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Posted by Donald (Member # 1551) on 07-23-2001, 12:05 AM:
Being bored this afternoon, I decided to grab my old Red game and kick some ass in the original Stadium. Taking a max-stat (thank you, Gameshark ^_~) team into the Prime Cup Master Ball.

The first seven rounds were easy, so I'm focusing on the finals.

My six Pokemon: Alakazam, Jolteon, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Starmie, Snorlax. All with standard competition movesets.

In the finals, I lead with Jolteon and the Cooltrainer sends Rhydon (asshole). I go to Eggy, who gets Quaked on the switch. The ensuing Mega Drain leaves Rhydon... at 9 HP!
(How does that happen?) Obviously, Rhydon's done for now, and Mew enters. It took a Psychic on the switch before Thunder Waving Eggy.

As Mew leaves, enter his Exeggutor. I was trying like mad to Stun Spore it so the FE/Pin Missile Jolteon would have setup time... but I was FPed 3 straight turns. 4 Psychics down Eggy.

3-2, Cooltrainer

Enter Jolteon, who uses Pin Missile out of the gate. It misses, then the damn Egg exploded, leaving Jolteon at about 20 HP.

2-2 tie.

Mew comes in, and takes Jolteon's Thunder Wave before downing it with one Psychic.

2-1, Cooltrainer

I'm down to Alakazam. He enters, and Tosses Mew around. Then, 'Kazam eats a T-Wave. The fun begins now. I'm trying to Toss the shit out of Mew, who keeps using Softboiled after two hits. As the PAR starts taking hold, Mew begins to Psychic. After about three shots (w/2 Special Downs), he switches to Tri Attack. Tri Attack's taking Alakazam down about 30% each time, so I'm constantly Recovering when not FPed.

After taking 16 Tri Attacks (and managing to stay alive with Recover), Mew switches to Psychic again. Whenever I get a shot in, Softboiled would invariably kick in. The worst part: During one stretch, he got 4 Special Downs IN A ROW!! (Final tally: 6 for it, 3 for me).

Just when things look bleak, Mew starts Thunder Waving! I managed to run the prick out of attacking PP, so the faint is mine! One CH+Spec. Down Psychic and two Seismic Tosses later, Mew finally goes down. (Burn in hell.)

1-1 tie.

Alakazam's got about 270 HP left, and I get to see my old friend Rhydon. He goes first and Earthquakes Alakazam down to 60 HP. Then, I get the best message of my career:

Alakazam uses SEISMIC TOSS!

Enemy RHYDON fainted!

YEAH! I win the 25-minute match 1-0.

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Posted by White Cat (Member # 42) on 07-23-2001, 05:16 AM:
Was this Round 1 or 2?

When I beat the R2 Poke Cup, the last battle came down to my Alakazam Tossing a Starmie. I eventually forfeited and beat him on my next continue.

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Posted by Donald (Member # 1551) on 07-24-2001, 12:51 AM:
This was an R2 match.

Which might explain why I had almost every break go against me...

A little sampling of my free time.
"Mirror Coat me once, shame on you. Mirror Coat me twice, I'm a fucking idiot." -TheRookie

Posted by Donald (Member # 1551) on 09-11-2002, 10:17 PM:
*bumps for the use of the GameFAQs proletariat*
Posted by Rei the Giant Koffing (Member # 1909) on 10-06-2002, 07:13 PM:

Now that I think about it...I never got around to beating that "random team" cup in R2 mode.

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