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Posted by Mecha-A (Member # 316) on 05-07-2000, 07:30 PM:
Hey, can people submit the 100+ PKMN they have seen appear in their games/friends' games on the Cinnibar coast? Also, can someone tell me if they have personally seen any number other than 2 or 3 different ones? I am interested in finding out what's there. Here's my current list, I have also put symbols next to them to indicate rarity (cOMMON) (uNCOMMON) (rARE)
Haunter (r)
Squirtle (r)
Aerodactyl (u)
Magneton (u)
Mewtwo (u)
Kingler (c)
Blastoise (c)
Golduck (u)
Electrode (c)
Marowak (c)
Clefable (c)
Snorlax (c)
Muk (u)
Rapidash (u)
Also, some pairs/triplets seem to appear together often (Muk, Rapidash) (Clefable, Marowak, Electrode). Please submit info!




Posted by MewtwoSama (Member # 12) on 05-07-2000, 09:12 PM:

There's all your info.

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Posted by BiG GULP 44oz (Member # 281) on 05-07-2000, 09:23 PM:
I used that site to get me a bunch of mewtwos and others but now it says im forbidden.

where does a snorlax sit?

anywhere he wants

Posted by MewtwoSama (Member # 12) on 05-07-2000, 10:00 PM:
I think the entire UPN sites was down today...check my page tomorrow.
Posted by Scyther7164 (Member # 382) on 05-08-2000, 06:07 PM:
Using level 100+ Pokémon is definitely cheating. I think Stadium makes them level 100 anyway when you use them.

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