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Posted by Brand Nizzle (Member # 3719) on 09-25-2004, 09:41 PM:
Boredom made me get out my old Gold cartridge and do some thinking, so here's my attempt at a unique yet standard team.

Umbreon@Mint Berry
Pursuit/Baton Pass/Roar
Mean look

Not sure where to go with this set. With Pursuit I could Toxic off the bat prompting the opponent to switch, thus enabling me to pull off a pursuit, then I could mean look the new poke and have my way with it. With BP i could pass mean look off to something else(preferably Girafarig) which would help immensly in its baton pass, and with Roar(can it even learn it? I havent played in ages) I could roar away pokes Umby doesnt like (Machamp, Steelix, etc). Opinions needed.

Girafarig@Miracle Berry
Baton Pass

I'll probably go with Psychic in the last slot as simple utility pokemon are teh suck.

Bug Hidden power
Swords Dance

If the foe poke is something Parasect can take, Girafarig passes to it. A fast Spore, a substute and a couple sword dances later and Parasect seems sweeper worthy.

Marowak@Thick Club
Bug Hidden power
Rock Slide
Swords Dance/???

Alternate Girafarig passee. Standard sweeper.

Hidden Power Ice
Thunder Wave

Fairly standard again. Jolteon's literally on everybody's team nowadays, but I still <3 him.

Ice Beam

Hazer and dragonite killer. Standard.
Posted by Dredite (Member # 33) on 09-30-2004, 01:12 PM:
You're probably better off with baton pass, simply because Roar won't save you from a machamp or that one bug. (Bah, name missing...). And getting in a small amount of persuit damage isn't all that good, since you should be waiting for them to switch so as to poison/do nasty things/mean look the person coming in. And if you do mean look a machamp, you want to make sure you can remove it from the playing field.

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