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Posted by Sean A. (Member # 2277) on 01-10-2002, 12:47 PM:
Jolteon w/ Leftovers

I love this set. Drop a sub to protect from Spore and Thunderwave then Mimic whatever you want. Spikes, T-wave, Spore, Recover. All helpful. Attract gives more protection and Bite is pretty useless only being more powerful against Exeggutor and Celebi then Thunderbolt can be. As for why I don't have Thunderwave, see below in post 5.

Kangaskhan w/ Leftovers
Double Team

Be a cheap bastard and D-team up then take your slim pickings. If you see a curser, Roar them away! Skarmory can be a problem, but I've been able to get to them quickly recently.

Slowbro w/ Leftovers

This guy usually has counter, but I decided for Ice beam instead. This is the main protection for Sandslash who has trouble with Jumpluff and Dragonite.

Sandslash w/ Leftovers

My set that works wonders. I REFUSE all suggestions for this about using Rock Slide or Swords Dance, etc. I realize the problem with Jumpluffs and Dragonites, but I have Slowbro for a reason. The trick to this set is timing.

Machamp w/ Leftovers
Cross Chop
Fire Blast

Fairly standard, but for a reason! Fireblast stops Skarmories, Scizors, Forretresses, Exeggutors, and Jumpluffs that may come out.

Blissey w/ Leftovers
Heal bell

Cursey rox. End of story. Curse + amazing Special Defense + Highest HP in game = TANK! Return for attacking but Heal bell is the main purpose.

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Posted by ThumbsOfSteel (Member # 1922) on 01-10-2002, 08:18 PM:
Jolteon: Might work, but what if they use something you don't want (i.e. hidden power/return/BP) I prefer T-wave.

Forret: I'd recommend HP ghost over DE, as he's not meant to stick around and fight anyway, and because I'd send out a ghost if I see this guy, and so would most people.

Slowbro: I'm not too experienced with him, but you might want EQ over psychic, or T-bolt.

Sandslash: Never tried or fought one with curse. Careful for a water, especially if it has T-bolt. Skarmory also pwns this.

Machamp: Encore or rock slide are good choices too.

Blissey: Why not DE, since she can take the recoil easily?

Overall: Watch out with all the switching involved, as it's a free hit every time, and people will see what's happening after a while and get wise to it. Also, I don't expect Jolteon to last too long, and Skarmory may not come out while Machamp is out. Skarmory laughs at you. Otherwise not too bad, except for some move choices.

Posted by Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk (Member # 14) on 01-10-2002, 11:18 PM:
Mimic might work, but it's too much of a gamble IMHO. I'd prefer Thunder Wave, but it's good to see someone trying something different on a Pokemon as standardised as Jolteon.

Personally I'd get rid of Foretress, you haven't got anything to really take advantage of the extra damage.

Stick with Counter on Slowbro. It still needs some form of protection against physical attacks. Unprotected Rest is always a gamble IMHO (even with a Heal Bell user), I'd rather give him Mint Berry over Leftovers just to make things easier early on.

Nice Sandslash. One thing though, what are you going to lure the Water types out with? It'd probably be a good idea just to have him switching in and out for a while in order to check for anything with Surf on your opponent's lineup.

This team's both non-standard and effective enough for me to like it. Nice work. I'd still ditch Foretress for an Alakazam though, Psychic/Counter/Barrier/Recover is a killer set.

Posted by Sean A. (Member # 2277) on 01-11-2002, 08:52 AM:
I noticed later on that I don't have any Shuffler. Any suggestions? I really just stuck forretress in there since I couldn't think of anything else. I needed something for taking grass attacks, but I also have to watch my Electric problem. All suggestions appreciated.
Posted by Kiseiju (Member # 2421) on 01-12-2002, 12:55 AM:
Just a little aside since you mentioned Jolteon and Bite...

Not as a starter but as a general annoyance how would Jolt do with T-bolt, t-wave, attract, bite. I haven't worked out the probably of the opponent attacking on their turn, but I'm going to assume it's rather annoying.

Jolt: I like the idea of Mimic on there, but as was stated it really does need t-wave. I can't make a call on how to work this one.

Fort: Assuming the opponent doesn't have spikes he lose half his utility, and coming out later in the battle you may not get as much spike damage.

Slowbro: He does his job.

Sandslash: I've seen this set work before which seems surprising. A lot of people would rather hack away at him then switch until they see the counter. Not always successful, but it's fun and effective.

Machamp: Standard.

Blissey: Good.

Overall, pretty good but as you said you don't have anything to shuffle the team around. I'd say another fire move somewhere couldn't hurt too much either.

Posted by Sean A. (Member # 2277) on 01-12-2002, 01:36 AM:
Well, I made a few changes and I'll edit them in there.

First things, I don't like the idea of T-wave on Jolt just because Mimic in a lead position can pick it up or something better like Spore. I added Attract for Hidden Power though just to make my training easier.

Secondly, I dropped Forretress for Kangaskhan. The set has been working quite well for me actually.

Double Team, Double-edge, Roar, Earthquake

People say that Curse eats D-team, well that's what Roar is for

As for your Jolteon set, it's very common actually. I had one once with Bite, Attract, T-wave, Swagger that ripped through all sorts of things. I used Bite for Flinching and to help against Ground types where T-wave couldn't get a hit. It was risky, but if you could get Attract and Swagger off with enough health, T-wave and Bite did the rest. Remember, always ATTRACT first.

Calculations for the set above. 1 X .5 X .25 X .25 X .33333... = chance of inability to attack

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