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Posted by J Man Cool (Member # 2099) on 05-23-2004, 06:07 PM:
so yeah, i got off my lazy ass and i'm going to have an IBT 2004 (OMG WTF !!!111)-IF i can get at least 32 people to do this, with three other peoples as captains.

personally, i'd like to have vineon and Hip, along with someone else who is alive, to take the three other spots as captain since i know they will make their little slaves (other teammates) get in line.

I'm not going to make this board-based this time(lol at pojo aha), but somewhat like SMPT was, with all out whoever on teams.

but since summer is here and everything, this is a nice way to have some fun with other rby computer geeks.

Personally, for anyone interested-here are the rules:

~Species Clause: only one of that Pokemon is allowed on a team ex: no two sandshrews

~Sleep Clause: only one pokemon may be asleep at the same time. This does not count the effects of rest or the result of a metronome

~OHKO Clause: For the sense the OHKO are stupid and should be banned from the universe, they are simply banned from this tourney. EX: Guillotine, Fissure, or Horn Drill

~Evasion Clause: since no one wants a molly nut bomb out and about, the moves Double Team and Minimize are not allowed

~Über Ban: since Mewtwo and Mew smell bad, they just aren't allowed in this tourney

~Glitch Clause: if played on Azure *shudders*, the Multi-Hit moves and Substitute are banned. There may be others, but nothing that matters has really came to mind. If played on Netbattle, then Reflect and Light Screen are banned due to the fact that they ignore CH changes. Sorry

This tournament will be used on primarily IRC. If both parties agree, then Netbattle may be used instead. If, for some ill-fated reason, that both devices are unable to be used, then Porygon's Big Show will have to be the replacement.

I'd like this 32/48/64 man tourney if possible. this means, the more people interrested, the larger the tournament.

When you sign up (this is basically sign-ups), please put down your user name, e-mail, IRC and Netbattle name, and instant messaging of some sort (mainly MSN or AIM)

Disclaimer: If you do nothing but die off and not have good reasoning behind it, then you will pay the consequences of death or sex with the goatse man.

plz come and lets have some type of tourney =]

EDIT: also, here are the link to the other sign-up posts, in case you want to scope out who else is wanting to join:




And Smogon Boards:

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Posted by Rolken (Member # 7) on 06-02-2004, 10:30 PM:
Azure krew represent... [Embarrassed]
Rolken137( for MSN)

edit: oh who am I kidding, this's prolly a done deal already anyway

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