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Posted by GipFace (Member # 777) on 08-31-2000, 10:05 PM:
Yay and stuff. Today, I went to the Pokémon Patrol at the CNE in Toronto. I arrived there at 11:30 in the morning.

I spotted the event board, and saw that they had 2 tournaments - one was a Magikarp's Splash mini-game tourney at 1:30, and the other was a 'Battle Now!' tourney at 5:30. Both were 16-men elimination tournies, and both were standard 2-player games. (due to the fact that each station only had 2 controllers) There were lots of little events in between those tournies, so I decided to stick around.

At 12:00, there was a word scramble game. Everyone had to work together to descramble 6 Pokémon names. I actually got 5 of the 6 by myself, while another kid picked up Rapidash. They gave away the mini-poster with the 150 Pokémon on it.

Since the Magikarp's Splash tourney was first, I decided to enter it. During the first 3 rounds, I faced 7-8 year olds, and averaged 29 hits per game. My first opponent got 4 (he thought that Magikarp's Splash was like Run Rattata Run where you keep hitting the A button), the second got 16, and the third got 21.

Whee, on to the final round. I met this OTHER person that went to Azure Heights here (whoops, forgot his name), and he got 26, while I got 30. Yay! I won the tournie! My prize? A _used_ copy of Pokémon Snap. My guess was that these Snap games were used last year during the Snap tour, and now they dont need them anymore. My guess is that in a year, they'll start handing out Stadium paks. Everyone else got a prize pack consisting of a comic, a big poster, and some stickers, which _I_ didn't get because I won. Nintendo is cheapass...

A Nintendo Rep said that I could trade in my Snap for a t-shirt if I could beat her in a game. I didnt want the t-shirt, but the guy that I beat said to go for it anyway, just to see how good I am. She beat me 31-29. Man, the Nintendo Reps are GOOD at the mini-games.

Yawn. 30 minutes later, the fat Pikachu came out. Aside from the size and all (6-foot Pikachu), it looked pretty realistic for the little kiddies. At 4:00, there was the Hot Potato game. Two groups of 10 had to pass a rubber ball (with the Pokémon 2000 logo on it, heh heh) with both their hands to the next person while pop music was playing. If you had the ball when the music stopped, you got eliminated.

My group was down to 4 before I got eliminated. I swear that the 3 other kids cheated somehow; they stood right beside each other while I was across from them, making me reach farther and making me have the ball longer. Anyway, all losers got a competition badge. The winner got that, and the prize pack that they gave out to the losers in the mini-game tournie. That sucked! I got a second competition badge, hehe.

Then, at 5:30, the 'Battle Now!' tournie started. I went up to the guy to sign my name in, but he said "YOU ALREADY WON A GODDAMN EVENT YOU CANT JOIN IN CUZ WE WANNA GIVE PPLS A FAIR CHANCE" Fuckers! If they had TOLD me that earlier, I would have never signed up for the mini-game tournie because this was pure battling. Of course, there's a luck factor in 'Battle Now', but who cares? This is way more fun.

So me and the other guy sat out of the tournie. Seems that if you just PARTICIPATED in the mini-game tournie, you couldnt sign up at all for the 'Battle Now!' tournie. I offered the other guy a link-cable battle using 6 Pokémon, and he asked if we would not use Mew or Mewtwo. So I agreed. Our first Pokémon was BOTH Alakazam. We found out that we both had max stats. We both did T-Wave, then I started D-Teaming 6 times while he attempted to Seismic Toss me each time. He connected twice, and I had to Recover my HP back. So then it came out to a standing war. I only had Psychic but I had 6 D-Teams, while the other guy had Psychic and Seismic Toss.

A huge break - A couple of turns later, I brought his Alakazam to the red zone, and he got fully paralyzed. I killed it. He then brought out his Snorlax. He started to Amnesia his Snorlax 3 times. This made my Psychic very weak, and I realized it came down to a PP war. 10 minutes later, we were still with Alakazam and Snorlax. I ran out of PP for Psychic so I started wasting my T-Wave PP, while he couldnt land a hit against Alakazam. We decided to call a draw after that, because it was getting damn boring, and it was more interesting watching the tournie instead.

So we watched the tournie. There was a pattern popping up - I noticed Squirtle vs. Psyduck, Oddish vs. Bulbasaur, Cubone vs. Sandshrew, and other type-matching battles. The people in the tournament were so stupid, they didnt switch and didnt use moves that were super-effective against the other. The tournie dragged on because of the type-matching battles, and eventually this guy won because he used Razor Leaf criticals with his Bulbasaur to victory. He too got a Snap, but he ALSO got the damn prize pack! I WAS FUCKING PISSED THEN. But I didnt do anything about it. Not worth it, I guess... but I _really_ wanted to read the comic.

After that was the "Challenge the Pro" event. Another woman came out (not the one that beat me), and said that you could challenge her to one mini-game of your choice. If you win, you get a big poster which was in the prize pack. By the time I came up, she had beat about 15 other people in other mini-games. I guess her ego was growing. Well, I challenged her to Snore War. Big break - that was the one game that she was shitty at. I got the poster, whoopee! Pop goes the ego. The other guy was behind me and beat her in Run Rattata Run after one false game (because the guy thought that he was 1P when he was actually 2P)

Anyway, after that, I decided to leave, because I obviously couldnt get into ANY MORE EVENTS. I said bye to the other guy, and left.

Well, Canada has very shitty Pokémon events. I was very disappointed that I didnt get to really battle with my L100 team, but hey, that's life. I would go tomorrow to see if they would have that kind of a tournie, but I WOULDNT BE ALLOWED INTO THAT TOURNIE because I already won a tournie and I think all the Nintendo reps recognize me now. Sucks.

Posted by Yavarice (Member # 420) on 08-31-2000, 11:15 PM:
Okay i was "The other guy". Overall it was fun, and like Gip, i thought that we could enter as many as possible. Damn.

Anyway, i was in the Magikarp tournement, and my first competitor, a little 6 year old who didn't know how to play. I felt terrible as the kid's mom looked on so i just decided to stay just one point ahead of him (unlike some other heartless fellow). Next kid, same thing cept maybe he was 7. Then at the semis i had some real competition, but still emerged victorious. Unfortunantly my average scores were just 24, so i knew i would probably lose unless Gip screws up majorly. Then before the final would start, the Rep says the prize is a pokemon snap game. My jaw drops, i thought it was going to just be a poster. I do my best and slipped up twice, but still managed to grab 26 points, not enough to win but a personal record. Gip walks away with Snap, I get a lollipop, poster, comic book, participation badge, stickers and some tattoos. Hmm, maybe i got the "real" prize.

Now a real highlight came now. After beating Gip in magikarp, she is challenged by a kid for run rattata. The rep creams the kid, so i decided to try and take her down a notch. Believe me, there is nothing more satisfying then hearing the Rep yell "CRAP!!" during the game. Another rep heard her and asked whats wrong, she replies "hes beating me!" Ah yes, wonderful. With that unofficial victory, i was confident i would win the "challenge the pro" cept for a teeny probelem where i was P2 but thought was P1. We were neck in neck but i was a centimeter ahead, and missed a jump. Thinking it was the rep i was estatic, then it dawns on me as i drop my controller as P1 crosses the finish line i notice P2 has stopped... and the Rep declares herself the winner. DOH! so in the rematch i won by maybe a few pixels, but nether the less, still won and got me another poster.

I was around the CNE grounds for a while untill the battle now tournement. Finding out that i was ineligible for a second tournement, i accepted a match from Gip and we started. I have never faced someone over a link cable before, only stadium. So i made a mistake of just gathering my team from their box and entering the colliseum. Thats how we ended up in a long struggle of two almost identical alakazams. After he got lucky and fainted it, snorlax went out, but after some useless damage we inflict on each other who would then heal it back, we decided on a draw, unless there was something importent at stake, an Azurian battle is a waste of time.

But hey, it was fun meeting another intelligent trainer and ridiculing the people in the Battle now tournement. Maybe next year, they will organise something better.

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Posted by Mr. K (Member # 2) on 08-31-2000, 11:43 PM:
Man, for all the problems with the American version, at least we get to play with our real teams!

Thanks for the report, guys.

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Posted by White Cat (Member # 42) on 09-02-2000, 03:41 AM:
This "Pokemon Patrol" over the summer wasn't supposed to be a real tour. The Stadium tour this spring was basically like the American one, except they only gave out one badge and there was no Nintendo rep to fight.

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Posted by Marril (Member # 51) on 09-10-2000, 02:59 PM:
At the Canadian Tour, there were people fighting reps. I saw a Chansey [Rep] vs. a Mewtwo [some kid].

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