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Posted by KumoriKenshi (Member # 2462) on 08-13-2002, 02:25 AM:
Jolteon Nexus (F)
- I am NOT changing this - This alone swept a Tyranitar, Houndoom, Miltank, AND Furret in a single battle.

Porygon2 Dell (Neither)
Ice Beam

Jynx Tsuki (F)
Lovely Kiss
Dream Eater
Ice Beam
Mean Look
-I'm willing to ditch her if need be, Moveset is pretty obvious.

Skarmory 747 (M)
Drill Peck
Thief was intended for after the Miracleberry gets used, but that hasn't happened in any of my battles...Suggestions besides Rest? I'm willing to ditch him, too.

Vaporeon Namida (F)
Baton Pass
Double Team
-A monster when set up. It has swept a Lugia, Tyranitar, and Ampharos on the gsbots in one game. ph33r

Sandslash Zero (M)
Rock Slide
Swords Dance
-Counter because it's saved my ass several times against Curselaxes and Marowaks.

I will NOT change any pokemon except Jynx and Skarmory, and only for a good reason that will help my team as a whole. And for your phr33ks that think weaknesses are the only way to rate a team, here they are -
2x Fire
2x Electric
2x Grass
1x Ground
1x Fighting
1x Ice
1x Water
1x Rock
1x Steel
1x Ghost
1x Dark
1x Bug

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Posted by ThumbsOfSteel (Member # 1922) on 08-13-2002, 07:47 AM:
Jolteon: good.

Porygon2: sure, standard.

Jynx: I prefer nightmare or perish song over ice beam.

Skarmory: Throw on rest over steel wing for better use of thief. Could also consider curse over thief, but this is ok.

Vaporeon: My set has baton pass over roar, and I count 4 that could use DT very effectively. This team would be a nightmare to face if you passed some of these guys DT.

Sandslash: Might want rock slide over body slam, as it does more damage to flyers, which is mostly what you'll be using it against. Otherwise good.

Overall: Looks like a fairly good team. A T-bolt tyranitar is the only thing I see that could be a big problem, and not that big. I think this team could only benefit from having vaporeon pass DT, and you have nothing to lose dropping roar as skarmory has whirlwind. I think it's lacking a little in raw power, but curse helps with that. Not lacking much, but a little.
Posted by KumoriKenshi (Member # 2462) on 08-13-2002, 07:41 PM:
Thanks for the rate. I'll take your advice and put Baton Pass on Vaporeon, I never seem to use Roar that much anyways. I think I should keep Ice Beam on Jynx, mainly so she has an attack if they wake up. Rest is going on Skarmory too.

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