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Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 05:15 PM:
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So begins my playthrough of the japanese mother 3 game, which is the sequel to earthbound(Mother 2). It's in japanese so don't expect a translation with my poor skills.
I start the game up and am treated to no less than five logos. Gee wizz
I just shit bricks all over my chair. I love the music already...sounds omenous and evil.
I'll bypass the Hiragana/katakana and use english characters. It's asking me for the names of the characters.

Boy 1: Lucas(younger twin)
Boy 2: Claus(older twin)
Father: Flint
Mother: Hinawa
Dog: Boney
Favorite food: Omelette
Favorite thing: Love
I kept the original names.
I made Pizza my favorite food and butsex(meh, character limit) my favorite thing.

It begins. [Embarrassed]

*Note: Be warned, the story ties into Earthbound and there will probably be spoilers.

Anyway, we begin. The game stars off with some awesome music and a view of the world that Ness and the others saved:
We see some random village and some houses along the coast.
We see a forest with mysterious looking trees. Oooh, bet we won't be visiting that place...huh? [Wink]
...and lastly we have the house of the games star character. I bet he's inside working those abs or preparing for battle, right?
Wrong. Wake up you lazy bastard. This isn't Chrono trigger. .png
Just then, a knock at the door. Those are some nice japanese characters, aren't they? They should have just did the whole game in english. [Frown]

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Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 05:19 PM:
The knock on the door is coming from Claus, who is the oldest twin in the family. Brother character, probably yelling at you to get up. Maybe a meteor came down nearby, eh?
I checked my characters stats and all seems to be in order, aside from the fact that I'm not an uber level 99 character. [Frown]
The control scheme is the same as Earthbound, you can move in eight directions and interact with everything in the room. No hidden cash here...I'll hit dad up for money later. [Frown]
Lucas walks downstairs but your older brother Claus is nowhere in sight. Mrs. Hinawa, your mother, just sits in the chair and tilts her head in the direction you're standing. I assume she's telling you that Claus already left.
Something I forgot to note, was that the mirror has your reflection. That kicks ass. XD
I tried to leave, but mother wouldn't allow you to walk out in your the main character dresses into something more comfortable. I spoke with Mrs. Hinawa again, but she still didn't give me any cash..ah well, out I go. <_<
This part made me literally shit bricks again. The music when stepping outside sounds like a remix of the Onett town music! (Ness's town)

This game is ages ahead of Earthbound already.
Outside I looked about and realized that there were no other houses nearby. A man standing next to your house named Alec seems to be some kinda of stalker <_<;
Behind the house is a cool view of the area. I'm wondering if this part of the game is set on an island, because that seems to be the case judging by the opening scene.
Chicken battle!!1 Everyone loves abusing chickens.
A bit south of the house there is a path leading toward what appears to be a desert type area with cactuses. I decided to stay away for the time being and head east to where Claus went.
Along the way I encountered this talking frog which wouldn't believe, a save point.
I practiced my dash by holding down the B button and letting it go. Lucas seems to run until he hits a wall or obstacle.
Ah-hah, found Claus...but what the heck? He's staring down some Draco monster.
omg wtf?
Apparently it's normal to beat up on these poor T-rex clones. Alec and Claus seem to want me to dash into the monster too. [Frown] That makes me sad...and these things are scary as hell.
There, I did it. I knocked the daddy down and embarrassed him in front of his wife and that little dino is gonna eat me when he gets bigger. ;_;

Well...maybe not. He doesn't seem to mind. He just stands there and gives me a, " [Smile] " and I'm liek, " [Smile] to u" and he's liek, " [Smile] " so yeah.
But what's this? Daddy dino protects his young when a monster comes flying in. It takes one look at the dino thing and retreats, deciding that I would make an easier meal.
w00t, first battle...time for Lucas and Claus to lay the smackdown on this giant insect.
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 05:23 PM:
I tapped the music button and selected the monster, then did the same with Claus and they both performed a normal attack on the bug. It took a bit of damage but was still alive, so he proceeded to tear at Claus with his...erm...claws.
It only took about three turns to down the bug. That'll teach him to mess with me.
Uh oh, mother is here to lay some law down. They're in for it now, damn dino abusing trio. > [Frown]
Oh damn, you don't need to know japanese to get what this conversation is about. I have a feeling Lucas's mom is about as dense as Ness's parents were.
Lucas and Claus run off to eat pizza, leaving their mother alone with Mr. stalker(aka Alec).

Alec and Mrs. Hinawa talk about something and Alec mentions not to forget to save your game. Holy ****, he broke the third wall...or was it the fourth wall? Whatever.
Back home the three are eating pizza, but where is father?
HOLY ****, Claus, behind you! I totally didn't notice him there.
I think Lucas just crapped himself here.
Aw, their mother is sending her husband a letter via Carrier pigeon. The music here is sad, but also very pleasing on the ears. I need the OST for this game....NOW.
Oh god, it's a giant wall of text! Look out, Mrs. Hinawa! Flash your bewbz
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 05:26 PM:
Oh crap, I think I know what that is. Some weird music plays here. It passes quickly.
The scene fades to black with that weird music playing. It's very eerie. ^^
Something is coming...
The question is, where's Ness?
They then see fit to remind us that this is Mother 3 and your mind is about to be blown.
A peaceful forest, with a mountain visible in the distance and the moon in the sky.
That peace ends, when a loud and terrifying series of explosions rock the entire region.
A man steps outside to see what caused the explosion, but tells his son to stay inside. What the heck is he doing with that wood anyway? XD That's...some crazy morning wood.
Leave them alone Taliban, they're only animals! [Frown]
Oh snap, so it was really the U.S. government. We're screwed.
They dropped the bomb. Oh crap.
The woodland creatures forest is burning. ;_;
Luckily Gilligan is off his island and has rushed to help. Gogo gilligan, you can do it!
Gilligan isn't too helpful and decides to run get help. The people in Tatsumairi village are panicing and running around.
Chapter 1, the start of the game, finally commences. w00t
The gilligan lookalike runs up to some house and begins knocking franticly on the door.
Oh hey, it's the main characters Fathers house.
It's only two frames, but he is already more badass than Lucas.
Sweetness, you control him. I checked my hot bode in the mirror and completely disregarded the explosions and loud knocking outside. I then pulled up my inventory and checked my stats:
Level 7, not bad.
lulz, I can sleep...even during this emergency and my health is restored. [Big Grin]

i think Flint is a pretty cool guy. eh sleeps whenever and doesnt afraid of anything
[Trash Koffing]
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 05:31 PM:
The man, Thomas, falls on his ass when Flint opens the door.
I don't understand teh spanish, dude.
Regardless, I agree to help him and he joins my party. Yay. Thomas is a guest, so he gains no exp and can't equip anything. He won't be with me long, from what I understand.
I talked to Flint's dog, Boney, and got a pole weapon.
I also realized this is the place seen in the games opening with the cliff. Cool.

I equipped the pole and decided to head off to investigate. Will report back soon. [Embarrassed]
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 08:37 PM:
Found translations.
The translation states that Draco brought his kid to "play" with Lucas and Claus. There are translations for the animal dialogues too. XD

"Claus: The harder you bump into Drago, the happier he gets."

After beating the first battle, the Mole cricket runs off, then Hinawa(your mother) comes along and says that she just stepped on a cricket. lul

Anyway, here's the translation for Hinawa's letter to her husband:


The kids have been running wild around the fields and mountains since we've been here. Just like you said they would. They never get tired.

Claus is still as risky and energetic as always. Lucas is still a little withdrawn. But, it seems like both of them are having a great time playing. I think my fathers(note: Alec) going to be lonely when we leave.
He hadn't seen the boys for a long time. But, we'll be coming home this evening.

I hadn't breathed in this clean mountain air for a while. I forgot how good it makes you feel. You're always in Tazmily Village enveloped in the smell of goats, so I want you to smell this clean
air as well.

Next time we come we'll have someone baby sit the goats and we'll come here as a family. Claus, Lucas and I have you always in our minds. Tonight when we get home I'll whip up a batch of my special <insert food, note: pizza>.

Yours and the boys forever,

**Chapter 1 - Night of the Funeral**

Thomas fell on his ass earlier because the doorknob came off, and he threw it at the doghouse...which woke Boney.

"Thomas: I'll walk behind you. Ok? I love walking behind people!!"
The pole increases my strength by two points. whee?
It tells me that the sheep are restless. Something is happening somewhere, and a loud bell can be heard.
This present was just sitting on the cliff, so I opened it and found Nut Bread. Mmm, nuts.
This dude looks like Conan O'brien. He's telling me that the sky is black with smoke to the north. Racist. Jumpman is gonna beat his ass.
"Oh nos, if the forest is on fire...Lucas and Claus won't be able to come home."
This dude asks me if I want him to join my party, but makes up an excuse when I agree. :|
What kind of name is yado, anyway?
Random townfolk are scared, thinking the village is gonna burn down.
"T..Th...The Telly Fire is on forest! No, no. The Forest Felly is on tire." lul
This blues brother lookalike gives me a map. [Big Grin] (his name is Mapson, and he sells maps)
This area is pretty big for a town. I'm down in the far right-hand corner.
He drew a white circle around the area that I need to go too.
I try heading the wrong way, but Thomas won't let me go east. I've gotta head north.
I went north into another area and found more presents like this lying on the ground. Just whose birthday was it and why the hell wasn't I invited? I also noted these little shiny things on the ground like in this picture. Not sure what they are.
Spooky closed-off cave?
This guy is Lida, he doesn't talk...just kinda, uh, rings the bell.
This birds name is Tutoriole, obviously a tutorial. S/he is telling me how to use sleep mode to save battery life. "But it's all so tweet. I mean, sweet. And now, like the bird I am....TWEEET!"
More presents scattered all over the place.
The guy on the left is puking and the guy on the right tells me that they just escaped from the fire...apparently a man named Lighter and his son Fuel(lul) are still trapped in the forest.

Guess I gotta go rescue them?
Tutoriole shows up again to tell me that I can cure poison or restore health by visiting a hot spring. The closest hot spring is within Telly forest.
This is a church, I can...pray? I like the music, it's pretty cool.
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-22-2008, 08:41 PM:
I walked up to the Altar and some voice spoke to me, asking me for the name of the player. o_o
I entered cemen and it told me to forget that the conversation ever happened, so I told it "no."
Looks like trouble here. The guy in suit is named Ed and he lets me by, since he's too busy dealing with the kids.
This doesn't look good, blood was--errr...smoke was everywhere. This guy gives me a cookie though: "This small, dirty, not very delicious cookie. Make sure to eat it!"
This place looks familiar. I knew we'd be back here...but what's this? A bat!
This thing hits HARD and it takes a good three rounds to beat despite my level. Flint's a badass cowboy living in a hardass world, so he can take it.
I continued on and found some house with an Afro dude knocking on the door calling for someone named Isaac?
Apparently the sign which I thought was a starbucks logo, was pointing me to a hot spring in the west. I went there and found Tutoriole again, who told me that running is bad and said:
"You have to stop running and face what's in front of you."
(Tutoriole is a pretty cool bird, eh talks wisdom and doesn't afraid of anything)
whao, didn't know Thomas swung that way. [Embarrassed]
On my way back, I ran into another bat and promptly laid some smackdown. It used some attack that knocked me down for a few turns or something.
The bat goes blasting away. [Big Grin]

I equipped the Goat Bracelet I picked up just before the hot spring and it raised some of my stats by 3 points. I went and fought another bat for some experience, and noted that the damage done to me was much less with the bracelet. [Smile]

I noticed that Thomas doesn't fight in battles, thus= Thomas useless.
Also each character can only hold 16 items in inventory.

I fought a few more bats and leveled to 8, the level up music is good too. 8D
I think I'm ready for anything now. Flint is holding 10 items, so I have room for 6 more things.

I haven't figured it out, but apparently if you attack at certain moments and stay in tune with the background music, you can do "music combos." So far Flint seems to have four special skills, though I haven't tried them yet.
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-23-2008, 04:39 AM:
Flint and Thomas proceeded deeper into the burning forest, coming upon a man who had fallen due breathing the terrible fumes.
It continued to get worse, as I stepped into an area full of raging flames. Touching the flames damaged me. [Embarrassed]
Those bastards, they are unleasing monsters on the forest! They don't get any cookies. [Frown]
Bad pigs, BAD! I waited until he stumbled away before continuing.
...but my stealth isn't quite up to par with snakes. I get caught by a vegetable which challenges me to the death. I prevail, but have to fight through several more. Thomas is not helping.
I found Lighter, who is revealed to be the man seen at the start of chapter 1 living in the cabin. He has fallen, attacked by an endless swarm of the one to the left.
Thomas decides to be useful and look after Lighter while I continue to the cabin to rescue fuel. But just then a faint sound of buzzing can be heard approaching, OH ****!
Several incendiary Flies appear! Damn, no Pokeballs. [Frown]
I use regular attacks on one of them, but it takes several turns to kill the beast. In the meantime they slam me with what looks like PSI attacks. [Embarrassed] oh man, blood trickles down Flint's forehead.

...but he can take it, and uses his special Fighting spirit skills, destroying one of the pests with a "Full power attack." It causes massive damage.
Two left, but they still slam me with PSI attacks and I'm getting weak. I swing at one and miss completely. Oh crap My health is low [Frown]

Having met my match, I decided I wasn't going to let some little bugs push me around. I took note of Flint's Fighting Spirit skills:
Brandish: Shoots at enemy (how cool is that?)
Full-Power Attack: Powerful attack, but sometimes misses.
Strength up
Defense up
I got back up and completely owned the monsters. Though I had 2 health left XD

It's time to rescue Lighter's son, Fuel. There's no time to heal...I race on ahead.
I came across a barrel full of water which was shaking back and forth, and lo behold...Mr. savepoint is hiding in there. y helo thar [Big Grin]

Before another battle, I went ahead and sucked on some Nuts in my inventory to restore 30 health. (lol, read that again)
I found the cabin and Fuel, so...time to burn it down. [Wink] Oh wait, it's already being burning down.
Unfortunately the kid runs away, because there seems to be a monster inside chasing him.
The door wouldn't open, so I had to dash through the break it down.
I found this flying mouse and tried to sneak past it, but I was not successful. meh, Flint has no stealth. The mouse charges me with a crazed look in his eyes. o_o

He does a cute little dance...
So I shot him.
It's fuel! This area doesn't look too safe. We've got to get over there somehow but there are debrie in the way blocking my path.
So Flint knocked it all the **** out of the way. [Big Grin]
What a badass.
"You saved Fuel!"
As we're escaping, the cabin begins collapsing as fire falls down from above and the screen shakes violently. We ran the hell out.
and just in time. This place is a mess.
"Fuel: I'm black with soot but I'm alive. You're all black as well. Thank you, All-Black Flint. Thank you very much, All-Black Flint. We have to tell my father that I'm safe. I'm sure he's worrying about me."

So wait, is he saying I'm black? Holy crap, I am black now.
So all-black Flint and Fuel head back to town. Flint's a hero...but what of the monsters and pig soldiers?

Lucas: 0
Flint: 9,000+
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-23-2008, 05:30 AM:
Black Flint and Fuel returned toward the direction of town, and I noticed the Afro dude was gone. I was pretty weak from those battles and ran into more monsters coming it's off to the hot spring!
Oh snap Flint, the FBI is gonna hear about this. <_< >_>
I think it's awesome how after coming out of the spring, the bottom half of your body is clean. [Big Grin]
No soot for me, no sir. Flint's face is still black, I guess I'm--?
"Matt(Afro dude): I don't know who you are but you're all black. Thank you sooty much for saving Fuel." XD
Thomas tells me that Lighter and the others are just past the church. He then shows me his impression of a scarecrow.
Uh, this is bad. Lighter doesn't look so good sonny.
(Tutoriole is just chilling in the corner)
"Thomas: Look, Flint came. He saved your son."
"Ed: You two were always such close battling buddies as kids. It made me jealous."
"Lighter: Thanks, Flint. I hate for you to see me like this. I guess I owe you one."
"Archat: Master, I think that's the first time I ever heard you say thanks."
"Bronson: How true. Next you'll tell me it's going to rain."

and then this happens:

*Warning: Grab a tissue.
XD Holy hell. The music here is really nice as the villagers realize that the fire is over and the town is saved. The rain washed all the soot away on Flint and Fuels faces...these little things crack me up.
Rain pours down on the village, signaling the end of the disaster.
The nurse here tells Flint that he is fine, and the townspeople comment that the forest is still full of monsters. Yay, moar exp for me.
but first Flint pounds some beers and picks up a cheap, fat hooker. The barkeeper who refused to help earlier gives me the room down the hall.
Damn, my box of condoms are empty. [Frown]
Oh well, just at that moment a call comes for me.
Some dude named Isack(I sack? lul) showed up to ask me about my wife. wtf
Apparently he heard a Draco roar from the direction of the Hinawa house and thinks Flint's family may be in danger. What a buzz kill. :
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-23-2008, 06:37 AM:
Arriving back home, I pet Boney on the head and went inside to see if Flint's family had returned(yeah right).
Hey, it's that letter that Mrs. Hinawa wrote! Aww. Wait, that means...
****! Run Flint, giant wall of text!
The villagers seem to believe that Flint's family is in danger. meh, whatever.
Boney senses his masters urgency and joins your party. w00t
Boney and flint explore the town now that noone is around to stop me. I loot and pillage, taking several items with me. There are tons of houses, but many of their doors are locked.
Thomas runs up and tells me that all the villagers are searching for your family, since they were expected back right now.
I feel sorry for this guy. He doesn't know what's goin' on anymore. [Wink]
Spooky gate to the north of town.
Luckily, this game gives you plenty of direction...unlike a certain Earthbound.
Yab yab yab, we're looking for your family, yib yib yib.
A number of Bats show up in this area and attack me. Lucky I have boney, right?

Boney is fast, so I had him use his "Scent smelling skill" to sniff for an enemies weakness. Unfortunately he just kinda wandered off and found some glue. Oh well, I'm fine fighting alone.

Yay, leveled up to 10.
Oh, jesus christ, Flint.
I fought some pumpkin creature and Boney leveled up.
This milf warns me about poisonous snakes in the area(ooooh yeah), and gives me an antidote. [Wink]
Oh, crap, there really were snakes.
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-23-2008, 10:20 AM:
The snakes like to gang up on you in this place, but I was able to escape being poisoned by using a few antidotes. At one point Boney got poisoned and died, so I had to go revive him in the hot spring.
Ran into the flying mouse again, who is planning to move now that his house has burned down. ;_;
Fat ****. He basically just wants your mom to bake him some cookies. >=(
I think CE wants those cookies, thank you.
Buttsex'd (is this trademark yet?)
Uh oh...trees have fallen and there are giant claw marks everywhere. Scary. [Frown]
It seems the road is blocked, so there is no way to get to where your family is located. The villagers are going to clear the way for you.
Stop making lame jokes and then apologizing, you two are pissing me off. >=(
Oh snap, the cliff has been torn away by powerful claws. The townfolk are saying that they are Drago claws...those peaceful dinos from the beginning? Oh snap, Claus really did it now. I knew he shouldn't have ****** with those things.
Boney smells something? STOP HUMPING THE WALL!
They spotted something...but what is it?
It's a piece of Hinawa's clothing? o_o
The old geezer says that his unemployed, lazy, gamefaqs-obsessed son could probably help me get up that cliff. Of course we'll send the dog. What was the sons name again?
Run Boney, run! You can do it!
Unfortunately he gets lost along the way and takes an additional week to return, but whatever.
Boney finally arrives at the house and forces a DYNAMIC entry, dragging Duster into the woods where he proceeds to have his way with the boy. ouch
lulz, Duster demands to know why his father gave Boney a pair of his mothers undergarments for tracking down his scent. His dad did it for the lulz and Duster is not amused. What you don't expect is...
With a nifty stairway going right up the cliff, we now can make our way to where Flint's family is. Duster(teh freaking ninja) joins the party!
;_; Hope they are ok...
I found a cave nearby and went inside, but got attacked by these mole monsters. My freaking ninja partner got rid of them quickly.
The mole cave is mine, I stake this territory. [Embarrassed]
It shall be my kingdom, for when I go to war with the pokemon walkthrough topic.
The pigs are up to no good. They seem to be getting ready to start that...geneticly engineered freak. o_o; (why is the guy on the right doing a Nazi salute?)
They noticed me approaching and started the beast...oh ****.
First boss battle. This is rough, even with three of which is a dog. But hey, I got a ninja on my side. Easy, right? >_>;
I don't do very well for the first 10 or 20 rounds. <_<;
I keep trying to hit it with Flint's special kill, which does massive damage and it misses constantly. Ninja and dog took decent damage though.
Yay, it finally hit [Big Grin]
Though it gets angry and kills Duster. [Frown]
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-23-2008, 10:29 AM:
Takes a while, but I managed to do it somehow. It started using this attack toward the end where it hits all characters for 20-30 health. >_<
The pigs run away, leaving behind a little book with information on the disaster. It seems they are aiming to change the local wildlife and fauna, mutating or making everything evil. >=(
I'm guessing they did something to make the Drago violent...those things are scary. [Frown]
A pig ship! It's mine! Ahahaha...
...guh, it flew away. x_x
It seems my trip was wasted, as the path has been destroyed. Nothing left but to go back to the village.
Hey, good news. They found Lucas and Claus, and the path is now clear. [Big Grin]
Tearful moment, with Flint reuniting with his sons. For a main character, Lucas sure sucks during this part of the game. :|
Having been reunited with his sons, he waits for word about his wife. The boys were found in a nearby river, but Mrs. Hinawa is nowhere to be found.

Note: The next scene is pretty amazing, and can be viewed animated here:
"Bronson: I found an incredible Drago fang, but it was found impaled in your wifes body."
"All: !!!!"

*Warning: BADASS Flint scene.
Flint has fallen to his knees and proceeds to beat the ground with his fist.
The women next to him tries to comfort him, but he knocks her away.
He then gets really pissed and punches the fire, pulling out a burning pole with his bare hands.
He smashes the fire with the pole, and completely ignores everyone yelling at him to stop.
The two behind him try to stop him, but he swings the firey pole at them.
The dude on the right comes too close and gets a solid one in the jaw.
This guy too [Big Grin]
He isn't taking anyone's crap, no more.
Bronson wrestles with Flint for a little while, before Lighter comes along and wacks you with a big pillar of wood. Guess that's thanks for saving his kid? -_-

Everything fades as Flint passes out.

[PBJ Time!]
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-23-2008, 11:12 PM:
For some weird and stupid reason...all my old screenshots are being overwritten by my new ones. >_< The following scenes are gone, so I won't be able to post them:

1. When Flint blacks out, he has a dream where his wife and kids are going off to visit their grandfathers house. He wants to go with them, but something is stopping him.

2. He wakes up in jail, behind a bunch of iron bars and Bronson is there telling him that he's the first person to ever be imprisoned in the village. He congratulates Flint. [Big Grin]

3. Bronson leaves and Claus sneaks in, saying he will kill the Drago that murdered his mother. He leaves his father a small apple containing a file which Flint uses to bust out.

The screenshots I have start just after this point. All the ones for the scene above were overwritten...bastard software.

[That Guy]
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-24-2008, 05:15 AM:
Having escaped from the slammer, I am confronted by my fellow ninja buddy Duster who apologizes for not being able to save Flint's wife.
I take my anger out on some birds and run around the area, messing up peoples houses(which are all now open, yay).
Mapson and the townspeople tell me that Hinawa has already been buried, and that I should go to the cemetary up north of town where that spooky gate was. (shown earlier)
This place doesn't look like a friendly graveyard. [Frown]
More like the underworld or something. Man with shovel is creepy.
Lots of people standing around at the base of the hill. One girl asks where Claus is. [Frown]
Alec and Lucas are mourning.
When asked where Claus is, Lucas spills the beans about Claus taking his dads knife and going to hunt down the Drago.
Lucas runs off crying, and Flint feels like a ***** father.
North of the graveyard is some big moat with a castle. wtf is this doing here?
Back at home, Lucas just sits there looking sad while peting Boney. ;_;
People in town claim to see Lucas visiting his mothers grave in the early morning house, while looking spaced-out.
Lighter says some stuff about wishing he could smack Fate with his 2x4, and gives me a nice accessory to wear. I equipped it.
Bronson is somehow not surprised by Flint's escape, and instead gives me the Drago fang that was found in Hinawa's heart. It's been turned into a sword and is the only thing that can penetrate the Drago's flesh. Sweet.
I journyed north through the forest and fought lots of new enemies, along with some old ones. Flint was pretty strong, so they were nothing.
It's alive! [Embarrassed] Weeeeeeeeeeeed~! Come, jump into my mouth!
I ran into these weird catapillar-like things, but I don't think this is a boss battle. I stopped here, realizing my older screenshots were being overwritten. <_<
I was surrounded, but I stood up against the three beasts. They attacked violently...most unusual, as the monsters in this forest were once peaceful.
I had little trouble with them, but they kept using this healing move. >_<
I proceeded northward and ran into this raging bull creature. It tried to have its way with me, so I sent it blasting off. Unfortunately I took nearly 30HP damage per hit. O_O
I was barely alive and had to suck on some nuts in my inventory to restore a bit of my health.
I ran past a few more bull monsters, knowing that they would slaughter me. A few moles popped up out of the ground and attacked me when I wasn't expecting them...but they were simple to defeat.
...until this battle. [Frown] A mole came out of the ground and I was planning to run around it, but ran right into a new enemy...this big, mean Rock dude.
It was a tough battle and I was dying, with no way to possibly win. I used a healing nut, but the monster just hurt me more resulting in a wasted turn. I decided to take a gamble and use Flint's second skill, which is a powerful blow...but misses liek 70% of the time.

It hit. [Big Grin]

but the monster didn't die. x_X It went to deal the finishing blow but it missed. XD I landed the surviving attack that ended the battle. Weak, I used some healing items and continued.
I arrived at Alec's house, where Hinawa and the boys were at the games beginning. Alec joins my party as a useless guest and we're off to stop Claus.
These lizards point the direction I need to go. Alec tells me that they are strange, and he doesn't understand them at all. I'm suppose to go speak with people called, "Magypsy."

I checked the place where the Drago were earlier in the game, but they had all disappeared.
I raced through the canyon dodging those deadly rock enemies and following the lizards. I ran into some strong enemies and thought I would die a few times, but Alec turns out to be more useful than the other guests...he attacks and heals me. XD yay
A pair of frogs called their friends to form a bridge to the other side. [Big Grin]
"Do you want to milk the cow? Y/N"
"Cow: You're good at this." XDD
Tutoriole(bird) tells me that the Magypsy are holding a teaparty nearby. There also appears to be a much needed hot spring here.
A shell house? I hear some kind of singing.
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-24-2008, 05:21 AM:
CAKE! ...wait, this is a trap...
The Magypsy inform me that Claus was here, and they taught him PSI powers. uh oh <_<
He ran off to the Drago's plateau, and Alec gets mad that they didn't stop him.
...but the Magypsy explain that they have lived for hundreds of years, and human lives mean nothing to them. They just like, "teh lulz."
The dragon plateau is through this cave. Anyone who has watched the movie "the Descent" will not like this. >=(

That's all for now. I'm gonna turn around and go back to level up...I don't like the idea of fighting dino/dragons in my shape.

Once again my screenshots were overwritten, but nothing major was lost. Just some images of things I did before entering the cave.
Oh, for those that play this...when you cross the area with the frogs, you can't go back. >_<
Also I just realized that Flint has no weapon...I don't know if I was suppose to get one back in town, but my attacks are pretty weak. Whatever...I'm badass enough to get through this without a weapon. 8)
Flint and Alec are in a dark cave, on their way to the Drago Plateau. Alec informs me that he knows the way through this cave, so I let him guide me...but we get lost a bunch of times and fight tons of stone monsters, moles, and other creatures. <_<
FINALLY! We escape that hell and arrive at the other end of the path from earlier in the game.
[Big Grin] Look familiar?
Oooh, that ship again. Those guys are responsible for the forest incident...and another cave. [Frown]
Got you cornered now! [Big Grin]
|-|@x0rz. [Frown] They get to their ship and fly off. I checked the machine they left behind, and it heals me when I sleep inside it. Health restored.

Btw, this entire area uses music from Earthbound. XD
Outside I run into lots of dangerous, new enemies and eventually level Flint to 16.
While walking around I often got attacked by these birds which would swoop down from the trees. >=(
I continued upstream and avoided some of the giant scorpions hangin' around.
This is kind of chilling. It's Claus's shoe and the Drago baby. I knew he would come back for revenge. =(

He runs away and Alec/Flint pick up the shoe.
I came across some weird device on the ground, but it seemed broken. As I was inspecting it, this tree horrificly moved toward me. O_O
Holy crap that thing is scary. He wants to raep meh. [Frown]
Thankfully he's pretty easy to beat...
Eh? What's he doing? It's like he's chargin' his laz0rs, amirite?
OH MY GOD O_O (look at damage)

Note: If an enemy hurts you, your health slowly drops. If you get hurt and the battle ends while your health is depleting from the blow, the damage will be stopped. Luckily in the case above, this guy uses a finishing attack that does massive damage...but the battle ends quickly enough that it doesn't have time to register me as dead. XD
Note 2: This was true in Earthbound as well.

Up ahead I ran into Tutoriole again, who told me I was approaching the Drago lair and bid me farewell. ;_;

I found another shoe belonging to Claus, but as I was inspecting it...this came out:
A new challenger approaches! Mecha-Drago!!
Jurassic park was an awesome movie when I was a kid, but it became lame as I got older. This is a REAL Dinosaur.
The Mecha-Drago is no longer gonna take anyones ****. Time to get down to business.
I used Flint's special skill and managed a hit, which did massive damage...but it didn't even dent the beast.
He hits me with some kind of PSI attack...I don't know wtf happened.
I pelt him with regular attacks for a while, but Alec only does a mere 1 HP damage. -_-
Thankfully he heals me just as I'm about to die several times.
He hits me with more PSI attacks and I'm hurting. Alec can barely keep up with healing and I'm sucking as many nuts as I can. WHAT!?
Mecha-Drago gets serious and lots of crazy stuff happens. He hits harder and I'm getting pushed to my limits. I'm falling fast...
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-24-2008, 05:24 AM:
I got up and ran from the Mecha-Drago and quickly as I could, taking refuge behind some boulders nearby. However it quickly found me. Just as I was sure I would die, I came across a new weapon...
A piece of Timber, now I can be just as cool as Lighter with his 2x4. [Big Grin]

The Drago approached, so I quickly pulled out the Drago fang from earlier out and threw it at the Beast's chest. The fang weakened it somehow as it let out a might roar, causing the battleground to shake. I began my second assault:
I used Flint's third skill, which increases attack power...but the Drago noticed and used some power-down PSI on me. It continued to pelt me with attacks and I was horribly low on health...
Alec was proving himself the most useful guest, be keeping me alive just as I'm about to die. I also used nuts and various items to keep myself alive. This was a truely might foe.
I pulled out a fire bomb that a villager had given me earlier on, and did a nice 105 damage with it. Nice fireworks there. [Big Grin]
Crap, it's pissed....I'm screwed. I swing my Timber wildly at the beast, knowing that I don't have many items left.
Victory! A finishing blow is dealt and the beast collapses. I level up [Big Grin]
After a battle like that...who was truely the victor?
Oh snap, the Mecha-Drago got up first.
But it looks like I won.
YES! Do it, Flint! Avenge your wife!
Oh **** this.
Flint has a forgiving side and lowers his weapon, but as he approaches the beast, baby Drago knocks him away. He then yells at you to gtfo.
The older Drago sheds a tear, then dies.
lulz, everyone forgot about emo Claus...who appears to have fallen off the cliff or something. He just kinda lays there for the rest of this chapter. Uh oh, something is it...
Here's the translation for the giant wall of text:

"The people of Tazmily Village had never known grief like this.
On days either rainy or sunny, people greeted each other with a smile.
They were friends with all the living creatures in the forest.
The strong helped the weak and anything necessary was supplied.
This was life how they knew it. However, now they all shared the grief and the same feeling that things were going from bad to worse.

But since when? From where? What and why? Why were things changing? The creatures of the forest now look like strange robotic toys.
The humans were being pounced upon. There was even a family that had been severed apart.

What were the things behind the pig masks?

What were those odd UFOs flying through the beautiful sky?

The riddles lead to only more riddles and this story opens with a tragedy."
Flashback, to when Duster talked to Flint outside the jail. This time Flint tells Duster "thanks."
and that's the end of chapter 1.
=Chapter 2: A Thief's Adventure=, chapter 1 is complete. Does anyone care or have any interest in me doing Chapter 2? <_<
Mother 3 probably won't be released in the U.S. and the english patch won't be released for quite some time.
Posted by 10,000Lb.Snorlax (Member # 13) on 03-25-2008, 09:51 AM:
wow looks like you like that game a lot.

what is the main appeal? I played it for 15 minutes and wasn't that into it, but I guess there is a cult like following for it like I have for Sega's Phantasy Star. Is it because Earthbound is wacky and doesn't take itself seriously?
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-26-2008, 06:35 AM:
Mostly. The dialogue and characters are humorous and not your typical roleplaying crew. Instead of swords and arrows, magic, get bats, yo-yos and PSI/psychic powers.

There's the wacky enemies like the retro new-age hippies, starmen, aliens, etc. The story is pretty crazy as well. Though it's addicting once you get use to the controls and graphics. The world is fairly cross large open towns, deserts, travel to the past, etc.

I'm completely ready to play through the game again. <_< It's fun as hell.
Posted by starCaliber (Member # 268) on 03-27-2008, 06:59 PM:
ness and lucas are pretty faggy in smash brothers so I'm assuming I can skip this one too [Smile]
Posted by Mr. K (Member # 2) on 03-28-2008, 01:00 PM:
How do you know the dialog is funny if you can't read Japanese? Also who could possibly care about the all that noise you posted?
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 03-29-2008, 06:54 AM:
Translation guide, perhaps? There's already several out there for the game. learn2text-to-image
Posted by starCaliber (Member # 268) on 03-29-2008, 02:19 PM:
bump this thread every day until there's a reason to buy a PS3
Posted by starCaliber (Member # 268) on 03-29-2008, 02:35 PM:
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Posted by mr k mouth (Member # 802) on 04-05-2008, 01:33 AM:
Originally posted by starCaliber:
ness and lucas are pretty faggy in smash brothers so I'm assuming I can skip this one too [Smile]

"Original" Earthbound for SNES is one of my top three favorite games ever. If you have any way of getting your hands on it or an emulated version I suggest you do so. It is hilarious, and like the idiot-who-posts-dumshitthatidontgiveafuckabout says, it's addicting.

ps3 though!? Bump
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 04-07-2008, 04:44 AM:


I'm on chapter 4, out of the 8 or so that are in the game...and it seems that chapter 4 is where the game actually begins. Jesus that was a long opening...

Older Lucas kicks ass and controls Dinosaurs. If he just walked on water he'd be jesus.
Posted by MewtwoSama (Member # 12) on 04-08-2008, 02:48 AM:
cant argue with that
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I need new computer speakers, must have coaxial s/pdif connection
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 04-12-2008, 06:16 AM:

Replace with picture of Pokemon Red/Blue or Azure heights and it makes it sadder. ;_;
Posted by MewtwoSama (Member # 12) on 04-20-2008, 02:57 AM:
Originally posted by starCaliber:
bump this thread every day until there's a reason to buy a PS3

oh shit, forgot
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May Day May Day was yesterday
Posted by ieR2 (Member # 3934) on 10-25-2008, 03:53 AM:
In case anyone is interested, the fan translation was released and you can play Mother 3 in english now:

Stop being a bunch of little bitches and play dammit.


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