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Posted by Jman (Member # 618) on 01-14-2002, 04:42 PM:
I figured I'd put this here rather than the Arena because more people visit this board and its not really just about fighting in competition.

I was thinking to myself in Latin II today(something I usually do, as I no longer have interest in learning the language) and started on the topic of new ways to battle. I thought as my teacher rambled on about something on new declensions and endings I'll never need or use outside of class, and came up with this: Restart your game(or create a new one), with a time-limit to train and then a tournament to fight with the Pokémon obtained.

I'm sure this has been thought up before and perhaps some of you have even fought in this set-up, because its a very intriguing way to fight.

This doens't necessarily put the focus on the Pokémon at hand and the attacks(as in usual battle), rather, the trainers ability to make decisions and execute them for the better of the team.

Also, a trainer has to think of ways to incorperate strategies and get the most powerful attacks he can on his Pokémon in the allotted time.

A trainer will ask himself... "I only have a few minutes left... who should I train? Chikorita or Wooper... meh..."

Things of that nature will be asked and need to be thought out carefully(and in case you were wondering, I'd train Chikorita because it has better attacks in the early game than Wooper).

Clauses are virtually non-existant, because its neigh impossible to get any legendaries, little chance of finding and time to test Hidden Powers, etc.

The game is well balanced, as the Pokémon you use will probably be some of the weaker ones in the end game(IE Rattatas/Raticate will definetly be used a lot more). No one Pokémon can really dominate the game.

To further enhance gameplay, I would suggest a level limit, so that a person can't go around training one Pokémon to the 40s while someone makes a balanced team around 15-20.

Jman's Time Limit Tournament Format:
Time Limit: 1 hour
Level Limit: Level 25
Clauses: Sleep
Format: 1-6 vs. 1-6 pokemon
Tournament Type: Single Elimination

This is my format, one I think that would work best. It probably could use a little bit of play testing and changes, etc.

There's some downside to this, of course. Not everyone will want to erase their game and start from the beggining. Not everyone will have the amount of time to do this.

Also, there's no real way of doing this online. The only thing near this is using KeroKato's Pokémon RPG and his Link Battler, but thats only for R/B/Y and a bit of a stretch. If someone could build a thing around this type of battle....

Well, thats my thoughts. Input welcome.

Posted by Cesar (Member # 529) on 01-14-2002, 05:13 PM:
The problem with this is that few pokemon can be caputured and raised in time.

You would obviously want at least one pokemon in the upper limit, but with all that training who has time to defeat gym leaders and capture? As well as leveling up your newly captured pokemon.

The only was I could see how this would work is if you didn't make them reset, but instead steal all of their useful items (bicycles, heavy balls, master balls, etc.) and drop them in the PC. Make them start in New Bark Town, and give them 5 pokeballs (the same would happen if you reset). Then pick a random pokemon and give it a lvl 5 version

The problem with my idea is that you have to breed all ~140 that are capable of breeding, and it would be much harder to level up. And much easier to cheat

Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 01-14-2002, 05:17 PM:
I've actually set up tournaments in this format (back in RBY). I called it "90-Minute Blitz" because, as you guessed, you have 90 minutes.

Here is a recap of the most successful team I ever gathered (done on Yellow):

90:00 The time starts as soon as you pick up your starter. Got the Pikachu, then quickly took out Eevee to get to L6.

~74:00 Got the Pokedex. Pikachu is now up to L9.

~68:00 I have my second team member, a L5 Pidgey. I put it up front to even out the level difference in Viridian Forest.

~53:00 Oh, no! I have to take on Brock with only a L11 Pidgey and L11 Pikachu! Amazingly, thanks to Sand-Attack and Double Team, I get it done with about 48 minutes to go.

~42:00 Time for Mt. Moon. I've abandoned Pidgey for the time being, but I hope to get it to L18 by the time it's done.

~25:00 Mt. Moon is done. I had to send Pidgey back out for a few battles, and its level is now 14. Pika is up to 17. No new Pokemon, as I needed to spend more money on Potions than Poke Balls (to save critical time rather than going back to the Pokemon Center).

~22:00 Got Bulbasaur. Six levels in 30 minutes--this should be easy.

~15:00 With Bulbasaur up to L15, it's time for Cerulean Gym. It starts off the first battle, eventually giving way to Pikachu. The experience knocks it up to L16. Misty is rather easy, and Pikachu is up to L18.

~13:00 Oh no! I'm looking to add Charmander as a fourth team member, and there are 7 more fights before I can get it! After the Gary battle, I waste crucial time having to go back to the Center.

9:04 Nugget Bridge. I have to BLAZE throught this. Along the way, Pidgey levels up to 18 and evolves. Is there time?

0:55 YES! Charmander is mine! If you are in the middle of a battle at the expiration time, you are entitled to finish the battle. I therefore have 55 seconds to enter a battle and hope Charmander levels up to 11. If only I knew which trainer had which Pokemon...

0:00 In the final battle, Charmander did indeed rise to L11. Ivysaur scored the assist, and scored enough EXP to get to L17.

My final line-up: L20 Pikachu, L18 Pidgeotto, L17 Ivysaur, L11 Charmander

It won easily. Needless to say, the tournaments stopped before I figured out the best plan would be to train one Pokemon exclusively, putting its level around 30.

It was fun then, and I'm guessing it will be popular now.

Posted by Arcanine059 (Member # 2363) on 01-14-2002, 06:47 PM:
It's interesting that you were thinking about Pokemon in your Latin II class, Jman. In my Spanish III class, I was thinking what Hidden Power to give my Jolteon, Ice or Grass. Anyway, I don't have anything to add to your topic, I just wanted to say it was interesting that we both thought about Pokemon in our Foreign Language classes today.
Posted by Pokegod (Member # 977) on 01-14-2002, 07:04 PM:
Hey, I had a similar idea too.

The way it worked was that you agreed with the other participants on a spot or spots you would look for Pokemon (eg. Seafoam Islands). If you decide on a spot that has an "event" Pokemon (Mewtwo, Zapdos, Snorlax), you can't catch it, to prevent it from dominating all the battles. You would have a few minutes to catch and train whatever was in that area.

The things you'd get to use would be a Pokemon that is around the same level as the Pokemon in the chosen area (perhaps caught in that area), a bunch of Pokeballs, a few potions (probably super potions), a few burn heal, par heal, antidote, revive, and ether, one or 2 of every TM, and 20 or 30 each of HP UP, Carbos, Calcium, etc.

To combat people just leveling up a single Pokemon, you can't level up a single Pokemon more than a certain amount of times before you have to stop and level up another one. After you reach the limit for a Pokemon, you can't level it up until your team is relatively even in levels. I would have, say... a 5 level difference max.

Oh, and you can't heal at a Pokemon center... at any time during the tournament! You would have to rely on your items to keep you going. That shouldn't be too hard. If someone has all of their Pokemon fainted, they lose the tournament (to keep people from purposely fainting their Pokemon). What about pre-poisoning? Would you like to walk around with one of your important members losing HP with every step, knowing that you will run out of Potion soon? And getting your Pokemon poisoned in the first place is hard enough. Plus, you have to get it poisoned at just the right time, and their won't be as much Paralysis flying around because of the lack of TM's, and possibly the Pokemon to use them. You would be allowed to, but would you really want to? You could also try pre-burning, which doesn't drain your HP with every step. But you either need to get really lucky, or spend a lot of time trying to get that growlithe's 10% ember to light it up.

The main problem with this idea, is that you would either need someone to supervise each trainer, or have some really trustworthy friends.

Posted by Tghost (Member # 1418) on 01-14-2002, 08:03 PM:
Ahh, Pokegod, if you can't go to Pokemon Centers...wouldn't you need Elixers as well for PP issues?
Posted by psykloak1 (Member # 2275) on 01-14-2002, 09:24 PM:
Wow, thats a coll idea. I just wish I had friends who whould wanna do that. maybe I could do the "90 min. blitz" thing and use rby, maybe ppl wont care about restarting
Posted by Pokegod (Member # 977) on 01-15-2002, 12:20 AM:
Originally posted by Tghost:
Ahh, Pokegod, if you can't go to Pokemon Centers...wouldn't you need Elixers as well for PP issues?

That's what ether is for

Posted by Jumpman16 (Member # 1089) on 01-15-2002, 02:48 PM:
Jolt135: Oh, no! I have to take on Brock with only a L11 Pidgey and L11 Pikachu!

I recall actually having to do this with my Yellow cart, since I knew nothing about weaknesses and hadn't captured a Mankey and trained it to have Low Kick either.

Posted by Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk (Member # 14) on 01-15-2002, 06:52 PM:
If it weren't for Stadium2's storage system being programmed by a fuckwad, I'd be all for this, but it's kinda difficult/time consuming to save and restart a cartridge. Of course, should this catch on, pro players would have them spare anyway. I think this would be best for RBY, aside from ease of restarting there's a lot more diversity early on in Yellow with the extra starters.

TMs should of course be restricted, IIRC you can get the Mega Punch TM from Mt Moon (though I'm probably wrong, it's been aeons). Maybe another good idea for both GS and RBY games would be to allow the use of any L5 "pure" (TMless & no bred moves) Baby Pokemon from the outset, however, trading time is included in the 90 min and you have to catch Pokemon to trade with first, after all.

I also like Cesar's idea of a "fake" restart, though it would mean that trainers would have full access to all the Badge special powers (which may well become a factor at such low levels, maybe, I have no idea what they are).

Posted by Jman (Member # 618) on 01-15-2002, 08:02 PM:
Thanks for the comments all. I thought about a few more things to consider... and some other stuff.

Adding to the G/S/C diversity is this: The time you say you want the game. This could be a critical thing... do you want a HootHoot? Or any other night/morning/day only pokes?

Also, I think the hour time limit I specified earlier is a little too short. I like Jolt135's 90 minute blitz. Perhaps 2 hours would be better...

Also, I thought about the addition of allowing trade-ins before the game. These two can be prepared before hand, but they must be level 5, no more, no less(and without TMs/HMs and bred moves), like Cat-Gonk said. Also, I don't think I'd allow Snorlax to be one of these two, just because its perhaps the most dominant non-legendary. That brings your Pokémon total to 3 and you'll only need 3 more for a full team.

Here's what I think I'd do...

Chikorita learns the most powerful attacks in the shortest amount of time. Light Screen will be useful and Razor Leaf is practically god like compared to the other two's Water Gun and Ember.

1. Machop
A fighting type is super important, because there will be a lot of normal types running about, and I'm sure there will be some Pikachu lovers and Mareep users, so it can help overpower those types. Plus, Focus Energy and Karate Chop by 13 is pretty good.

2. Wobbuffet
Invaluable tool for anything and everything. No need to teach it anything, great set.

Find in game team:
1. Geodude
Super important to have a strong defensive pokemon, and Geodude is that pokemon. It learns a good deal of moves early on, as G/S veterans know, its the fast lane to finish the gyms(saving time).

2. Mareep/Flaafy
Mareep is a good pokemon to get in the early game also. Thundershock should be able to take down any early water types, and if woopers in there, Chikorita's Razor Leaf will make short work of it.

3. Gastly
Available only at night, I'll set the game to be night. A ghost type will be good to avoid the physical attacks. Good deal.

Theres the team I think I'd use.... so yeah. Post your ideas and stuff.

Posted by psykloak1 (Member # 2275) on 01-16-2002, 01:41 PM:
I had extra time today before school so i sat down and played my Blue cart from the reset to see whats what. after an hour, i had:

bulbasaur lvl 13
(I had a pretty good strategy working with growl & leechseed, it owned onix's arse)


rattata lvl ll
(bide with tailwip worked ok but i didnt have enuf time to test it.

what did I learn? 1 hour is not enuf time and growl is actualy a pretty good attack this early in the game. lol.

Posted by TeLeFonE (Member # 2293) on 01-18-2002, 09:34 PM: idea. My brother hates battling me so this could be something I could try with him so he won't complain when I beat him.

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