreasonable amount of the other. Short of genital warts, there is no greater turn-off than discovering a chick has a kid.

I am more or less disappointed in Obama, but at least he's not embarrassing. I am annoyed that in 5 years he still hasn't managed to get around to the issue I care most about (energy policy). Gun control is cute and everything, but NYC is going to be underwater.

So far I think the only seriously important things he's done (other than the Supremes, which is the most convincing reason to vote Democratic for president) are Obamacare, which is the first desperately-needed step towards socialized medicine, and raising fuel economy standards.

The good news is that old white people are continuing to die in large numbers. Soon we can stop dicking around with nonsense like gay marriage and legalizing pot. Socialized medicine is inevitable now, and the shouting will die down as the shouters finally fucking die already. I would like to think that we could deal with adult issues at that point, but I know we won't.

While I have a somewhat positive feeling about young people, I do worry that they don't give a shit about privacy. It could hardly be more obvious that Google is pure evil. Although lately I have been thinking that perhaps this concern is similar to old people caring about whether or not gays are settling down. Maybe it really doesn't matter and I'm just too old to see it. I don't think so, but then I wouldn't. That's how old people are.

Also while I am continually disappointed in the craptitude of new music, I am optimistic that this period of suckage has gone on for quite some time, so things should be cycling around any year now.

When I was young, I would have imagined that music in the second decade of the 21st century would be a wall of indistinguishable noise to my old person ears. I thought it would rock so hard that I'd have to wear a cup just to protect my delicate jibblies. Instead the stuff that passes for rock today is inexcusably pussly. Hopefully soon all this hipster bullshit will be washed away by kids who think what their older siblings listen to is lame and they will learn the joy of rock.

I hope the same is true of Americans in general. We are currently a bunch of pussies who can only accomplish Big Things out of fear. We have infinite funds to create a massive infrastructure to spy on our own citizens, make grandmas take their pants off at the airport, and blow up furners because a few dozen powerless ratfucks living in the desert declared war on us, but somehow it's beyond our grasp to invest in things that will actually make our lives better.

Can you imagine the dickless conservatives moaning about how impossible it would be to do something like the Golden Gate Bridge or the moonshot today? The same treasonous fucks who squealed with joy when Solyndra failed, because "Hooray, now the air I breathe will be worse, China kicked our ass, we can continue destroying ourselves, and America is circling the drain! Hooray, hooray, I root for America to fail because our president is darker than a cardboard box!"

I hope history repeats itself and the young and hungry immigrants stick around to improve this place. Let's hope the bloated, fearful third generation Americans wringing their hands about the brown couple who just moved in down the street don't drive them off. Maybe this is a side-effect of people living too long.

I still have the same job because I value slack and predictability over stress. I am not challenged, nor do I want to be. I barely half-ass it and they don't pay me enough to feel bad about it. No one asks any questions and everyone is happy. I have friends who check work email all weekend. They can't enjoy a meal and are typing away before we're even in the movie theater parking lot. I feel sorry for them.

Wintermute and I are still good friends and despite living in different countries, we hang out once every year or two. It is always embarrassing to explain that we met on the internet due to our common interest in pocket monsters.

Also thanks for the kind words, kal. I always felt just a little bit creepy spending so much time talking about random poop to kids, but I'm glad at least some of you remember it fondly and maybe in some tiny way it helped some of you figure out who you wanted to be.

Every now and then I get an out-of-the-blue email from one of you guys saying "thanks for making this place". Those are very nice to read, although I am usually too lazy and forgetful to write back. But if you're reading this and you've done that in the past few years, thanks for the notes. I do appreciate them.

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Posted by NAMBLAMAN (Member # 3642) on 05-11-2013, 06:04 AM:
I am still living in Colorado, and still working the same job.

Still a full time nerd- D&D, WoW, other video games.

I'm glad this forum thread is here, but I am still banned and still limited to three sentences :P
Posted by Dragonite21 (Member # 475) on 05-28-2013, 11:35 AM:
Thirteen years marks the point at which I've been registered on this forum for exactly half of my life, which is sobering.

The last Pokemon game I got was Sapphire, in 2003, which I never completed. The problem (as has been mentioned here before) was that playing exactly the same game as GSC, which in turn was exactly the same game as RBY, was a bit dull. At least GSC had some originality; RSE kept throwing up turds like 'Taillow' and 'Beautifly' to which the only possible responses were "how are these in any way different from Spearow and Butterfree?" and "why did I spend actual money on this?"

I haven't played any video games seriously for over a decade. I kept meaning to buy a PS2 but never got around to it and now they've stopped making them. I suppose I could get a PS3. Is it backwards-compatible with PS1 games? That's probably too much of an ask, considering that this is Sony we're talking about. I don't really keep track, but it seems like console manufacturers are far more interested in making gaming 'social' (in a contrived "let's automatically output all of your actions to some shitty social networking site!" way) rather than actually fun...

IRL, I went to one of the better universities in this country but have not yet managed to turn that fact into a lucrative job. I used to think that I'd go into law (my degree was in history, so what other options are there?), but a few people I know who did that are now at work until at least 7pm every evening, with all-nighters and weekends not unusual, making the whole thing seem distinctly unattractive. I currently work in IT support at a university in London, which isn't at all demanding and I get to go home at 5pm every day. The systems administrators here do some interesting stuff and it would be cool to move in that direction in the future, although it'll probably involve getting some sort of computer science qualification.

Originally posted by Mr. K:
Every now and then I get an out-of-the-blue email from one of you guys saying "thanks for making this place". Those are very nice to read, although I am usually too lazy and forgetful to write back. But if you're reading this and you've done that in the past few years, thanks for the notes. I do appreciate them.

I emailed Wintermute shortly after finding this site (but before signing up to the forum) to say thanks for making it. I couldn't quite believe that people from the internet would put so much time and effort into making something so phenomenally useful and not plaster it with adverts or have the intention of doing an over-hyped IPO with it. So thanks for that and for putting in place the UBB infrastructure to support what was a really great community. Azure Heights was one of the highlights of my early adolescence.

Toffee Crisp.
Posted by Face (Member # 1916) on 06-09-2013, 06:59 PM:
I have been at the same job for about 6 years. I recently got both black and white 2. I have a lot of pokemon from events. I really like the way pokemon is headed and I thank Mr. K for not fully banning me when I acted silly in my younger years.

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Posted by Rolken (Member # 7) on 07-03-2013, 01:42 AM:
whoa it's azure heights

I had no idea what I was doing here 10-15 years ago. I basically still don't.

I left Mormonism behind but I still have a weird thing for religion so now I'm a Unitarian. When my mid-life crisis arrives I'll probably fall in with the Catholics, just because.

After leaving Utah I pretty much lived out of my backpack on my bike for awhile. It was rad and I miss it.

I've stumbled my way into a career in spite of myself - I'm an iPhone app developer in San Francisco, where I pal around and compete with PhDs with actual long-term direction in life, as well as sycophants and opportunists who heard this is where the money is. Also as a 20-something white dude there are startups here to address anything I have that remotely resembles a real problem. I'm counting down the days until the bubble bursts. (@starCaliber, for what it's worth, Berkeley-SF-Oakland is way cooler than the dystopian San Jose corridor, if you don't mind punishing record-breaking rents, you don't right?)

My girlfriend teaches python and javascript to women as an organizer in two organizations, leaving her with negative spare time. In my spare time sometimes I help. She's pretty rad. I worry she's cruising for a meltdown tho.

Videogames - at this point I interpret $50-60 price tags as too corporate and high-budget to be interesting. All the good stuff seems to come from teams with better ideas than dedicating one artist to each of a giant's toenails. And what exactly happened to Nintendo? At this point the Nintendo games I think of as recently notable are all 5+ years old.

I'm depressed about the NSA revelations, especially personally as a Silicon Valley techie, even though anyone paying attention has seen it coming for years - it's just the culmination of a whole pile of bullshit that's been mounting since 9/11. It really sucks that our government's basically given up on the soft-power "city on a hill" aura, that there are very few serious powerhouses in the industry whose work I can get excited about without wondering what the catch is, and that general trust in the US tech industry has just been completely demolished, especially overseas. I wish we could build awesome stuff without all the realpolitik - the loss of goodwill is going to hurt us immeasurably.

All that aside: honestly this place was one of the best things that happened to me as a kid. I was never a huge pogeymans competitor, but nevertheless the existence of Azure Heights set me up to think of the world as a place where, in some corner, people would be congregating and figuring out how to be The Best at something, whatever it was, whatever that meant, and if you found those people, you could learn with them and prove yourself to be among The Best as well. That implicit subconscious expectation has carried me a long way. So thanks for that.
Posted by Face (Member # 1916) on 07-03-2013, 01:58 PM:
Nintendo is a good company. They still make quality games.
Posted by DoomMullet (Member # 3363) on 08-18-2013, 12:29 PM:
motherfuckers I met kallybar last month

Posted by MegaScythe (Member # 1097) on 10-12-2013, 10:09 AM:
I came here first cuz the best way to pogeymans wuz here.

and then I drifted to Karp Park, which introduced me to the unruly internet other than pkmn movesets. . I saw new things. I appreciated them. Things that are now vestiges of a raw space. Old 'net. Real Ultimate Power before they had to pay for that midi and couldn't. Discussions on Dreamcast (both about the system and while online with kikered). Reading another persons tag to gain a bit of knowledge, useful or not.

It was a strange(?)(natural at the time) trust, and continues to be.

I'm 28. I live in Atlanta. I went to art school for painting.

And still I miss ya'll in a sense.
Posted by LanderZRPG (Member # 1615) on 11-06-2013, 05:08 PM:
Wow, this place is still open!

For the few folks here that knew [of] me...

Lessee, living up in Northern Alberta, until I can sell my house and move nearer to Calgary. Working with the RCMP now. 28, got some sweet pets (awesome dog, and a cat who thinks he's a dog), and been following the Gen VI stuff with only moderate distaste.

No longer running any online RPG's, though I've been playing Dawn of the Dragons from Fifth Planet Games for a spell.

My only real comment, aside from pride in how well all you guys seem to be doing, is contrary to Mr. K.... Owning a home offers up a sense of pride, I've found, and is a good forward step in life. Yes, there are annoyances and downsides, but I'd never go back to renting [paying someone else money for you to live, essentially].

Glad to see that things are still here, anyway =D
Posted by undone-backwards (Member # 197) on 12-15-2013, 11:17 AM:
I was never a great presence on this site, but I have only fond memories of it (except, now that I think of it, I spent a solid year spamming Karp Park with random internet pictures and turning this place into a shitty pre-cursor to 4chan. I cannot express how deeply sorry I am for that).

I followed Branners's coattails here after he schooled me in a link cable battle by sleeping every one of my pokemon. He's now doing some kind of PhD in physics, I believe, but I've lost contact with him since he's the only man on the planet not to use all.

I just got back from from a year's teaching EFL in China. I wouldn't recommend it. As far as I can see, there are two main reasons why you'd choose to teach abroad: to save money or to experience a new culture/get loaded and have a good time. The former is pointless. Although you make a good living in China, it's relative. The exchange rate on the RMB's just horrible. The latter is also pointless. Most people in China are in bed by 9; if they're not, you have to listen to them apologize all night for their poor English. Also, pollution. And smelly tofu. And the food's nothing but gristle (or bone) and rice. This explains why I ate McDonald's everyday for 9 months.

Having said that, I'd recommend a visit to Beijing. There's not much in Shanghai, believe it or not, and avoid Hong Kong at all costs.

I'm currently looking a job in which I can utilize the immense range of skills gleaned of a postgrad degree in the liberal arts, which I either means writing a novel (it's on the list) or trying to submit various articles to journals and newspapers in the hope they take me on on a more permanent basis. I haven't quite resigned myself to a career in teaching or admin just yet. The big bucks are on their way, surely, right guys?

This is a problem. I'm 28 now, just turned, and I've been with my gf for almost eight years. Not married, not even engaged. I figure I'd need some kind of career direction before any of that jazz happens, but not she's started talking about babies and body clocks. Answers on a postcard, please.

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Posted by Face (Member # 1916) on 12-15-2013, 05:25 PM:
My friend and I got married recently to two different girls. I've known my wife since I was a little kid.
Posted by MegaScythe (Member # 1097) on 12-16-2013, 02:55 AM:
[Trash Koffing] [Cool] [PBJ Time!]
Posted by Dark_Herakurosu (Member # 1677) on 09-24-2018, 12:21 AM:
Holy shit I actually remembered my password to this joint.

I hate this screenname. I picked it in the mystical era prior to the millennium, back when Pokemon Yellow was still being advertised in Circuit City ads and people were murdered over Charizard cards. The pokemon we know now as Heracross was being touted as the Mewtwo-killer, and dark types were going to cause the imminent exodus of the Psychic types that dominated the RBY competitive scene. Anyway, it's a stupid name and it makes me feel shame every time I see it or think about it.

Hopefully anyone reading this–if anyone reads it–has no recollection of me even existing. That's probably for the best. I shitposted a mediocre amount, and barely contributed to anything of worth. The one thing I ever remember doing right here was assemble a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire movedex from a Japanese dump, pretending to know the language well enough to translate the moves' names and effects but actually just being fluent in bullshit and Babelfish.

I live about twenty miles from where I grew up. I was the sole member of QA at a place making satellite dish meters, writing up the quality systems manual from scratch. Then got fired due to budget cuts. On my birthday. Six months later I got a job at a pharmaceutical warehouse. It's okay. Keep getting passed up for promotions even though the place falls apart every time I take a day off. Business, huh?

I was on track to be a candidate for valedictorian at my high school until midway through junior year when someone started a rumor I was planning to shoot up the school. School officials called me into an office and expelled me. Zero tolerance. I was escorted to a police car, in handcuffs, and sat in a freezing police car with no coat or gloves for two hours until my mom picked me up. Ended up with frostbite, permanently lost feeling in my fingertips, but that's the cops for you. Moved to live with my dad in the sticks, doing hard labor by day and mail-in courses at night, and when I moved back to the city a year later nobody even fucking realized I was gone.

To be honest, I'm incredibly surprised and and mildly disappointed I even survived to adulthood.
Posted by Ikuse (Member # 3037) on 03-04-2019, 12:15 AM:
hey! i'm your internet friend ikuse! i stole this username from someone on a quake 2 mod forum that i thought carried themselves in a very crisp manner. i don't even remember if i posted much here, i was 18 and desperately wanted to be cool, i was extremely pretentious and only knew how to put on airs and copy people.

i spent the intervening years between, i don't know, 2003 and now by:

- falling into a cagey relationship with a strange girl in south bay area of California, doing a lot of drugs and consuming a shitload of arthouse and outsider media

- being abused by my dad, him rendering me homeless, needing a lot of help and not getting any

- bouncing around from house to house, place to place, job to job, pretending to be a human being

- one of those was in Bremerton, WA, where I made my way by doing single-day contract based construction work at a place called LaborReady, where you had to show up at this lobby with a clipboard and a coffee dispenser and foremen would roll up and say WHO WANTS WORK? and then you'd go with 'em and work and leave with a check. i tried to go to community college while i was there, no dice.

- when that became unsustainable, i fled to Utah and moved in with a girl that i fell in love with on the internet, only to have to her fall out of love with me, kick me out, and i didn't have the wherewithal to live anywhere, so i went back to my parents back in the south bay

- i immediately got kicked out almost as soon as i had landed at my parents' house, it was a mess, the cops were there, so i ran to my middle school friend's mom's house, who let me stay in his room for a token amount of rent each month, during which my job was to be the audio tech for my dad's wedding cover band. he didn't pay me, but he paid my rent for me directly, until he stopped doing that for reasons that to this day i can only guess at, rendering me homeless once again

- finally getting a steady job and place to live in Clinton Township MI, thanks to a good internet friend of mine, had some experiences, found some lovers, questioned my sexuality, became introduced to leftist politics and experienced a sharp leftward drift at around the time Trayvon Martin was murdered. all this only to have work cut my hours to an unsustainable level, forcing me to move back to california for a third? time

- i got a job temping at google with some unimaginably large and evil labor outsourcing company in Germany called Randstad. it was a shit job with shit hours and i couldn't stop falling asleep on the clock so they canned me. i'm talkin like, show up at 5:45 AM type of hours. i rode my bike back and forth to work every day, 45 minutes. it was hell. i struggled to find enough work to pay my $1400 a month rent share in the increasingly gentrifying south bay apartment that i had. it didn't work.

- went back to michigan for a second time, fell into more housing, got another job, got a girlfriend that i actually managed to establish a long term relationship with. we lasted three years give or take. it was hell. neither of us knew how to communicate with one another, we didn't have the wherewithal to live the ways we needed to, and we took it out on each other.

- i lived apart from her in Warren, MI until i became suicidal from my job, which was working the night shift at Tim Horton's, and living in a stank back room of a trailer park mobile home with a junk hoarder that had a very hairy, very pissy little dog. i liked the dog, but it smelled too much like piss to hang out with. i still feel bad for that thing.

- eventually Tim Horton's called the cops on me, accusing me of stealing bagels. i wasn't. i ran from the cops, they texted me afterward saying "we know where you live" and i replied to no one in particular vocally, "no you don't". to this day i probably still have an arrest warrant out for my name in Sterling Heights, MI. this was back in 2012 i think.

- i became too traumatized from that whole experience to even fill out a job application without having a panic attack, and i haven't been able to hold a real job since then. i'm on meds and in therapy now, and have been on welfare the whole time basically. it's been like four years and i'm still trying to get approved for social security.

- after i fled michigan, me and that three year ex were invited to live in a squat in the southwest corner of San Francisco. we got there, the toilet was broken, i built an outdoor toilet for them and busted the concrete in the backyard with my trusty sledgehammer and dug a 4' x 4' hole to throw the night soil in. it was about two weeks before they told us we couldn't live there anymore.

- we fled to Mt Shasta, one of the tallest mountains on the continent, to live there for an indefinite amount of time. we spent enough time there to do a few different types of psychedelics and experience what it's like to live in a poorly insulated shack in a place where it snows every year. i split a lot of logs using a hatchet and my trusty sledgehammer. that's also when i learned what real water is supposed to taste like, by drinking water from an actual fresh mountain spring. i hate tap water now.

- the three year ex i was still with at the time got a job in oakland and i moved down there with her in 2013. our relationship hit its nadir and shortly after that we broke up, and shortly after that she rendered me homeless for another countless time. i bounced from house to house until i finally found a place i could stay here in Oakland, and here i still reside. it's a nice place, right by the lake!

- i transitioned! i'm a girl!! i've been medicating for 2 years and change at this point. the three year ex i had told me i couldn't be trans because i didn't experience trans oppression, and that delayed my coming out for about a year or so

- i fell into working part time as the community manager for noted roguelike Caves of Qud. i am friends with the creators and basically everyone that works on or with the game, and I'm having a good time with what i've got going on right now. the pay ain't great but i'm happy to get by.

and that's the story so far. i can honestly say that i am terribly ashamed of the person i used to be when i originally began posting on this forum, and i am terribly proud of how i changed and became the person i am today. making a post. on the internet. i don't even like pokemon now. the news of the new one just dropped, and yeah the rabbit is cute or whatever, but there's no way i could be drawn back into actually playing one. i caught them all for the first time ever in Diamond, and now i very much feel like i never need to touch a game again.

the only videogames i play now are caves of qud and nuclear throne, with exception

i've been playing guitar for fifteen years and the first music i ever made was ambient soundscapes that describe the inside of a giant body

i remember really wanting to fit in with the kids who split off and made the uber forum and basically just being tolerated there. it was probably really bad for me.

i'm a daoist. cartesian dualism is a sickness of philosphy [PBJ Time!]

watch Fist of Legend
Posted by Quetzalcoatl (Member # 411) on 04-03-2019, 04:17 PM:
It's funny...I keep telling myself I'll stop visiting this forum someday, but there's always that morbid curiosity that someone posted something in the last 6 months.

My universe would be amiss if this site disappeared forever.

Here's the brief history of me:

Quetzalcoatl was just a username that got picked out of a picture book on the Aztecs. It's a pain in the ass to type in every login, fo sho.

I was a socially isolated high-schooler back in 2000. It was great hanging out here and not feeling like an utter weirdo about obsessing over digital monsters. Messing around with hex values and breaking the game in various ways was tons of fun.

I haven't really played much since the height of Pokemon Go fever, but I'll spin up a game on the DS or emulator when feeling nostalgic.

Got through college with a relatively useless degree (Philosophy) and mainly work IT now. Life's pretty mundane for the most part, but the interests and tastes tend to remain eclectic and sometimes esoteric.

Met the love of my life over a game of D&D and we've been together since. Been engaged for about 6-ish years and not really doing the marriage thing anytime soon. Echoing what other folks have said, the older I get, the more I realize how freaked out the majority of people get when you want to deviate a bit from what the ideal life should be. We're planning on visiting Japan (Osaka/Tokyo/Kyoto) instead of blowing all the money on a wedding.

Just some random cool things that have happened, with no real order of importance:

Just trying to make the best of a hellish technology dystopian reality we've all found ourselves in.

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Posted by DoomMullet (Member # 3363) on 05-23-2021, 09:51 AM:
Originally posted by Ikuse:
hey! i'm your internet friend ikuse!

Crazy how ten years ago seeing this phrase would have sent me into an uncontrollable internet rage. Getting old is weird.
Posted by starCaliber (Member # 268) on 02-04-2022, 02:07 PM:
Originally posted by DoomMullet:
Originally posted by Ikuse:
hey! i'm your internet friend ikuse!

Crazy how ten years ago seeing this phrase would have sent me into an uncontrollable internet rage. Getting old is weird.
word. came here to post this.
Posted by Jman (Member # 618) on 08-01-2022, 09:35 PM:
Hi. I can't believe this forum is still around. I can't believe anyone has posted here in the last year. I can't believe I remembered my password. But I'm completely delighted.

My oldest daughter (5) just started playing Pokemon Sword & Shield. Caught her first Pokemon on her own, a Rookidee. (Did you know there are 905 Pokemon now?)

This moment of parental pride sent me down a nostalgia rabbit hole, reflecting on my time in what I guess you could call competitive Pokemon and Metalloid Research. And ultimately back here.

(Did you know that there's a website with, like, pretty good graphics and stuff that simulates battling with all the various generations from Gen 1 to today? Back in our day we had a perl script and IRC and we liked it.)

If anyone is seeing this, I just wanted to thank you for being part of a community for me during what was for me a tough time in my life. I saw a few of my old posts when I stumbled back in, and they make me cringe, but I only have good, happy memories of this place.

At some point, Pokemon was no longer serving me, so I kind of vanished. I got into other stuff. I grew up. I finished school and started working. If you were one of the folks I was tight with, I'm sorry for making such a hasty exit from the scene.

I'm in my mid-30s now. Married with two young kids and own an old house that keeps us busy. I work in software. I got into competitive Magic: the Gathering about a decade ago, which activates a similar part of my brain as Pokemon did. I don't play nearly as many video games as I used to.

Take it easy. Thanks again.

[Trash Koffing]

Edit: I wanted to add this quick story, I don't know why. If you didn't know, several years back someone finally identified a no-Gameshark way to capture Mew in Red/Blue/Yellow. (I know what you're thinking, but I'm serious. You can find it if you Google it.) It involved various glitches, but no truck moving required. I fired up the old Gameboy and finally captured Mew. That was the last time I played a Pokemon game, until I picked up Sword & Shield to play with my wife. I sold my cartridges shortly after that.

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Posted by pkthunder (Member # 67) on 10-09-2023, 12:25 PM:
Hi, it's me, pkthunder. I got my username from a small child who would call down lightning from the heavens to inflict damage to all within arm's distance.

I look even more like your mom now.

I moved to Colorado because I fell in love with the place after visiting cfalcon here a couple times. I will never move back to the cesspool that is Florida.

I brought along this other nerd that I fell in love with, who also quickly fell in love with CO. We got married a couple years later and bought a house in 2009 when they were super cheap and the US government was paying people to buy houses. Everything K said about owning a house is correct, but I'm still glad we own, we know what to look for in our next house, and it's been wonderful to have a steady monthly payment, especially during about 10 years of underemployment between my husband and me.

Three of those years of underemployment are because we had a son and I chose to stay home with him during those early years. He's about the same age now that you guys were when you started coming to this forum, and he loves video games and has even played a few Pokémon games.

What's been on my mind lately has been my health. It sucks getting old. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2018, and I had been seizure-free with medication. Until last Wednesday. So now I have to figure out my meds again and I can't drive for another 3 months, at least. Oh, and I also had breast cancer earlier this year but got it all removed. Hopefully my boobs are done growing weird things.

I still see cfalcon on very rare occasion. It's been a couple years since the last time, he was doing okay.

I laugh at what Mr. K said about the direction our politics are headed, as a whole new generation of shouters has come about.

Karpe Diem